In order to change our external circumstances as well as our internal dynamics, our misperception of our selves must stop. The mind, over-clocking at approximately 80% in most of us, is running over our life. It is so dominant in contrast to the effortless Consciousness which is like a feather. There appears to be nowhere else for us to go to for solace, at least not where we have looked. Our awareness is precluded by this heaviness and we feel stuck with no obvious alternatives and no tool but trite ‘doing’.

Our mind tells us that in order to change our circumstances, we have to ‘do’ something and ’try’ and try until we succeed. Society lauds us to not give up. Our external circumstances may indeed change depending on our karmic lot and steadfast effort. However, our internal structures cannot get the deep satisfaction from this sentient world. Our status among peers can provide the illusion of satisfaction. These are shallow accomplishments. That is, we think we won when we get the most glory and toys.

“The things we touch have no permanence. My master would say: there is nothing we can hold onto in this world. Only by letting go can we truly possess what is real.” – Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

GP2C9383The mind is a control freak. It uses the control factor to maintain stability in it’s artificial contracted state from Consciousness. Not letting go of the control of needing to know, wanting to determine, and dominating the world, is it’s tireless path. Distortion of reality with placement in the wrong timezone (false reality) incarcerates us into the prisons of past and future. But we are comfortable with all that, aren’t we? Change is more of a threat to entities like the mind and it’s idea called the ‘ego’. These devices themselves are obviously temporal and fleeting. Passing clouds that obliterate the sun of who we really are, may be an apt metaphor.

“Knowingness of truth arises from a silent mind, a mind which is not evaluating and struggling to know”. Adyashanti

We have a highly edited version of self, that is, who we think we are. This editing involves adding layers and layers of stuff from preferences to opinions and beliefs to hard and fast resistance to change and “What Is”. This piling of resistance then opts to be free. What a joke. The binding was strapped on by none other than ourselves. We reject the “What Is”, and look in all the wrong places for relief from the lack of fulfillment. We strive to be better when The Energy was and is always there in the perennial Now. The striving is the added layer of resistance causing further distancing from Becoming.

Then death comes and life says, “Is this your final answer?”. The Moment we are looking for is beneath the albatross we are carrying water for, that is, the mind/ego, aka the false self. The process of ‘trying’ and ‘doing’ are contraindicated to this Moment. However, the illusion works, providing enough incentives to scam us out of the connection to whom we really Are at all times, e.g. Now.

GP2C9384Can we kiss the space of nothingness and find intimacy there? Is it so far-fetched of an idea? It is not an idea. That is the seminal point. The idea of an ‘idea’ pronounces itself as being manufactured by the mind. Wrong starting point.

We do not need a new hand from a reshuffled deck. The deck is the problem. Changing beliefs is like changing decks when all the decks have cards that are stacked against us. Letting go of these artifices is the ticket. Putting down the devices of trying, doing, and striving for spiritual awakening and shedding the structural obfuscation we created, is the revolution required to getting back to square One. And we are already there now.

We are a blank slate, a virtual tabula rasa. This pure state is contentless. When we stack our mind’s content of whom we think we are, on this blank slate and cement it with beliefs “that it is real”, we are no longer experiencing the nothingness of Being a blank slate. The content to include ego/mind, is temporary. We become reactions when we over-indulge in thinking we are this mind-thing. Connection to Self is first and foremost and nonreactive. The little self is part of the content and phenomena of life. It is the false god we have manufactured in the dead-end factory of our little minds.

The death of the ego/mind is the death we need to transact to rebirth the Self of whom we always were, in a conscious way. The ‘personal’ is not something to hold on to and connect with, in any attached way, given that there is no real separateness. Our collective consciousness is whom we are versus an ego/mind driven separate idea that is illusory. No one owns anything in reality when it is all One. The Universe is not a bunch of little egos bursting with pompous pride and self-aggrandizement. The universal creative intelligence and infinite permutation is omniscient.

The primeval sound of the Universe is theorized to be Ohm. It is sound that opened the door of what is now the physical universe. The sound of 528 Herz is the “miracle” frequency that can repair DNA in the human genome of 23000 genes as well as heal us profoundly. Sounding a tuning fork at this (or other frequencies) while holding another tuning fork physically close, will always cause the 2nd fork to sound itself at the same frequency. This sympathetic harmonization is not dissimilar to how we connect, at the energy level, to our deeper selves and to everyone else.

Resonating is not a thinking activity. The tuning forks do not have a belief system for them to work. It Is what it is. They are unaffected by thought just as our Consciousness is unaffected by the mind’s discourse.

Are we resonating the frequency of the mind and it’s contents or are we vibrating The Energy of emptiness that is always full? Can we see the mind and the walls of separation it creates moment after moment and day after day? Do we see the content as transitory and not something that can bring fulfillment?

Relaxing the mind is putting this sharp tool away when it is not needed. Reaction is mind-based. Action Is. Watch the reaction to nullify it’s attachment to the content and detachment from The Connection to whom we really are. Our misperception of mind must be seen clearly. Resonate effortlessly to the empty slate of ’no content’ and no hard personal ego/false-self. It is not pushing the mind away. It is choosing to see and effortlessly Be the backdrop to every thing in the Silence. ‘That’ is already here Now. Let it vibrate our core frequency.

GP2C9382This Iz Daddy’O

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