GP2C9597How do we know that we know? Who knows? Is our awareness coming from the mind or is it coming from the Awareness that can see the mind in it’s permutations? Is the mind able to decipher “What Is”? Can we see the vagaries of constant pushing to the past or the future? What about our ability to stay in the Present? Is sourcing and engaging ‘The Moment’ a touch-and-go or a matter of ‘coming home’ to stay for awhile?

Perception is the key factor in determining our ability to successfully transform ourselves from an egoic trance state that binds us to knee-jerk reactions, to a liberated soul that is not confused about “What Is”. If we stand fast and assert that our current perception is adequate (despite our constant mal-contentedness), there is nothing more to do or become. Our journey is complete.

The above conclusion is not coming from a state of accepting a not-knowing stance. It is full of conclusion and little space. Not-knowing creates space. Knowing, from an egoic source, is separateness going into a tighter space. Sourcing from the mind is limiting to the structure of the mind. If the mind were the end point of everything, then the mind would be the ticket. The mind operates in the generosity of formlessness of space and the eternal Now. It is just a tool that has a temporary form.

GP2C9604Forms operate and project themselves in the ‘openness’ of Formlessness. Forms are temporary. Formlessness is eternal. Any form is limitation. Spaciousness has infinite potential precisely because any form can be created. The transmutation into form is always temporary. Everything returns to Spaciousness and infinite potential.

Attachment to the temporary form, whether it is us or someone else, is connecting to the roller coaster of life and disconnecting from the root substructure of all time and life.

The argument with “What Is”, is meritless when our mind is confused misperceiving raw information. We add reactive conditioned erroneous conclusions, creating little worlds that have no reality except in our limited impressions. Judgment is another way of saying “This is my reality”. The world has had a lotta luck with that perception.

We are seeing the world from the aspect of a little box instead of a limitlessness space that it is. The world impresses us with ‘needs and desires’ that are symbols of whom we would like to be. The starting point here is deficit looking for fulfillment. What we know from a deficit point of view is that there is not enough. We pine endlessly for sufficiency with the misperception of finding ‘It’ in the content and construct of the temporary. Is this what we know?

“This isn’t a journey about becoming something. This is about unbecoming who we are not, about undeceiving ourselves. We don’t end up anywhere other than where we have always been, except that we perceive where we have always been completely differently. We realize that the heaven everyone is seeking is where we have always been.” Adyashanti

Our confused ‘knowing’ is a pretense based on a dualistic framework that has the false self working against a perceived self. So much illusion. Appearance is not the reality. Ego is reaction. Perceive the pushing of the ego and perceive the stillness of the feather of Awareness. Gross versus subtle energies can be distinguished. They are both present in the form and the formless. “Being” has no form. “Being” has no limitation.

The Emptiness is illuminated by Awareness, the Eternal Witness. This cause has a third characteristic referred by the texts as “unimpeded activity” or spontaneity. When we are asleep in the ego, we block by pushing the ego’s agenda. Our spontaneity is stifled, edited, and made inauthentic. The Creative Intelligence cannot stream when impeded by distorted perception. Changing our perception to the subtleness of the Absolute Void means overcoming deep programming to our True identity. Freeing ourselves is accelerated by emerging constantly from the least of distorted timezones, i.e. The Moment.

The mind is strongest in past/future timezones. Awareness is fully Present in the Now. Ego and false self are limited forms. Real substrate is Formless. And the mind does not want to get it nor can understand it. This is where the ‘knowing’ is not really ‘knowing’. The ephemeral knowing is the ‘thinking’ kind.

When we ‘know’, we know from the un-acquired knowledge that is built in our eternal DNA. The ‘acquired’ knowledge is never sufficient to ‘know’. Truth can never be known from ‘acquired’ knowledge. Confusion believes in the form. Illumination ‘knows’ the confusion of form and unlimited potential of formless.
Illumination is Present in the emptiness of space that cannot be pushed. Effortlessly ‘know’ the ‘no thing’, the ‘no form’, the formless that is ‘Us’ with no separateness. See ‘That’ knowledge constantly. Allow our spontaneous Self to emerge through Being in the Now.

GP2C9603This Iz Daddy’O

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