https://edwardleinartas.files.wordpress.com/2015/01/je-suis.mp3GP2C7986I am Charlie. Je suis Ahmed. I am Michael Brown. I am You. I Am.

The distinctions between us are only real when we support the idea that the ‘parade’ is real and not temporary. We believe in the permanence of the unreality only when we do not ‘know’. Are we willing to suggest to ourselves that we may be a long way from seeing as much as we need to see? We do not know how deep the conditioning has gone. We think we have seen the bottom when in reality we only scratched the surface. Is it because we were looking for a quick solution with little change demanded from us? Or is it that we are really afraid of ‘our’ little world being completely upended and that we would not be the same again? Do we even care enough about others to make an investment in substantive change in ourselves to close the separateness?

DSC00057To accept others as ourselves is not the pursuit we have been on, as a society. We talk a good game but the “boots on the ground” say otherwise. Our differences are non-negotiable for decades, centuries, and millennia. History speaks volumes. However, Beingness, in it’s Silence, speaks eternally. The Eternal Now is always there in the background, grounding us if we allow it. Informing us, if we ’see’ it. The timezone of ’Now’ does not allow the reaction of separateness of reality distortion, to breech the ‘Cause’. The ‘effect’ of the contraction of “I” is that the world is being completely upended. That is, the phenomenal world.

DSC00110The phenomenal world is broken and is on the inevitable path to self-destruction. The ’separateness’ and the divisiveness of all the little egos, fearing the future while avoiding the Now, assures a bleak outcome. Consciousness in this form, is sub-human. Human values are a convenience factor, e.g. torture, when necessary. The collectiveness of egos grouping together against other collectives of egos, only exacerbates the inevitable rift of years of no reconciliation or cooperation or compromise. This level of consciousness is no longer affordable nor sustainable. It is an exercise in futility.

It is remarkable when we are at such loggerheads, that we, as a group, act together resisting the “What Is” to the extent that we refuse the sanity of keeping the peace, passing the budget, or keeping the government running, so we can delude ourselves further by pretending to do the right thing, as a group and individual. And often, the ‘we’ among us, are considered ‘religious’, ’spiritual’, and ‘church going’. This is being fundamentally flawed and refusing to see clearly. The fingerprint of rampant ego-mind conditioning beckons us. The gods of opinions, beliefs, ideas, feelings are placed above any real concern for our fellow human being.

DSC00001Nature is never concerned with opinions, beliefs, feelings and little ideas. It is smitten with being nature, effortlessly. Our bodies, also, have no concern for the future or past. Our physical vehicles can only moderate the immediacy of the Now. And as for ourselves, we have left our innocence a long time ago. We left our Beingness state of consciousness when we added the exclusionary forefront of the ego/mind and the exclusionary crowding of past/future over the eternal timezone of Now.

We measure time differently now. We try to squeeze as many activities into a minute to satisfy the hungry ghost of our mind, that we have no hope of enjoying a fraction of what we do. We are too enamored with ‘doing’ to the point of forgetting how to ‘Be’. Our hunger grows while our mouths gets smaller, taking less ‘inside’.

2015 has brought with it additional time to broker our depleted source, i.e. a leap second. It’s the American way. Let’s consume some more stuff. Why not more time?

It was in the 60’s that we gave birth to a more precise standard of time, that is, the atomic clock. The Cesium-133 atom oscillates 9 billion, 192 million, six hundred thousand thirty-one, seven hundred seventy times in one second. That’s a lot of numbers defining just one second. It turns out that the axial rotation of the earth is not so accurate due to large surface and core disturbances/movements. Radio telescopes waving at quasars worked pretty good until matched up with Cesium-133. Cesium-133, aka, the atomic clock, determined an extra second for the 26th time since 1967. The moral of the story: don’t waste time.

Additionally, the gaining of a second plays havoc on programmers because they rely on the preciseness of time where a second does matter. Programs are sometimes a gamble when you change an extrinsic factor like time.

Every second counts, truly. It takes no time to ‘Be’. We have immediate access in any moment. Can we let go of our stuff long enough to experience what it is like to not operate out of a ‘conditioned’ existence?

“What is the root of pain? Ignorance of your self. What is the root of desire? The urge to find your self. All creation toils for its self and will not rest until it returns to it.” Nisargadatta Maharaj

The contraction of the artificial separateness is due to the bulking up of the “I”. Consciousness is seeing the ”I” and it’s habit forming consumption of like/dislike, good/bad, mine/yours, and us/them. The ‘fullness’ is not dualistic and separate. It Is the greater whole of everything. The separating out is only done in the ignorance of ’not knowing’ and ’not seeing’. To separate out, is to completely miss the point. Breaking it down this way is destructive to everyone when we start to believe that this is the way things really optimize.

“Avoid spending precious time in useless pursuits and be ever vigilant. Engage the senses of perception and action, and the body in congenial but noble tasks to keep them busy. There should be no chance for sloth (tamas)to creep in. And, every act must promote the good of others. While confining oneself to activities that reflect one’s natural duties (swa-dharma), it is possible to sublimate them into spiritual practices for the body and the senses. You must also withdraw from sensory objects. This implies having a state of mind that is beyond all dualities that agitate and affect, such as joy and grief, liking and disliking, good and bad, praise and blame. Such common experiences one encounters can be overcome or negated by means of spiritual exercises or intellectual inquiry. Endeavour to escape from the opposites and dualities, and attain balance and stability.” SATYA SAI BABA

Et voila. The tribe on the ‘other side of the hill’ we all heard about, is really our genetic twin in the Consciousness of One. It is the same tribe, our tribe. We ’thought’ it was different until we ‘knew’ from our direct experience, that there was no difference. The difference was in our minds, our ideas, our conditioning that spanned generations of distortion. Despite the visceral differences we observed, it is not there where we should have been looking. Our ’seeing’ is deeper now and clearer. Finally, we get that ‘how’ we perceive is the most significant thing we can do to see more of ‘What Is’. Changing our process of perception by losing the low ceiling of the mind, the inflationary and inflammatory ego, and the broken image of who we ’think’ we are, all contribute to the consciousness of going into the natural state of Being, of Oneness, with all humanity.

When we identify with another’s plight, we transcend our little selves for a minute and experience their experience and their drama. The differences become minimized because we feel the connection that is always there with everyone. And then, the mind clocks in and over- clocks, and throws in separation, because ‘this’ or ‘that’ wasn’t up to speed. So then “I am not Charlie” shows up, and ‘rightfully’ so (per the mind). The judgment wheel blazes forth, again. We are back to square one.

This is where a revolution in how we perceive reality is begging us to change. Is there not enough evidence that being ‘right’ is wrong when we depreciate humanity itself? The conflict always starts inside ourselves, just like the breakaway from compassion to disdain. Why the radical shift in such a short space of time? Our opinions change from moment to moment to leap second! And we base what we do on the hardship of this crazy variance in stability. Is it no wonder that the world is in constant conflict, domestically, internationally, and religiously?

When we ‘know’ that the ’temporary’ is extremely temporary, why do we persist in using this platform? When we experience that the backdrop of the unquantifiable ‘us’ is permanent, as prophets, sages, and exalted lives have demonstrated, why do we not see the choice we are making in the critical moments in our lives?

Shifting to sourcing The Stream of higher Consciousness versus the dream of false reality and separation, gets the ‘IT’ that is beyond all religions, all beliefs, all opinions and ideas. It Is where everything is going or trying to go. The Oneness does not care about affiliation nor preference. When the reality is One, where is the preference? I am you without reservation or distinction. This is the starting point of the Oneness of reality.

Use the Moment now. Feel the Presence in the deep Silence. Be effortlessly.

This Iz Daddy’O

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