GP2C9628Come home to the present moment. It is that place that just feels so right. No desperation. No urgency to do. Just the ‘be yourself’ and kick off your shoes feeling, that relaxes us easily, upon entrance.

The greeting we get is akin to the one we would receive at the “Burning Man” art festival in the Nevada desert. Welcome home!!! Our names at home are even different than the names we use in the more formal world. The festival is really more inside ourselves and everyone knows it and celebrates it. We express ourselves freely and in friendship and safety. The work we have to do is not like the “default” world where we take ourselves too seriously and stress about it. The lines between helping out and making things function are blurred because the activity is just as much about having fun as it is getting the house ready for a party.

GP2C9625The ‘Moment’ is always the right time because it is ‘What Is’. The joy shows up because resistance to ‘What Is’ is nonexistent. Accepting is freedom. ‘Letting’ is Being.

The Eternal Now is always us. The aberration of living life in the past, finding resistance to the present, and reaction to the uncertain future, is uncomfortable, precisely because we are faking ourselves in distorted time. We contrarily perceive and imagine ourselves only in the temporary container of created phenomena. This places ourselves in the reductive idea and contraction of ‘I’ while wholly ignoring the most effective infinite potential that is constantly becoming each Moment. Our subset of Self has reduced itself to the most limiting and temporary parts of Ourselves.

GP2C9617When we perceive ourselves from this distorted viewpoint, we distort the Seen/Unseen aspects of our consciousness. If our ID is only in the Seen, then Unseen still exists despite our denial. However, that limits the unlimited which then makes it artificial and more than unnecessary. It is a distortion of Reality. Our perception is dumbed down by our own handiwork.

GP2C9636When we come home, we don’t feel at home if it’s artificial and false.

In the Great Potential of Space, of Emptiness, of The Void -there is ’Nothingness’ precisely because of the power of Infinite Potential. Once there is a ‘form’, there is a limitation. The Great Potential has limited the form but not It’s nature which is unlimited. When we suck-up to the form to the exclusion of the Formless, we ignore the continuity of also ‘Being’ the Great Potential, that is, Emptiness. Emptiness gives us fullness. Attachment is wearing the gravity boots of form. Formlessness is always open while informing form. The Cause is always. The endpoint is the result and content, the effect of form.

GP2C9633By It’s nature, Formlessness has no content. There is nothing happening there. When we look for some ’thing’, there is nothing found. It is a ’no thing’ place of Being. Our mind feels the need to find something and does not do well when it cannot put it’s finger on something solid, i.e. quantifiable. This is Who we Are. That and form. Form though, does not inform the Formless. And at the same time, It is all One. The separating is done by ego/mind/false self.

“Empty your mind, be formless, shapeless – like water. Now you put water into a cup, it becomes the cup, you put water into a bottle, it becomes the bottle, you put it in a teapot, it becomes the teapot. Be water, my friend.” Bruce Lee

                               Identification with only the form is ignoring the most compelling part of whom we are, the subtle, the profound, the unquantifiable I Am Presence. Perceiving Ourselves from this starting point, is a life-changing event. Death has no substance when the nature of Formless is forever. Life has a completely different meaning when sourced from the Profound.

GP2C9630Who we Are is not who we ‘think’ we are. Perception through the mind is limiting and incomplete causing errors and separation. Continued perception through the vehicle of the mind is continuing on the same worn-out path inevitably leading to more conditioned living.

Breaking out of conditioning is choosing to perceive differently by seeing the Stillness in the backdrop of everything. This is a place of Awareness where reacting is seen as part of the phenomenal world and irrelevant in the emptiness of the Cause. It Is. What would be in the Formless that would cause a reaction when there is ’no thing’ or form? When the Formless is the Universal Absolute, It is constant Becoming not reacting.

The place where “Nothing” happens is happening. The strength of the connection to the Cause informs the effect called ‘our life’. The stability of forever streams through our temporary vehicles, never disconnecting from Itself. Disconnection, or a ‘bad’ line, is only due to misperception on the part of our individual vehicle. The Source is always turned on (you hippie).

So come on Home. We can Be Ourselves and let down our hair..


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