DSC00011“Love is the light that is inside of all of us, everyone. I salute the light that you are and that is inside your heart.”
Carlos Santana, Gifted Musician

“It is only your mind that makes you insecure and unhappy. Anticipation makes you insecure and memory makes you unhappy. Stop misusing your mind and all will be well with you. You need not set it right—it will set itself right as soon as you give up all concern with the past and the future and live entirely in the now.”
Nisargadatta Maharaj

‘I’ is just a thought. ‘I’ is the beginning of separation. ‘I’ has struggle built in as a result of separation. ‘I’ is an idol we worship and give obeisence to on a constant basis. ‘I’ identification is the beginning of departure from the Moment. The uncomfortable ‘I’ is uncomfortable for all the above reasons.

DSC00007Walking the ego or ‘I’ back through the labyrinth we have created, can be daunting. We have conditioned our identity to a degree where fear abides strongly when we know that we need to let go of all that manufacturing. Our instinct is to protect our manufactured image of who we think we are whenever it is being challenged by ourself or others.

DSC00004We have the delusion of stability of self, thinking that if we lose the fixed image of ourselves that we fall away to who knows where. Setting ourselves up as fixed has high casualty figures in the precarious world of glass housing. Observation tells us convincingly that everything is truly impermanent in this parade called life. Our delusion begs to differ.

When we do not see anything we declare substantive, we impose fear on ourselves suggesting a bottomless pit of existence. Letting go means letting go of the impermanent and the dross of a very temporary existence. To suggest to ourselves that we can have security among the clearly temporary positions on self, is to be delusional. When we truly let go, we are letting go of imaginary paraphanalia. Where is the security in that? It’s just another level of delusion.

The characteristic of the “pushing” of self, is the struggle that belies the ‘idea’ of self being an idea. The seeking of status to find peace and happiness is to follow the ‘idea’ of who we think we are to the far end of who we are not. Looking for Mr. Goodbar in the slums of the mind is to be stuck in the wrong venue.

The ‘looking’, the struggle, and the inappropriate departure from Self, is quite the labyrinth of going around in a circle. When we walk the labyrinth, it appears that we know where to start from but almost immediately we can take the wrong turn and get stuck on a path that leads to nowhere. The path appears to be laid out from the beginning. We can even see the endpoint. Our problem appears to be how to get there.

DSC00009Everyone really starts out on the same plan and everyone turns on the same turn. But ahead there are choices that distinguish our particular paths. We can take a path that ends up back to pretty much where we started from. Or we can take a path where we get dead-ended. Ideally we choose the path that takes the least amount of struggle and effort. A path of effortlessness.

The process of ideal facilitation is knowing that we have already arrived before we physically arrive at the desired endpoint. We understand that the complexity is something that we impose on ourselves. The path is really simple although it is touted as being extremely difficult.

The points of failure are often the ones that are taken by most of us, shortcuts that lead to nowhere fast. The labyrinth is the game of life where we are compelled to play and participate but not get lost in. It is only a game, a point of interest.

When we hit the deadend, we do not collapse, we regale. We use the opportunity to see our futility as a benefit of knowing ‘not knowing’. We move again, more informed and capable of finding realization that is there right in front of us, Now. Whoa, it was there from the beginning.
Good game. It really is how we play it. And everyones path may be slightly different. Really, it is only one labyrinth.

The “I” is given up for the awareness of awareness itself. The delusion of “I” was a contraction of awareness to a degree of departure from everything to a meaningless “I”. The labyrinth is a game of lost self finding Self when Self was there before and after the game started and ended. To explain it is a lost effort. Being is always enough. It is all there right now anyway. Walking it back is just an exercise since we are already there Now. See always and everywhere.

This Iz Daddy’O
Note: Please read Ellis Nelson’s “Walking The Labyrinth” piece on WordPress for background on labyrinths.

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