Thoughts are not real. Thoughts are constantly streaming into our interior with no real stopping. When there is a break, like after awakening, or after meditation, or when being floored by a compelling piece of art, the lull is displaced and thoughts ramp up to a dysfunctional normal.

DSC00117The content of our thoughts is primarily nonsense. Thoughts are not reality and will never be reality. They cannot be reality because of their snippet-like quality. Our thoughts about ourselves are very abbreviated outtakes that cannot possibly be definitive. Despite this gross limitation we struggle with the fact that these ceaseless rants cannot be real.

DSC00142Thoughts, we may feel, are a necessary evil. What would we do without them? How would we transact life? Transacting life’s dramas is different from transacting ourselves and displacing reality. The over-clocking is the debilitating struggle of ego maintenance. Thoughts feed and sustain the relevance of the ego-mind. Ego is reaction incarnate. Do we see the heaviness of the burden of believing and writhing in the reactivity of our thoughts? How many of our thoughts are true actions versus reactions?

DSC00131Only in the eternity of the timezone of the Now can we really Be and be free. Again, this is where the pull and push of ego-mind and subsequent thinking is weakest. It is optimal for Being because of the least amount of environmental distortion.

DSC00124When we do experience this lull, this Silence, this Formless subtlety we Are, we become what is Present. This ever-presentness is but more obvious in its manifestation of Being ’nothing’ and everything without any real ’thing’ to point to. It is kinda like ashes. There is really nothing there, at least materially. There appears to be no worth. And there is no worth on a materialistic level. But then, that is It’s worth.

DSC00139We try to hold on to It but there is nothing to hold on to. It is not to be held. Holding is controlling. Controlling is unnecessary when Being. Being is just Being with no need to hold, control, or push this way or that way. It is who we Are without locking anything down. It Is a complete letting go. A letting go of thinking we know.

DSC00132What a contrast in fullness. Thoughts fill us with mostly useless chatter. And Beingness fills the space with Space, intelligent Space. The remarkable thing is that there is always something filling or being the space. When there is a high pressure system in a weather pattern, it generally marches toward a low pressure system. The containers of who we Are is always being filled. The two streams are choices at some level.

DSC00143The overreach of the mind shows up when we push away from who we Are. There is no mistaking, there is a pushing because the energy we always Are Is, even when we push away. ‘Pushing’ is what must be done to maintain the struggle against “what Is”. Thoughts are the basis of the unreality we subsequently support.

Thoughts means nothing.

It could be said that there are high-density and low-density types of struggle. The former, is more gross and obvious. While the latter, is more subtle and sometimes not accessible to us in an overt way. An example of the low-density, less detectable, type of struggle, is the effort to know.

DSC00135The effort to know our true self generates struggle. This is true especially when trying to know the ineffable. It is not the process to use to facilitate ‘knowing’. It is a more appropriate process for ‘acquired knowledge’.Thoughts generated by this process preclude and undermine the transition to effortless Being. Effortless Being, is seeing that any amount of effort to ‘Be’ is effort that would be directed to struggle. Using the traditional, conventional, tried and true way to get external knowledge, results in the direct opposite direction of where it is we would like to go (or Be). That is, when we seek what is already there now, we move away from who we really are.

The effort to know is thought-based. It assumes that the future acquisition of knowledge is required to provide the necessary access. This initial ‘start’ is an unnecessary backward step away from where we Are. Presumptive thoughts of refusing the ‘What Is’ at the outset result from thinking we have to leave where we Are for some other experiential venue. There is no where else to go except the delusional reality others share with us collectively.

Additionally, the mind is being used. Using the lesser vehicle of the mind generates more unnecessary thinking. Thinking thoughts that are incapable of knowing the ‘unknown’ is obviously and tirelessly, futile. The nobilization of thinking is not enough to equip us with the right set of tools and processes. The question is, can we let go of the overreach of the mind, thinking, and the irrelevant thoughts, that are generated constantly?

When the Formless is without any form, we continue to conclude that we need form (thoughts) to experience the Formless. Thoughts are gross manifestations not subtle spaciousness. Mind and thinking is like using a Sony Betamax to stream 3d movies from Netflix. Really?! The WIFI connection to whom we Are, does not need the wires of 20th century electric architecture to download our true identity. The download is already installed. The software of thoughts, ideas, beliefs, isms, has nothing to do with the content of who we Are. Before Zenith invented remotes, would we have thought to go wireless? It’s the same with our thinking today. We cannot think that we can’t think. The old ‘wires’ are choking us out. We are time-warping ‘wirelessness’ (the bliss of thoughtless Being).

The reactivity of thoughts creates pressure in our systemic awareness. This ‘pressure’ is struggle by another name. Having more energy invested in awareness of thoughts reduces pressure (struggle) due to the reactivity being transmuted by the action of awareness.

In the consciousness pipe, the diameter of the restriction of our mind, either enhances or restricts the flow of the connection to the whole universe. Struggling to know, false identity and embedded thoughts are pressures that do not help the flow. It may be more skillful to start with ’not knowing’ and allowing spaciousness to abide more easily than thinking we know or we have to know.

The streams of subtle Fullness or fullness of mind are facilitated by how we ‘know’. Do we ‘know’ from the mind and thoughts and deep conditioning? Or do we ‘know’ from the non-compulsive built-in knowledge of Self? Finding and seeing where our seminal starting point is, is essential to the subsequent consequences of this Cause.

“All your actions must be aimed at purifying your minds and hearts to experience the Divine. When the heart is pure, the light of wisdom shines. The illumined heart becomes the receptacle of pure love. A person without love is a living corpse. Love is not the relationship between man and woman, or between man and other objects. It is the inherent life-force in every being. “I am the Spirit immanent in all beings (Mamaatma Sarvabhootaatma)”. The Divine Self is present in all beings and has no form. It is experienced as Love. Love is our lifebreath, our soul! Young and old alike, must cultivate steady, unchanging, and unwavering love. All of you must be filled with a sense of selfless dedication, arising from service to others (seva) in which there is no egoistic pride. Revel in giving rather than receiving.”
-Sathya Sai Baba 05/06/1985

The corpus of thoughts is dead on arrival. It is not all the rage of wisdom that we implore it to be. At most it is the finger pointing to the moon, a symbol of communication. ‘This’ body is the script but not the performance. The script is applauded for the script. Noone believes it is performance or reality.

Thoughts bind us to images of who we think we are. This indoctrination in alienation from Self binds us to a currency of fluctuation and instability. We are then compelled to defend these graven one-dimensional images with further departures from Being. What a racket.

The Spaciousness of Being always satisfies our need for fullness. The pretense of images, thoughts, and ego-mind creates an artificial ceiling on Becoming. See it Now. It is the corpus of nothing.

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