“What Brahman is cannot be described. All things in the world — the Vedas, the Puranas, the Tantras, the six systems of philosophy — have been defiled, like food that has been touched by the tongue, for they have been read or uttered by the tongue. Only one thing has not been defiled in this way, and that is Brahman. No one has ever been able to say what Brahman is.”
― Ramakrishna


What is happening right now? What is already there in this very moment, let us go and find it. ‘See’ that it is there without trying/not trying. The Moment is the facilitator because it is the ‘right’ timezone for reality to occur without our unnecessary disruption. Any other timezone, to especially include past or future, represents unnecessary interruption.

The business of “Isness” is self-evident. IT does not need any introduction, unless of course we feel it does. Then, of course, the ’we’, must be precluded (seen) because of its disruptive nature. When nothing can be added to the Fullness, then our ’thinking’ we must do something or embellish it in some way, is our nonsense. It (the above idea), in all of it’s big-headedness, is superfluous to Being.

The fanciest and most predominant delusion we own, in our continuous disruption of Being, is the ‘idea’ that we are our thoughts. This delusion is layers deep in our development as a society. It is a delusion primarily being reinforced by the fact we refuse to see it because we believe the delusion is real. The delusion has collusion and a steadfast resistance to acknowledgement. The lynchpin is the belief system of making thoughts real.

At the Burning Man festival in Nevada, I had numerous conversations with hundreds of temporary residents that I had just met over the course of the 7 day event. Often enough, when we got going, we went into an altered state of consciousness. This is where the ‘we’ was transformed to the point of the “uncomfortable I” no longer being active in the interaction. Our differences (the ‘I’s’) were muted and our respective “The Energy” (no ownership/control of space) were accessed. It was here in this space, where the Moment, was most viable.

One observer of this connection remarked that perhaps I was putting people in some type of trance. If there was an object and subject before we started, there was hardly a discernible difference between us upon departure. If there was any control and ownership, it had left the confines of our interaction.

GP2C7886The reason for the flow of energy, between seemingly two separate parties, is the natural tendency for “The Energy” to flow as it was meant to Be, unimpeded by our ‘littleness’. If there was anyone in a hypnotic state, it was the parties not experiencing this ‘flow’.

The ego is a highly simplified model of restricted thinking generating separation and isolation. ‘Thinking’ has no reality in it. It is just ideas, beliefs, and conditioned programming that constructs the ego/mind from past history. Our confinement in our “ego prison” is our trance-like delusion. Who is stopping our liberation?!

When we go to sleep, we enter into the delusion of dreams. And when we awake we reenter into our delusion of seeming wakefulness. The reality of either state is fleetingly dependent upon delusion. The delusion of either state of mind is when we see we were dreaming.

In one recent dream I had, I was going through industrial streets and strange unfamiliar pathways, getting deeper into some unknown area. It became clear to me that I would not be able to find my way back to where I started. It was at this point the solution was to stop dreaming and then getting back would not be an issue. Whereupon I left the dream to wakeful consciousness. Getting back was an illusion.

There is complicity in dreaming as there is in the so-called waking state. When we do not see we have the capacity to see more, we of course restrict our seeing to less. Operating in the ego/mind delusion restricts our thinking to thinking and ideas, where thinking and ideas, ideals, beliefs are the knots that bind us to who we think we are.
Question is, do we want to untie these knots and be free. But to be free is to not have the binding. Not having the binding is the illusion that we need the binding. The binding is our reassurance. Boy, what a trance.

“Isness” is a threat to the business of ego manufacturing. The present Moment is optimally the ideal ground for Being and the bane of ego/mind. The body is always present in the Now, reminding us of our real timezone. What It Is, is. No sweeteners added or necessary.

The rapture of the Moment is enough, always. Abide effortlessly. There is nothing to do or to think or to  try. It is the letting go of all that, that reveals the conspiracy we have made against ourselves. In the deep Silence, the infinite Spaciousness, in the timelessness of Now, we Are. The power of choice is Now present to ‘let’ go of the artificial prescriptions and the side effects of unnecessary suffering and delusion.

What It Is, is wassup.

This iz Daddy’O

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