GP2C7639“Our discomfort arises from all of our efforts to put ground under our feet, to realize our dream of constant okayness. But when we can completely let go and not struggle against it when we embrace the groundlessness of our situation and relax into its dynamic quality, that is called enlightenment.” Pema Chodron

GP2C7641GP2C7632The “Uncomfortable I” is who we ‘think’ we are. First and foremost, it is the conjecture of “thinking”. Who do we think we are?! The tell tale idea that ‘it’ is thinking and therefore is being reduced to an idea, is compelling information.

Thinking is not Being. Thinking is consequent to using the structure of the mind and is reductionistic when having the experience of self and Self. The two selves or identities will be in conflict due to the competitive nature of false identity. It is the Truth Or Consequences show of “Will the real identity please stand up.”

There will be a show of resistance, righteousness, and false testimony. The charlatans of the false self may be numerous and hiding in plain sight, revealing disguise after disguise, until the falseness becomes staggeringly evident. The struggle is the show and the show must go on, as it always does. When we see the schtick, we see that is was supposed to be uncomfortable. If it wasn’t uncomfortable we wouldn’t have a clue that something was wrong. It is (was) naturally wrong.

All ’that’ takes place in the spectacle of bright lights and drama. Again, that venue is not The Venue. ‘That’ is the parade. Since our consciousness is evoking the parade most of the time, the ridiculousness of it all presents itself in that venue. It really doesn’t seem to make sense. But having said that, it makes completely appropriate non-sense.

We are loading ourselves up with the cheapest rhinestones and superficiality of life when we indulge the ego/mind. The ego separates us from life and everyone else. The constant judging, blaming, escaping, magical idealizing, and depression of our moments, contributes to the most common and major delusion we can experience. That is, the simple but compelling deep under-toe of “things just not being right.”

GP2C7624Something is wrong. When we course the lesser energies as our go-to source, we cut off who we really are always and forever more. That is no fairy tale. The transitory, the impermanent, the glitz cannot satisfy like “the fullness of nothing more can be added.”

Awareness and it’s abiding in, sees the above and radically reduces the insult and pernicious influence. When we ‘sit’ in the Silence, wherever and whenever, we inculcate the backdrop of all potentials. We Are It, then, now. We are not the impostor of lesser vehicles. The Director shows up and is seen in the ‘show’. Now, we know what the real deal is.

Seeing more clearly, we see that ‘we’ have this driving, pushing energy that is often expressed as our personal will. If we can see this foreground of who we think we are, we see this over-personalized fictitious self that is aggrandizing and corralling life for itself. This is the foreground of our own fiction. It is derivative, false, and overwhelmed by itself. Welcome to who we think we are! Doesn’t sound good, does it? What is not true?

What is true is that the timezone is not daylight savings. It is more like darkness looking for light. Since we create a false reality, this false reality can only somewhat successfully, be transacted in the ‘unreality’ of the past/future. The Reality of Now cannot accommodate this unfitness for authenticity. The brevity and eternity of Now has no room for the distortion.

All this pushing energy we call the self, is all reaction of over-thinking and over-doing ideas that are extremely limited as to whom we are. A reaction cannot be the Self. Self Is. Om Tat Sat.

When we source the stream of the Absolute, we become the Cause/Action without the baggage of reaction defining who we are. This energy is First, always. To try to connect to It when we refuse to disconnect from the lesser vehicle, is to presuppose the choice. This is not even a fact. That would be a lesser vehicle. It Is. See It. The awareness of right now is the ticket to get the best seat for the show.

Enjoy the drama. We have put together a nice play. “Act” and dance effortlessly. The role was made for us but it is not Us.

The reaction is the play. Action ‘kicks it’. See It.

This Iz Daddy’O

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