GP2C5224“We can never obtain peace in the outer world until we make peace with ourselves.” The Dalai Lama

IMG_1101“In the silence of the heart God speaks. If you face God in prayer and silence, God will speak with you. Then you will know you are nothing. It is only when you realize your nothingness, your emptiness, that God can fill you with Himself. Souls of prayer are souls of great silence.”
Mother Theresa

GP2C5995Timelessness/eternity -can we find it? Can we define it?

The contrast is stark when we see the temporal world, which we know and love, in contrast to when we see the Eternal Absolute. Both worlds are occurring in the same time zone, The Now. When we are in the proverbial ‘zone’, we are feeling wonderfully there.

This is the place where everything can meet-up. The unrealities of past and future do not have enough real ‘stuff’ to warrant admission. It is only when we let go of all of the so-called “us”, that we can travel to this ‘present’.

It is said that those that say that they know, do not know. And those that say that they do not know, know. The issue is ‘emptiness’ of what we ‘think’ of ourselves, our presuppositions, and predilections.

What we think of ourselves is an image or idea that is an infinitesimal subset of who we really are always. The idea of who we ‘think’ we are, does not even describe a trillionth of who we really Are. It is comparable to describing “The Godhead” as some stone idol. The tool called ‘working memory’ can hold up to 9 things max. Our minds do not have the structure or capacity to handle all that non-dualism.

Experience is not the same as understanding. Being is not thinking. Thinking is a tool properly used when wielded in the ‘Being’ state. To use ‘thinking’ without ‘Being’ first, is to miss the point of life. We are not here to create separateness, suffering and delusion. The ‘script’ we are running is only another tool. It is not who we really Are.

Thinking alone, is not enough to sustain us. Ergo, we go looking outward to find “more”. We often do not know what this ”more” is, except that we need more than the other guy and more than what we had before, and more than we actually deserve. This IS what we do. It does not cut it, it is nebulous, and it cannot ever fulfill. We are so much more than this meager allowance of crumbs the ego/mind gives us to sate the greater desire of liberation from this hot mess.

In the Moment, we can be freer if we ‘let’ go of these little ideas we have of ourselves. Feeling safe from what the mind does not know is falseness personified. What the mind doesn’t know about reality, it can’t know. Know that. If we take the risk of going past the mind we take the risk of going past the temporal and into the eternity that existed before and will continue to exist after all that other jazz.

Jean-Claude Killy was an accomplished skier in the 1960’s, notably a gold medal winner in the 1968 Winter Olympics. He won gold medals in the downhill, the slalom, and the giant slalom to become only the 2nd skier ever to accomplish this feat, that is gold in 3 skiing events.

His speed was legendary and descriptions often used the words risky and reckless. During a practice warm-up for the downhill, he lost all the wax on his skis. He still won the next race on the compromised skis.

During the Olympic coverage on ABC TV, the announcers were talking about how Killy himself described his skiing. They stated that he felt that he was always bordering on just about falling down and crashing. He would push the envelope throughout his run with wanton abandon. And he was very successful, during his skiing tenure, as well as his life subsequent.

When we are riding The Moment with the wind of reality hitting us in the face, we act from that precise Moment and then immediately let go, to go to the next Moment. It is not really all that planned. It is more so Being and Seeing without sanitizing and editing. The Energy is leading us, the little ‘we’ has let go. We trust completely the higher intelligence that is coursing us through the slaloms of life itself. “The Energy” opens doors where there were no doors before. The words we speak are authentic and directly reflect the innocence and spontaneity of “The Energy”. The connection with Self and others flows as if there were no barriers. Us/them is not happening.

And yet there is danger everywhere. We can crash in a heartbeat. It is risk-taking that some may even call reckless. But it is ‘free’ and fast. We feel the liberation from the self-imposed prison. We are champions in The Moment. And everyone else we contact is feeling the glory of Being because we cut through the traditional BSing we are ’supposed to do’.

Eternity/Timelessness is beyond the bonds of time. In The Moment, ‘time’ is an illusion because what exists is timelessness where everything is occurring at once. Time is there to sort it out for our little minds.

The edge of eternity begins and ends in The Moment. There is no other timezone, except in our mind. Abiding in The Moment means giving up expectations, biases, patterns of what we should do, and primarily, attachment to how things should be or should turn out to be. It Is the freedom of radical self-transformation in this Moment, because it is the only moment we have.

What have we got to lose except dross?

This Iz Daddy’O

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