GP2C9232When we restructure ourselves to re-see, the mind becomes quieter and with corollary consequence, the Silence becomes louder. The flatlining of the mind liberates space that was previously wasted in struggle. The Silence can be heard because the noise of the ego-mind, is no longer given the false status of a dominant hierarchy. The false self is clearly understood to be false. The Silence and softness of Being is now not being overrun mindlessly.

When we ‘push’ space, we choose ‘pushing’ over ‘effortlessness’. It can only be ‘effortlessness’ because everything else is some variant of pushing, e.g. thinking our way in. This active and unnecessary utilization of energy is contrary to how We Are. We do not need to add an effort to Be. Pure ‘effortlessness’ is our ticket in.

GP2C9240But what is stopping us? What causes us to ‘push’ space? Illusion. Illusory intoxication with the idea that we have to ‘do’ something, think something, know a technique, or qualify by trial and/or a painful set of circumstances. ‘It’ is just ’space’. Pushing ’space’ doesn’t work. The ‘pushing’ needs to drop and we just have space. Nothing needs to be added because this ’space’ has everything anyway. All ‘pushing’ does is create an unreality for the mind. The mind can then hijack and cover-up “The Reality”. But we believe the unreality, sadly.

“What you are aware of you are in control of; what you are not aware of is in control of you.”

“There is only one cause of unhappiness: the false beliefs you have in your head, beliefs so widespread, so commonly held, that if it never occurs to you to question them”

Anthony De Mello

The desire of the Universe is to experience Itself. That is enough. Our alignment is natural to all that without any added input from a lesser fictitious vehicle called the ego/mind. All other desires can potentially misdirect our energies.

The uncomfortable ‘I’ is not aligned with ‘What Is’ resulting in the disquiet. That is the ‘I’s nature. To lose this personal idea, casts fear in the hearts of all of us. Having this discomfort, is comfort to us in that we are committed to holding on to something we know, or ‘think’ we know. But what we are really doing CONSTANTLY is not accepting “What Is”, constantly.

The presumed “I” is already a contraction and the follow-through is that we ‘push’
away “What Is”. What’s up with that?! Illusion/delusion. We believe in the belief system as core to who we are and/or who we profess to be, despite the fact that these are insufficient little ideas that cannot begin to define who We Are and the essence of what the Universe Is.

The constant feedback of discomfort from the uncomfortable ‘ I’ heralds the idea that there is a problem that must be solved. If we believe that there is a problem, we push space and immediately push away from accepting the “What Is”. Whew!

GP2C9234The circus of the mind concludes we need to change. We’re not good enough, not smart enough, and gosh darn it people don’t like us enough. “It” already ‘Is’ now, is lost.
It’s like we are in a Saturday Night Live skit.

Space Is. Pushing away Space, is like a feather that gives way freely in it’s immense spaciousness, and yields no push back. There is so much space.

The discomfort of ‘I’ is like the emptiness of a “hungry ghost”, it cannot be sated. The mouth of the “hungry ghost” is too small while the stomach is bottomless. At the same time we feel the falseness of it all. It is not genuine. It is not who we really are.

Realization of our true nature is the only thing that can make us comfortable, sated, and truly happy. And it is Now. And it is without problem, without pushing, and with total acceptance of “What Is”. The fearlessness of dropping personal will and beliefs, is alignment with Reality. Nothing needs to change except our perception which returns to it’s original view, it’s original face.

See the subtlety of our constant pushing against the space of “What Is”. Let go of who we think we are and enjoy the fullness of Being who we really Are. The space and silence is already here, always waiting for our return to wholeness and realization. Connect first in each Moment, to the softness of ‘no pushing’. Be that openess. Be effortlessly, always.

GP2C9254This Iz Daddy’O

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