IMG_0323To push away the mind is metaphorically like beating a dog to get rid of it’s fleas. In the end, pushing never works because in the end the mind resurfaces and bites us again. Pushing or it’s variants like pulling, grasping, and controlling, all accomplish very little to lighten our self-imposed load. The mind excels and survives beautifully under these circumstances, sometimes called suffering.

Because the mind is a contraction, a small piece of Consciousness, it’s separation is under the stress of struggle. A pulling away from wholeness by distancing, is not integration.

There is certainly a functional utility and there are laudable performance factors, that the mind clearly gives us. Looking at percentages of use in regard to the pragmatic non-destructive mind contributions, there is a greater misuse than optimal use of the mind. For most of us, the heaviness and crushing weight of inappropriate overuse, has a direct impact on our lives, especially our spiritual lives. Probably more than half the time we are thinking every thing out non-stop. How much time and space is left uncontrolled? Can we be more open, unknowing and reflective?

Whether it is ideas, algorithms, thoughts, or other subsets of reality, the mind and it’s mechanisms, cannot yield reality.

Kevin Slavin, in a TED talk, spoke of black box trading on Wall Street vis-a-vis computers and algorithms in the space of microseconds. Increased speed is a competitive edge when moving millions in stock. The Carrier Hotel Hudson Street, New York is where the internet signal originates. The closer traders are to this location, the faster positions are made in the market. Empty buildings around the Carrier Hotel are being hollowed out and fitted with steel and servers to reduce microseconds in trades.

Algorithms without human supervision will often fail, e.g. financial collapse- the Flash Crash of 2:45. 60% of Netflix movies are determined by code. As useful and ferociously fast predictors of behaviors, algorithms cannot yield a full reality. The same for any idea, thought or belief. These are all forms that the mind uses to distill it’s reality. The mind even needs to name and catalog the algorithms it encounters in the world. It is what the mind does.

The above is an example of the obsessive-compulsive nature of mind/thought. Labeling and tagging everything with hashtags and taxonomies is useful only to a point. When it is what we do and only what we do, we fail at ourselves.

When we do this on the spiritual path, which is what we are on all the time, we invoke judging and it’s outcome, separation. We carry this thinking forward to the path we are on. We categorize paths rather than see our lack of Seeing and preference for only the mind in every situation. The Truth is that there is no Truth in thinking, categorizing, and fitting things into paradigms.

“As soon as you look at the world through an ideology you are finished. No reality fits an ideology. Life is beyond that. … That is why people are always searching for a meaning to life… Meaning is only found when you go beyond meaning. Life only makes sense when you perceive it as mystery and it makes no sense to the conceptualizing mind.”
― Anthony de Mello

There is no need to translate pure consciousness into anything (except if we identify with the mind and it’s need to do so). Awareness needs no amping up by the mind. It Is already at it’s zenith. It is our perception and our perceiving skills, that are deficit.

Letting The Energy express Itself without engaging our pushing and forcing, is counter to how we as a society operate and expect others to operate. For us to do less, is anathematic to how we were raised and how we ‘successfully’ function in society. We ’normally’ define doing ‘less’ as “slacking” and undesirable. Our belief system, even after highlighting the problem, continues to insist on doing something.

The indulgence of the mind and the resistance of ‘pushing’ creates an automatic gulf between us and Self; to wit, “What Is”. This argument started in the paradigms and belief systems of the mind.
The pooling of all this energy obfuscates and crushes the feather of Self through our delusion. Access to Self is denied by the extraordinary weight of righteous thinking and doing, and believing.

Stop the struggle of force and doing, and mind and thought. Reality is always ready to come through at any Moment if we can back off a smidge (thinking we can force it through). There is nothing that we can think, do, or push on, to force The Energy that Is, to be here when It Is already there within us. It is the gravity of the overlay we have put down, that obscures our vision and our connection to whom we really Are at all times.

Remodel the mind to be the secondary, not the primary modality to process the world. The lesser utilities of the mind and the mind itself are not sufficient to get the Divine connection that is already there. The false self and the mind are derivatives and outcomes that are overrated, at best. See the compulsiveness and let less mind become more Being. Start in this Moment and each discrete subsequent Moment, to Be effortlessly.

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