GP2C9419The ‘content’ in our life is the stuff that is temporary and changing, as our time marches through this thing called a ‘parade’. Attachment to the content is a recipe for a spoiled life because nothing is forever, especially ‘stuff’ that has a shelf life. Hanging on to our trinkets and clinging to our deemed jewels, only belittles the permanence of whom we really are. In a way, getting past the idea that ‘content’ is more incidental than ideal, is only the very beginning of letting go.

GP2C9417Liberating our relationship to ‘content’ only, is not enough.

GP2C9427‘Process’ is what we often find ourselves resisting without even a consideration.
If conditioning is likened to a virus, we are not finding the cure by refraining from only the ‘content’ of our environment. Sure, we can compromise our immunity when we make inappropriate contact with the carriers of disease called ‘content’. But once we have this viral un-ease, even the refraining from re-exposure is moot.

The virus of years of conditioning, gives rise to a steady stream of consequential phenomena, that keeps on coming long after we have seen the genesis of our ways. We see that stuff comes up, we expose it and it keeps on coming up. We ‘think’ “why is it taking so long?” We push against the timeline that we created in our head. “It’s not happening fast enough!” “This doesn’t work!”

Retreating to “It doesn’t work”, response, is a signal of a problem of ‘process’.
We may even compound the retreat by insisting that “nothing works” while continuing to use only our solitary and failed process we have always used. Trying and wanting is not enough. The ‘process’ itself must be pursued relative to the issue.

The mind itself has conditioned, predictable and natural tendencies to abide in obfuscation due to it’s need for survival and continuity. Remarkably, the processes the mind uses are not that complicated. They are more blanketing and covering up the reality of our true nature.

The mind, again, is a contraction from the spaciousness of the eternal Now. The contraction is binding and limiting. Three major strategies of the mind to weasel out of the reality of “What Is”, follows. “Gotta Go”, “Can’t get no satisfaction”, and “It don’t feel right”, are playing in our heads right now, if we let them. The point is, can we see these processes that are not part of content per se, but operate with impunity, because they are processes?

The mind finds itself getting uncomfortable when it’s viability is being investigated and confronted. “Gotta Go” kicks in when we need to exit but quick. We have an appointment, or we have to eat, or we forgot that we have to do this other thing instead, or simply, we are bored now and have something better to do. This bailing, resists and contracts from the “What Is”, running away from the uncomfortable. When do we really sit and Be with “What Is”?

“Can’t get no satisfaction”, is a reaction to the “What Is” and not getting out of life what we ‘think’ we ‘should’ be getting out of life. It’s an all about me and the deservedness of getting so-called ‘needs’ met. It is not having enough time, money, the right job, or whatever ‘content’ is missing as far as quantity is concerned. There is just not enough to make our life satisfactory (nor will there ever be.) We are always looking for more.

In the third process, the mind compulsively uses “It don’t feel right” because the mind cannot fulfill the missing part of consciousness that it displaced by installing the temporary idol of ego/false self. When we source the contracted energy field of ego/mind, we over-connect with the ‘content’ missing the infinite potentiality of space and the ultimate observer. We find something wrong with ourselves, other people, and situations. There is no contentment.
Judgment of ‘not as good as’ or ‘better than’, shows up big time. There is always something wrong.

So when we see the appearance of our regular and consistent conditioning, and we call out that “it should be over by now” and “how long will this thing go on”, we demonstrate demands on the process we ‘think’ it should be. Not getting enough relief, and feeling that there is something ‘still’ wrong, with a finality of gotta get me out of here, all can be evoked by the persistence of these chronic states.

The chronicity of the compulsiveness of conditioning beckons us to not push it away but see it, as present but not consequential. It means nothing, because it has no power over us unless we resist it by pushing against it and “What Is” at the same time. Conditioning is karma-like, in that it becomes more relevant when we give it more relevance through reactivity. Otherwise, it is like dust to a stagecoach going down a dusty trail -meaningless.

The arguments are with ‘our idea’ of what the process should be like. The process is more subtle in that it can be the carrier and creator of the content. We may have unloaded our content but if we continue to stick with our more traditional processes, we incur the undesirable. Ego says I want this and I want it now. That process can add more content quickly and perhaps unknowingly.

GP2C9448The process of allowing can heal us and let the ‘stuff’ out so it is no longer managed and pushed far away from consciousness. The ‘ idea’ that this stuff is harmful is an ‘idea’ that is mind-based. Ideas are not real nor representative of reality, especially our reality, unless we allow it. When we see the conditioning as ideas perseverating themselves in a loop, and without a visceral reaction to their non-reality, we will then have begun to emerge from the artificial limitations we have imposed on ourselves. Changing our process to informed “letting” changes everything. We are like space in that we can allow more space and potential to abide in us, the Us that is the Universe.

“Universal consciousness operates at every level of reality. It is founded on the fundamental I-ness. Being, Awareness, Bliss/Love.”
Menas Kafatos Professor of Physics Chapman University

GP2C9445When we put our ‘ideas’ and limitations on the Universe, we limit spaciousness. ”Pushing” most often involves this limiting of spirit and processing of our agenda. It is only when there is an open agenda of Being and connection that “pushing” processes can be revealed as counterproductive to the way the Universe operates. There are no favorites when it is all one. Consciousness is in the backdrop of infinite space precisely because there are no limitations. The ‘One’ observer is us.

GP2C9449This Iz Daddy’O

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