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“Trying to define yourself is like trying to bite your own teeth.”
-Alan Watts

Photo by Daddy'O
Photo by Daddy’O

“Mythology is not a lie, mythology is poetry, it is metaphorical. It has been well said that mythology is the penultimate truth— penultimate because the ultimate cannot be put into words. It is beyond words. Beyond images, beyond that bounding rim of the Buddhist Wheel of Becoming.
Mythology pitches the mind beyond that rim, to what can be known but not told.”
-Joseph Campbell

Can we see our reaction, in vivo, ‘now’, as we read the title?! Are we reacting more than seeing? Can we see the mind? Or is the mind running narrative reactions of WTF? What is being threatened? Is it real? Or is it more important to react now then maybe deal with the esoterica later?

Are the reactions real or are they like all thoughts, not really real? The mind, however sophisticated and subtle, is only a tool. It is usually a tool we ‘think’ has consciousness. But we are just adding things to a tale that we tell ourselves. The mind, or tool, does not have consciousness.

Consciousness may use the mind to plumb the physical realities of our ‘life’. In that regard ‘mind’ is just the endpoint. The beginning is the eternal timelessness.

The idea of “I” is just a fictitious idea. If it is an idea, it is amorphous with no permanence. Ideas may become things but even ‘this’, is temporary phenomena that cannot house consciousness.

Do we believe that we are the song we cannot get out of our head? The ‘idea’ may have a shelf life but it still is temporal. The idea of “I” is another reaction, albeit, ongoing reaction, that feeds through the mind and is limited by the mind. It makes sense, because it is the mind that is making ‘sense’. We are caught in this tiny prison of ideas that appear real but are just reactive illusions and/or delusions.

When we are in the “I” we take up a lot of space, like on a hard drive. “I” has indigenous feelings of control, aggrandizement, and neediness. “I” just never really feels complete. It is missing an essential essence because most of what “I” is doing is doing for “I”.

This reaction of “I” cannot transform itself because ‘it’ is coming to reform itself. That is, the “I”, comes to remedy the problem. The identification is so strong that the ‘Real’ appears ‘unreal’. Additionally, when we look outside of ourselves for gratification, e.g. TV shows, entertainment, vacations, purchases, relationships; we cannot bring enough of our vectors of energy to go into enough of the deep Silence, where full integration of Self abides.

“Silence”, the egoless part of ourselves where well-being is, is truly the starting point. When we are silent, how are we ‘doing’ silence? Is it an awkward silence? Is it a forced silence? Is it a fearful silence? Or, is it an indifferent silence? Is the silence marked by supportive energy? Or is it an affirming and loving silence? Does our silence invoke fearlessness and the power of now?

The spaciousness of “empty silence” is staggering. It is the potential for everything/everyone to be. There is no doing. There is the action of Being going from nothingness to everything. It is a happening without pushing.

We already ‘are’ first. There is nothing to add, no technique to do or not to do. The only question is, can we see it without pushing? When we force it through various avenues of pushing we only push away from what is already there Now. Do we see enough to see?

Financial Times article by Ed Crooks, today, indicates that commercial wind and solar plants in the U.S. are now “cost-competitive” with the gas-fired markets. The costs of the raw materials engendering wind turbines and solar panels have dropped to the point of undercutting the cost of typical dinosaur fuels we normally would use. This is without subsidy, in many parts of the country.

The costs of renewable energies has encouraged more investment in an energy source that is not as controversial. Additionally, the subsidies that gas-fired plants lost, have shifted the fundamentals in the energy market to ‘green’. This tipping point has ramifications for carbon reduction for the planet, assuming it continues.

Likewise, our investment in the technology of constant integrated awareness can prompt a tipping point in our own consciousness. Just as wind turbines and solar panels can effortlessly create an abundance of energy without destroying the environment we live in, we too can access the source of “The Energy’, “The Silence” within our own permanent structures available to us right now. The ‘tipping point’ is how much of our energy is directed for internal, deep exploration versus the investment in the crude oil of over-drilling the ‘outside’. There also is a cost for not going for the perennial renewables, so to speak. It is the minimal cost of quiet desperation, something we have had familiarity with in our lives.

The “I” that is not real cannot manage the resources we have been naturally given. This false “I” is a resource-intensive user and denier of the “Isness” of reality. Fixing the leaks and problems without fixing the source is futile. Changing the stream to a non-polluting source, on a more permanent basis, is the beginning of real consciousness.

Om Tat Sat. We are That. Already. Now. Seeing constantly, while referencing the eternity that is us, in every single moment our awareness can invest in, is the minimal standard of the beginning of awakening. To continue to believe in the “I”, is not much different than continuing to believe in the Tooth Fairy and (spoiler alert!) Santa Claus. And it is just as silly, because we miss a lot of reality because of our anachronistic beliefs.

See the Silence! Be The Moment.

This Iz Daddy’O

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