GP2C8293Where is it that we place our emphasis? It is thought as given by the tool of the mind, is it not?
Thought is not the Source, the backdrop and space that makes the parade possible. Ergo, thought is reactive and bound by space and time. It is phenomena in that it is synthesized reality. Really more of a false reality because thought can never be as complete as experience. And experience, well experience comes, goes, and is varied.

GP2C8272 GP2C8271 GP2C8284 GP2C8281 GP2C8282“Experience, however sublime, is not the real thing. By its very nature it comes and goes. Self-realization is not an acquisition. It is more in the nature of understanding. Once arrived at it cannot be lost…”
Nisargadatta Maharaj

Mind, thought, experience are all mediated through our perception. Perception itself can be overrun and hijacked by the mind due to us believing in the solidity of only temporal form versus the solidity of the fullness of nothingness.

Limited perception or limited awareness, is deceived into thinking that the leela (Divine play) of subject/object is separate. The formless is the beginning and the end. It is not reduced upon its diversification. It is only through the contraction of the mind (or false reality) that we don’t ’see’ the true nature i.e. the Tao has both the yin and yang and continues to be the Tao. Form and formless are part of the same whole.

The cells of our body may be separate but they compose major organs and perform major functions relative to the optimal functioning of the whole body. There is a dynamic that is in situ. Each separate component is codependent upon the other regardless of it’s perceived separateness. Larger or smaller, it is one systemic interplay of connectedness; much like our consciousness.

To suggest to ourselves that we are the content called thoughts, is to suggest that we are only what is perceived. How limiting. Believing our thoughts, reacting constantly to our thoughts, and giving prominence to our thoughts, is delusional. The content is what is perceived. What perceived the phenomena? It certainly wasn’t the thoughts. Where is awareness in this dysfunctional conclusion? Is awareness a lesser vehicle undeserving of any significant consideration?

Awareness or perception never leaves. Conditioned content is always changing. “Change” is the permanent feature of the Universe as every dyed-in-the-wool Buddhist knows.

“I am nowhere to be found! I am not a thing to be given a place among other things. All things are in me, but I am not among things. You are telling me about the superstructures while I am concerned with the foundations. The superstructures rise and fall, but the foundations last. I am not interested in the transient, while you talk of nothing else.”
Nisargadatta Maharaj

We invariably struggle with the content, supplanting the effortlessness of the Universe. We expose ourselves to the predations of supporting an unsupportable content that eventually crashes as all other content to follow. The struggle to keep the false reality viable is the supreme misplacement of energy.
The idea of self demands protection and causes struggle to manifest. The contraction of the uncomfortable ‘I’ separates from ‘Being’ causing this incessant struggle.

To liberate ourselves from our own attachments to ideas and structures is to ‘see’ first and always who we Are. No thing. No name. No form. No definition. No point of view. No judgment. The stillness, the silence, the awareness of Being effortlessly right Now without qualification, Is. The attempt to define, is the desire to remain in the parade and have it ‘our’ way.

Awareness is before thoughts. Awareness is after thoughts. Awareness is the space where the “Big Bang” of what is perceived takes place. The “I Am” perceives without form.

The endpoints of ‘Being’ are different from ‘doing’. “Being’ is it’s own endpoint. It is enough. ‘Doing’ by itself, is vacuous. It is playing the game without knowing the rules. We focus on ‘doing’ without ‘Being’ first. The mind is errant and fickle without the stability of ‘Being’. ‘Being’ connects with ‘doing’ bringing the entire Universe into an unattached focus. Connecting means there is no resistance to what is. The flow is unimpeded.

The presupposition of thought is the direct realization of Reality.

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