Photo by Daddy'O
Photo by Daddy’O


“You are wasting your precious time thinking that all that you see in this objective world is true. No! None of these objects is real. Truth is eternal and is beyond the three periods of time – past, present and future. That Truth is Divinity. God is only one, now and forever. How foolish it is to think that the worldly vision which is subject to change from time to time is real. You are a student today. Tomorrow you will become an officer in an Organization and few years later you will be a retired officer. Then, which is true? Is it the life as a student or as an officer or as a retired official? Thus, all that you see in this objective world and all the relationships between individuals are only temporary, never real and permanent. Divinity is not like that. Recognise the Truth that the Divine is omnipresent – yesterday, today and tomorrow.”
– Sai Baba 9-27-06.

Does non-duality ever stop being non-duality? Do we ever stop being Self, the “I Am” Presence, the Ineffable? Why have we stopped expressing The Effulgence we Are?

If we are not constantly streaming “The Energy”, then we are probably, at best, streaming it off and on. And, possibly, unfortunately, more ‘off’ than ‘on’. Listening to podcasts, I often hear the speakers say that the “spaciousness” or the “container” is the largeness that is required to get the ‘full’ possibility of it all. That is right on. However, to suggest that freedom from pain and sorrow and having a full degree of bliss and happiness, etc., is not to be perceived as possible except in the idealized version of “The Vastness”, is something that maybe needs to be challenged, a little.

What is idealistic? What is real? If we use the same old tired 17th century paradigm to make that judgment, what do we think the answer is going to be? We are so willing to not give up our limitations and ‘stuckness’ in thinking, that we will persist in positing reality in the context of dualism we claim to eschew.

If my vehicle has significant repair issues, I do not take these personally. They do not become a part of how I define myself. The car needs to be repaired. It costs money and I don’t like that inconvenience, but it does not affect who I am.

On the other hand if my other vehicle, ‘my body’, needs repairs and/or has permanent unfixable issues, I do not take these personally. My body is really just my vehicle for this life. To pimp it out and over-aggrandize it with binding attachment would be problematic. Sure, it’s inconvenient when my vehicle is no longer optimally performing. Cars and trucks do not last forever. Neither do bodies.

If through diagnostics it is found out that I have a diagnosis of a “slipping trans” or a diagnosis of “emphysema”, I do not transfer either, to the “I” in us. It is not like “I now have slipping trans”or “emphysema”. These diagnoses belong to the bodies, the vehicles used for transport, neither of which will be with us forever.

To transfer and load-up issues that are not cogent to the “Us” in us, is to choose to live falsely and deny the Reality of it all. How often do we do that? Do we even see that we are doing that loading?!
If we choose to believe we are clay figurines made by an alleged potter, we are well-rooted in the fantasy of the mind.

When we measure things what standards do we use? SAE, Metric, or non-dualism? If we continue to use measurements that reflect limited temporary assertions and phenomena, while asserting the greatness of spaciousness, emptiness, or some other concept; we are invariably dumbing down what we are so highly esteeming.

We kinda want to have things both ways. We ‘know’ that viscerally all this stuff is not real. At the same time we steadfastly indulge in the conditioned way we have always approached things. This disconnect is like the surgeon smoking before he performs surgery on the patient with lung cancer. The ‘disconnect’ is glaring.

The fullness of who we are does not change in content. When it is expressed in the reality of the phenomenological world, it becomes a temporary form with a permanent Source. The ‘form’, by its nature is subject to change. The Source does not lose any luster. It’s Fullness abides beyond the confines of time itself. And ‘time’ itself is phenomenological.

To suggest that freedom from pain and suffering and engagement in full happiness and contentment, are pie in the sky, is to reveal the degree that we can move our consciousness past traditional boundaries. “Shur nuf”, if we continue to course the majority of our energy that we can direct, into the ‘temporary’, we will gain temporary results. If we really “See” our way, we see that this Absolute does not stop, ever. It is the ‘perceived’ us that is redirecting most of our awareness into dualistic chains of denial. It is denial, because the Reality, when given enough awareness, is seen clearly, unambiguously, and effortlessly.

There is a Buddhist sutra, that addresses the emotional difficulty of pain and suffering, i.e. “The Second Arrow”. In our life we often do get arrows shot at us at unexpected times. It happens and there usually isn’t too much we can do to stop it. However, there is a ‘2nd arrow’ that often follows. This arrow is really even more painful than the first and has the capacity to end it all. The 2nd arrow is totally illusory and optional. It is a projection we create, a suffering we allow in and an identity we create and sustain. The 2nd arrow is all the difficult emotions we think we should be having because of the identity we created from the 1st arrow. It certainly does not have to proceed this way and does not, if we know who we really are, always.

“It” is there right now, right here, in the subtle silence of the Moment. How much awareness and freedom from mind/ego can we muster, to see past the phenomena? “It” never stops Being. We are “It” first and always. Any lack of fullness belongs to the ego/mind, period. We quietly “See” that. God does not stop being God. This itself is a concept. “It” is not a concept. That would be ‘old’ retro thinking. Using the mind and the tools of perception we run into obstacles because of the inherent nature of the tools we are using.

Awareness is a tool and a state of Being at the same time. Being ’this’ Awareness in every single Moment assures a validity of Reality that is the substrate of everything. This ‘Space’ is deep. See unconditionally.

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