THE VICAR OF CHEESE-N-RICE suffer because they have all kinds of unreasonable desires and they pine to fulfil them and they fail. They attach too much value to the objective world. It is only when attachment increases that you suffer pain and grief. If you look upon Nature and all created objects with the insight derived from the Inner Vision, then attachment will slide away, though effort will remain; you will also see everything much clearer and with a glow suffused with Divinity and splendour. Close your external eyes and open your inner eyes – What a grand picture of essential unity you get? Attachment to Nature has limits, but the attachment you develop to the Lord when your inner eye opens, has no limit. Enjoy that reality, not this false picture. Sai Baba February 2nd, 1958

GP2C7900It is a whole lot of nothing. There is nothing to do. Everything is already done, coded, and cooked. What’s the big deal?

In our lives we speciously have strived to achieve and to be somebody. We even have acclaimed in chant, “Be somebody” ! We push to make a name for ourselves, to leave a mark. And we implore ourselves to always be defined by what is left behind us. We look ahead and tire at the thought of how much work needs to be done.

But what is ‘behind’, ‘now’, and always in front of us? Where should we cast our anchor, that is, in terms of consistently depositing our energy? Who are we when we ‘push’ and perseverate, and who are we when we ‘flow’ ?

GP2C7913If we invest/reinvest constantly throughout our days, in the ‘temporary’ rather than the ‘permanent’, where does that take us? It makes us the vicar of nothing, cheese-n-rice!

Awareness is the big cheese in the room. Ego/mind is the spec of meaningless dust. The sustenance and contentment of Being is in the Now. The Now is the perennial timezone where Awareness can be fully evoked. Contextually, Awareness is always the context. Awareness is big enough for everything to be in context no matter how many terra-bytes there are in the media of parade. It is the backdrop of the entire infinite universe.

The Pale Blue Dot is a reference to the Earth in relationship to Voyager I space probe billions of miles out. Carl Sagan has a beautiful rendering of this perspective in a u tube video. Point being, that in reference to the enormity of the physical space of the physical universe, we are truly infinitesimal. If we were to assign a number, it would be slightly above zero. This parallel to the unimaginable inner space, is provoking in that our importance has gotten the better of us.

We have evoked ‘pushing’ instead of ‘Being’. We cannot Be ourselves because we left that cause with the daily invocations of “gotta do this” or “no time left, gotta go”. We have buried our connections to the unlimited space by our protracted selves. It is hard to be present for others when we have lost our deepest connection. The most important work of Becoming has been relegated to somewhere outside of ourselves. Are we waiting for someone to save us from ourselves? Really?!

Our conditioned mind drives us to spend our energies in belief systems based on the basic idea that thoughts are real. Our opinions, ideals, images and judgments are vicars of cheese-n-rice. They are constructs of the matrix that conclude a false reality. Can we let them go? Can we see all that conditioning and conclusion, away?

What is left? Emptiness, Stillness, Fullness, Being, Oneness, Everything. External vision will not be lost. Inner vision is the vista that opens all doors and possibilities. Inner vision is where the loading of the majority of our deposits of our conscious direction can yield the ’stuff’ we are trying to grasp in the external parade. Directing our energies here un-attaches us from the vagaries of futile investment of the false self. There is no need to continue to grasp when we know we already have what we were looking for, Now.

Grasping from a state of emptiness and discomfort is unnecessary. Choose the stream of constant flow and alignment with the entire universe, inside and outside. See our Context. Be ‘that’ Awareness, effortlessly. Be with the Always, always, every Moment. Start and end there. We Are this Moment. Nothing else exists, certainly not past or future.

This Iz Daddy’O


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