Dwell, where is it that we dwell? Do we dwell in reaction? Quiet desperation? The future? Do we fully accept our conditions as they are now and surrender to the ‘What is’? No, not where we would like to be, or who we would like to be, or what we would like to accomplish. These are all future desires outside of the Now. If this, fueling and desiring outside the moment, describes us, then this is who we are. That is, we are using our energy pining for some future idea of self. Even desiring something like peace for ourselves is piling energy in the future unreality. Moreover, it is overlooking the obvious. Peace is here right now.

DSC00249“The Road more traveled” is usually not the road we think are on in this very Moment. We may be thinking we are exceptional. Most of us do not believe we are average. Look at performance appraisals. If we mark someone average, they are insulted. CEO pay, as an example, has risen to ridiculous levels. Does any CEO think they are average? When a company looks to hire an “expert” they expect to pay more on the market. As a society, we have a lot of ego inflation.

DSC00254Accepting the nastiness, hardness, and difficulty of this moment is not typical of us, especially when there are challenges to our equanimity. We, as most of us, go along with what most everyone else does. We just create the illusion of ‘who we think we are’ to further separate ourselves from everyone else so we feel we are better than our peers. This increases our separateness and alienates us from ‘us’. Spirituality is not for the weak unless we lower the bar to duplicity and delusion. It is easier to disagree with the Moment than to disagree with our idea of ourselves and other’s ideas about us.

DSC00250 DSC00262 DSC00260“The Road more traveled” is the road most of us take in spirituality. Our perception and thinking remain steadfast and dead-second to Being. Discomfort is a big motivator with going along as the solution.

DSC00241 DSC00243 DSC00244“I have come to a place where, in every sense of the word, I have surrendered myself to our creator b/c literally there was no else.. + by God + by your prayers I have felt tenderly cradled in freefall. I have been shown in darkness, light + have learned that even in prison, one can be free. I am grateful. I have come to see there is good in every situation, sometimes we just have to look for it. I pray each day that if nothing else, you have felt a certain closeness + surrender to God as well + have formed a bond of love + support amongst one another.” Kayla Mueller -{Excerpted from a letter from captivity.}

DSC00247If we can perceive our perseveration in where we hang out, where we dwell most of the time, with our mind and/or without our mind, we can better assess our stasis or dynamism. To suggest that there is a deep freedom in the desert of confinement, is to see boldly, abandoning ‘ideas’ of what it should be. Happiness, peace, or love, is not geographically or situationally located. Conversely, idyllic conditions may be delusion at it’s most convincing guile. See past the transience of condition.

DSC00239Automotive dwell is an interesting analogy to the cause/effect of allowing “The Energy” to build up inside of us. Automotive ignitions have old school ‘points’ or modern electronics to close the gap in order to allow a build-up of magnetic flux in the ignition coil. If the ‘points’ or electronics close the “dwell” too soon or stay open too long, the magnetic flux field collapses or has insufficient time to build up. There is an ideal proportion of timing required for an engine to run satisfactorily. A narrow gap provides more dwell while a wider gap, less dwell.

The ‘gap’ we as spiritual aspirants must acknowledge is the proportion of time given to dwell.
First it must be asserted that we know what the gap is (diagnostics) and then what methodology to employ to close the gap and increase the dwell time (without cyclical failure).
If we do not put the time in, no matter what the excuse, the outcome will predictably be proportional. Seeing the gap, closing the gap, and establishing our ideal timing and build-up is either what we are doing or not doing in terms of choice in every Moment.

When we ‘dwell’ in the Moment there is no ‘time’ to tend to with our minds. It is ’no mind’ time. “The Energy” abides and ‘dwell’ is naturally increased. “The god particle” is running our vehicle because the driver and the vehicle are no longer separate. This is the ultimate timing of having no gap, no separateness, and non-duality.

DSC00236“The Road more traveled” is not the road we are destined to drive on to get to the ineffable. When there is a discomfort from where we sit, can we see that this is not the venue we are looking for. To change the route without turning the wheel, is to remain stuck in the rut of where we ’think’ we are going. Know the road not from it’s ‘conditions’ but from it’s Source.
Sacred knowledge is sourced from the collective of who we are, always. Drive effortlessly with the Universe flowing with ideal proportions into the direct realization of Reality. There is no ‘pushing’ and there is no time except Now. Dwell on.

This Iz Daddy’O

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