DSC00506 (1)Who we ‘think’ we are, has to be an idea. When we ‘think’, we avail ourselves of the device called ‘the mind’. ‘The mind’ is a sophisticated structure that has inherent limitations that rule out the ‘knowing’ that presupposes this ‘mind’ device. We so terribly lean upon ’the mind’ for divination of just about everything. If all we know is this endpoint called ‘the mind’ then we will not be predisposed to using any other faculty no matter how dramatically different the outcomes could/would be. The dependence upon the ’thinking’ process has it’s demerits. We reflexively will argue for maintaining this status quo because we are convinced or more accurately, are “in a trance” vis-a-vis the mind’s altar boy, the ego.

Ego, the notorious one, is a mind-manufactured idea that has instability at it’s core. “Who we think we are”, is merely an idea. This unstable ‘idea’ of identity, is artificially strengthened by vacuous praise one moment and then devastated mercilessly by an unkind remark, let alone insult, the following moment. The ‘need’ to protect the amorphous ‘idea’ of self can never be really secured due to this ‘self’ being a fictional idea of self.


Of course, who we really are, is not mind/ego based. It Is. The source of our true identity is not temporary nor transient, like the ‘parade’ we mistake for substantive reality.

Science Journal 125th Anniversary, indicates 25 continued unanswered questions of modern science. Number one and two are: “What is the Universe made of?” and “What is the biological basis of consciousness?”. Aside from vast amounts of research, data, and theories, the questions remain unanswered.
Peter Russell takes it from there and clearly points out that there is a bias in our model of science in that it does not give any credence to ‘consciousness’. Scientists perceive with the bias of including ‘mind’, only.

Having said this, Peter Russell points out the two major revolutions in interpreting our universe, are the Theory of Relativity and Quantum Theory. He states that these theories conclude that space, time, matter, energy are not absolute; that there is no fixed material world; and consciousness, observation, and knowing, play a major role, as a result of these two theories. Oversimplifying, science is what we know and consciousness is what we know with.

There appears to be a slow merging of ‘knowing’ that is clearly outside of traditional ‘thinking’. Peter Russell suggests that we need to include our experience part of reality, that is, how we perceive the world, as integral to how we interpret the reality. This is the same as saying that we have to change how we perceive reality. If use of the mind exclusively, is insufficient because it is not complete enough, then including “what we know with” is elemental.

Elon Musk, famous for his electric ‘chic’ vehicles, is rethinking our internet. It is one of those things, that although revolutionary for the 20th century, has not been messed with in terms of connection since it’s inception (please sit down Al Gore). The “Musk” idea here would be to broadcast the internet signal from outer space as 4000 small satellites circumnavigate mother Earth. Access would be universal from Amazonian jungles to the most remote urban infrastructures of Chiraq (aka Chicago).

Elon Musk gets it. Physics is getting it. If we ‘think’ and ‘think’ inside the proverbial box of the too familiar mind, we cannot evolve as a species when the Universe of perennial change visits us and challenges our predispositions to be too comfortable with incomplete knowledge. Denying the pivotal existence of consciousness is to subvert ourselves at our core. Are we ready to see the shallowness of being just an ‘idea’?!

When we utilize the idea-based self, it is usually with complimentary mind tendencies that keep us in an unsecured orbit. That is, the mind’s tendency to find something wrong, to find that it really doesn’t think it has time, and to have an insufficiency of ‘whatever’, and never getting enough of ‘whatever’.
These tendencies can be reinterpreted to be positives in that they can indicate to us the quality of energy we are abiding in. When we abide in these tendencies we let the mind do it’s thing and suffocate consciousness due to the unskillful choice. When we identify these as problem areas that indicate choosing lesser vehicles of existence, then we have taken the groundwork away from the ego/mind/false self.

Where is this “I”? Is it the root of make-believe? There is no root form just as there is no fixed material world. If reality is in the brain stem, how we perceive the world is critical. Changing our perception begins and ends in this Moment. Accepting the “What Is” is clearly seeing the stopping points of non-acceptance. Every time we respond to our conditioning that beckons us to say to ourselves that we do not have enough and deserve more, we limit Ourselves. Every time we make a foul judgment about the ‘other’ person, we separate ourselves from Ourselves. Every time we overrun the Connection of who we Are with tireless conditioning, we cement the deadness of an empty unfulfilled life.

Accepting and letting go of resistances to “What Is”, is the ticket to a Conscious Now. Although we may not always consciously know where we are stuck, the integrity of The Moment has the quality of light necessary for illumination. Looking in the obvious places and seeing the limiting tendencies of the mind to push us away from ‘fullness’ of Spirit to a fullness of distortion, is seeing the gaming of Reality. Reality Is, with or without any obfuscation, always. Consciousness is what we know with and is capable of seeing the reality generator called the brain/mind and the “What Is” of life Itself. Be That, and Be as effortless as the Universe itself. If we can use ‘space’ to get our internet signal, we can use ‘Space’ to find ourselves more completely.

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