ECSTASY AND THE DISASSEMBLY OF THE FALSE SELF“To overcome the anxieties and depressions of contemporary life, individuals must become independent of the social environment to the degree that they no longer respond exclusively in terms of its rewards and punishments. To achieve such autonomy, a person has to learn to provide rewards to herself. She has to develop the ability to find enjoyment and purpose regardless of external circumstances.”
Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi from: Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience

God is inscrutable. He cannot be realised in the outer objective world; He is in the very heart of every being. You extol God as omnipresent, omniscient and omnipotent, but ignore His presence in you! Who can affirm that God is this or that? Who can confirm that God is not of this form or with this attribute? Each one can acquire from the vast expanse of the ocean only as much as can be contained in the vessel one carries to its shore. From that quantity, they can grasp but little of that immensity. Gemstones have to be sought deep underground; they do not float in mid-air. Seek God in the depths of yourself, not in the tantalizing, kaleidoscopic Nature. The body is granted to you for this high purpose; but you are now misusing it, like the person who used the gem studded gold vase that came into his hands as an heirloom for cooking his daily food.”- Sai Baba on June 19, 1974

GP2C7626Ecstasy Is part of the deep potential in us all, all the time. There is no assembly of parts of ourselves to secure it, for it is already secured. It is only necessary to disassemble the distractions and opaqueness of the ‘manufactured self’, for it is to be revealed and discarded.

GP2C7628Ecstasy is not a drug we imbibe and rave about. That is all ’so’ temporary. ‘It’ Is there to be divined directly, and not so much through the mind. The mind is a misplaced tool that is great in covering up the ‘Reality’, ‘The Ecstasy’. The mind though, has utility and excellent attributes for steering us through reality.

The ‘manufactured self’ lives in the prefrontal cortex, where we all are capable of synthesizing reality. The prefrontal cortex has facilitated brain development from 1.25 to 3 pounds of grey matter in the space of 2 million years. Commonly, the prefrontal cortex is great for imagining and experiencing the potential of an idea. For example, what something would taste like without always engaging in its production and performance, like brewers yeast and liver-flavored potato chips. This probably does not sound so appetizing to our guest at the romantic and lovely dinner we have thrown. This would be practical information. Simulations of imagining solutions to difficult problems have resourced progress and innovation vis-a-vis the prefrontal cortex.

Our simulations often compound the false and imagined reality as being worse than it usually turns out to be. However, our resilience and ability to convert seemingly impossible realities to an acceptable level, is also a utilization of simulation. This is all very ‘tool-like’, because it is.

The brain is adaptable in that the different parts are specialized for different tasks. The brain can wire up neurons in circuits for some jobs and then rewire and configure circuits as the situational tasks differ. In the brain, the front part of the frontal lobes, is where it is hypothesized, the witnessing of the self occurs. Injury to this part of our prefrontal cortex would inhibit the ability to monitor oneself successfully. Developing self-observation is a key asset in the engagement process of becoming our full potential.

Academic research (per researcher Matt Killingsworth) into happiness, has quantified that the “wandering mind” is a consequence of not being so-called “happy” with our current situation. The “wandering mind” is an escape from our immediate situation. It is the prefrontal cortex synthesizing another scenario to compete with the less desired reality right in front of us. Most of us have “wandering mind” estimated at 30% of our waking life. When working our jobs we are at 50%. When we are having sex, we are at 10%.

GP2C0148We are always happier when we are fully engaged in whatever activity is at hand. In other words, the Moment is key to happiness. “Wandering mind” is consistently undesirable for our well-being. Unnecessary syntheses of reality is problematic, despite it’s escaping prowess a’la the “wandering mind”.

The “flow” experience (Mihely) asserts the presence of now, an altering of time perception, and a merging of action/experience, as well as a couple of other characteristics that make “flow” a desirable experience for anyone.

Looking closer at the similarities of characteristics of brain research, happiness equations, and flow work, a thematic consistency is evolving with an underscoring of “The Moment” as quintessential. There is specifically an ‘idea’ of oneness versus an ‘experience’ of oneness. This is profound. The ‘idea’ is analogous to the prefrontal cortex synthesizing experience versus the immersion of activity to the degree where the ‘ego’ is not to be found in the experience. Talk about the fictitious ego!

If we process the following with any degree of awareness, we can see that the Moment is one of the most valuable things we can receive. The ‘next moment’ is an opportunity for anything and everything to occur. Without the ’next moment’, we cannot transact anything, period. In each and every moment there is a complete fullness. This ‘fullness’ is in it’s emptiness. The emptiness allows all possibility to come into this brave new world. The ’next moment’ is everything coming, e.g. forgiveness, love, joy, transformation, consciousness, oneness, ad infinitum.

Not unlike ’space’, the ’next moment’ is the spaciousness that is greater than the span of the universe. Each Moment, the ’next moment’, is the infinite renewal of us and everything always.

The disassembly of the false self is the realization of the Self as not some idea. It Is. The false self is the ‘manufactured self’, the self that disappears when we “flow” and when we ’see’ the mind away. The Moment is where it all happens versus running away and hiding in some synthesized drug or reality we manufactured. The manufacturing can stop at any time, lest the fear of losing who we think we are is more attractive than who we really Are. Question is, are we living in a fear-based moment or in a full-trust of the fullness of the Universe Moment?

Morpheus asked Neo if he wanted to take the red pill or the blue pill. We are being asked the same question every Moment. Do we want to synthesize reality or Be reality? Do we want to wander around in our escape to nowhere or do we choose to See where we are right now? And the next Moment? When is it going to be the right time?

When we abide in the Moment of consciousness of Now, there is no need to go anywhere because there is really nowhere else to go unless we want to fake it. The past and the future can never exist in the Now. When we displace the Moment with our past and future ideas we live in a synthetic unreality that can never “ flow”. The Universe flows and is effortlessly renewed in every Moment. We Are the Ecstasy. Be that. There is nothing else anyways.

This Iz Daddy’O.

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