GP2C0502In a dream I had the other night I was aware that I was dreaming. I was aware that I was not my thoughts in the dream. And I was aware of those thoughts as ‘content’. So not only was there unreality in the dream but the thoughts and the content of those thoughts were meaningless and superfluous.

The mind’s search for ‘content’ is ongoing, whether sleeping and dreaming, or waking and having some artificial necessity for thoughts, it creates a synthetic reality of life. The ‘thing’ is that we believe that we have to have some kind of ‘content’ to be content. Contentment without ‘content’ is a no-no, or so we believe.

What would we do without all that jazz?! Really, it becomes a little scary, because we ‘feel’ we have to fill the void. In a conversation with another individual or even a larger group, we are com-pelled to insist on filling in any gaps, due to everyone’s discomfort, yes? Collectively, we fear gaps in conversation, as someone’s failure to do or say something.

GP2C0473 (1)It really is almost an excuse to have superficial conversation with others in order to rarify the opportunities for nothing being said. But isn’t it the other way around! Isn’t pleasant conversation often just a nice excuse to be with others? The reality is that we just wanted to experience each other’s Presence and connection, more so, than some chit-chat? And what about “the energy” we all exude? Don’t we first exude that energy even before thought, ideas, and expressed words? What counts the most? Energy -with or without words, always trumps subsequent expression. But if there is alignment of words and actions with the quality of the energy, then the congruence from the source, is felt securely throughout the manifestation of it’s form.

The opportunities for Silence and limited superficial expression are often trampled by the mis-perception to experience reality through some type of ‘form’. Words are ‘form’. Words are a very powerful expressions of ‘form’. However, ‘form’, because it is ‘form’, is limited in it’s power. And how many times have we Monday-morning quarterbacked what we said (in regret). ?Would outcomes and ‘Moments’ be exquisitely different, if our perception arose from the depths of Stillness and Spaciousness?

GP2C0489Just the other day I was walking with my dog past a local church. There was a man driving a riding tractor, mowing the lawn. Upon his reversal of direction, he spotted us walking nearby. Out of deference to us and the noise the machine was making, he stopped and throttled down the vehicle. He then stated to me that the dog was probably being made more fearful from the onslaught of the din. I stated that the dog has adapted somewhat to all that noise. Moreover, I added that we all are looking for that ‘Silence’, anyways. He understood and smiled knowingly. We then followed the Silence home.

When it is ‘Silence’, without unnecessary ‘content’, that we focus on first, we automatically supersede our the desire for a more limited form. Do we see the mechanism in play that fills and obfuscates the subtleness of the Formless? Content is overplayed and over-emphasized by our minds through the practice of birthing unnecessary filler that seemingly ‘feels’ mandatory.

Tonight, the first Republican debate takes place on Fox News. Even before the program has begun, speculation about unpredictable outcomes, have dominated the news. The first problem is that there are too many candidates and too little platform, to distill into a small enough chunk for the general public to be interested in without endangering the loss of viewers. A sort of ‘kid’s table’ was set for the fledging candidates that couldn’t pass national poll muster. This is an example of too much content. And when the field is culled, it is culled ruthlessly.

As this monster of format moves along, candidates will drop off reducing their numbers, but being replaced by those with more formidable poll numbers. This is akin to our thoughts. When one comes and goes, another comes in to take it’s place. But is the content really changing? Are we getting something more substantive as the process moves along?

As far as the Republicans and their process is concerned, we should reduce overall ‘content’ of numbers of candidates, but will we see anything more specific and substantive in the ‘content’ of their character and/or their more explicit positions? We could just get “a thousand points of light” as refinement of position. To be more specific in ‘content’ may be anathematic to voters whom do not like the new clarified position.

When we look at the tireless thoughts we constantly generate, we have a hard time just choosing one or two and working exclusively with those, forward. Costco’s model of marketing it’s products, kinda recognizes this problem, that is, on a material level. At Costco, there are usually only two or three choices. Their thinking is that consumers, given too many choices, will opt for none in frustration of trying to decide.

Republicans may have the same problem as we may have on the spiritual stage of life. But the problem is that if we are focusing on reducing the thoughts and not focusing on increasing our awareness beyond thoughts, we missed the bus on catching up with the source of all thoughts.
That is where emphasis would yield a substantive position in personal development.

Form and Formless are part of whom we are in this life. Always pitching for ‘form’ and ‘content’ is not the way to discern the Ineffable Infinite Eternal dynamic of Nothingness.
Silence and emptiness, is instinctually something we look for when we want to pray or meditate. Sai Baba says it is in the Silence where the voice of God can be heard. The personal conversation that takes place inside, ideally has no content. Things on our bucket list or the Republican’s agenda are not things on the Universe’s list. Attachment to even to more normative and traditional pathways of behavior, is content that can be limiting. It is best if we can be the instruments of Consciousness. Where we have gone past our little selves with the realization that the creation of more desires does little to become a recipient for “The Energy”, we can become ‘that’.

“Basically, if the mind stays in the present, it’s impossible to worry. Human beings are capable of worrying only about an event that has already transpired or one that may take place in the future. The present moment contains no time or space for worry.” – H.E. Davey

GP2C0498Start and stay in The Now to see and Be the Now.

This iz Daddy’O

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