“When we examine the root cause for differences or conflicts, you will find that the real reason is selfish minds, wearing the garb of religion or any other cause, and inciting conflicts amongst the people. If you desire to secure genuine peace in the world, you must hold morality (neethi) as superior to your community (jaathi). Cherish good feelings as more important than religious beliefs. Mutual regard (mamatha), equal mindedness (samatha) and forbearance (Kshamatha) are the basic qualities necessary for every human being. Only the person with these three qualities can be regarded as a true man. Hence all of you must cultivate these three sacred qualities assiduously. Using these qualities, give up all kinds of differences. Then love will develop in you. When love grows, you will have a direct vision of God.”
– Sai Baba, Dec 25, 1990

“Discover all that you are not: body, feelings, thoughts, time, space, this or that,; nothing concrete or abstract, which you perceive can be you. The very act of perceiving shows that you are not what you perceive.” -Nisargadatta Maharaj


What you are experiencing is not real. It is a simulation. The reality is false. The timezone is warped. The thoughts you are having are not real. The situation is as permanent as vapor. The emotions and reactions are based on delusion. Even our identity is false. It is all so bogus. It is about as unreal as it can get. And, are we happy, delighted to be here? We are chasing our tails and don’t see it. “It” is already present, always.

Of course then what is real? The “I Am” is real.

The media of who we are is always finding ways to alert us to the paths of effortlessness or suffering/struggle, in every Moment. Pain is the leading edge that cuts through the unreality. It is an alert that is similar to the bedside alarm waking us up. It is hard to ignore. What happens is that it often gets suppresed and anesthesized, reducing even it’s accessibility. We’re on “snooze” for a long time. It is hard to wake us up when we have been taking so many addictive ideas that promise a reality that is better than this one. It becomes another drug-induced reality. The opiate of ideas of the mind/ego/false self substitutes one addictive idea for another. We go on living, ‘thinking’ we are doing something better because we changed our idea. We are addicts when we are just idea-inducing the needle of something better, more powerful. It is an addiction we cannot see our way out of. But ‘Seeing’ is the way out. Believing is the OxyContin of escape. The last refuge of a desperate life that needs saving from the outside. Yeah, it may not be obvious, but it ‘Is’ an inside job.

It is not necessary to resist pain. That is a reaction we believe we should do. Pain is indigenous to the temporal and the parade of life. If we submit our commitment to the visceral reality of impermanence, we enter into that realm and it’s vicissitudes. When our consciousness abides more fully in the emptiness of the fullness, we allow our Becoming to source that ineffable energy. This does not necessarily exclude pain from our life but rather makes it secondary to Being. When coursing more of a Being state we de-emphasize the ‘pain’ of living. Again, our interest naturally lies in the field of Awareness/Beingness, anyway.

Resisting pain in general, is resisting ‘What Is’. ‘What Is’ does not have an argument with pain. Resisting pain would only drag us more into the domain of the mind and believing our ‘poor’ thoughts. Pain is a messenger that does not like to be sent away. Struggle, results in more pain. Additionally, the “second arrow” complicates things even further.

The message pain is giving us is for us to see where we are holding on (in the unreality). When we can see and loosen the ties that bind us, we free up space and free up locked energy. Consequently, we have less of a need for pain to continue alerting us to our clinging to how we want things to be. The river can now flow more freely into the Sea.

To wallow, is to hold. When we are not losing our attachment to how things should be, we invest in the unkindness to Self and commit to the perseverance of a budding field of misery. Attachment and commitment to these thoughts provides the consequent belief that we cannot change things. We are stuck. We have just created our own prison. What is the upside of all this nonsense?

The “What Is” is always there, waiting, sending messages. If we can just begin to look even closer than we have historically demonstrated, we can start to see the futility of our continued reinvestment. To suggest that the problem does not exist or to suggest that we have seen things clearly, is delusional. And to further suggest that we are ‘right’ and must pursue our current path of desperation at all costs, is very troubling.

To liberate the ridiculousness, is to See that it truly is the ego and the false self, that is doing this plotting against our own equanimity. Seeing and letting it go, is the freedom we seek. We are holding the keys to our own imprisonment. This nonsense binds us mercilessly.

We Are already liberated. All that ‘doing’ without Being, gets in the way. See the limitations of ideas, beliefs, and allocations of energy to conditioning, as contributors to separation. The spaciousness and freedom of Now is always there.

This Iz Daddy’O




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