Or perhaps “The Uncertainty Of Certainty”.

DSC00604In the construct called ‘life’, we engage in a pattern of delusion when we assume a ‘slam-dunk’ conclusion. We say to ourselves, “This is easy. Everything is going to work out just as planned. I did everything right. I did my part, attended to all the necessary details, and life being fair, it will do it’s part.” There are a few operating premises here. Most significant is that life is linear, just like the thinking here. Who’s life ever goes in a straight line?!

If life was so linear, it would have to be the situation where only one variable would be at play, i.e. our effort. Can we even catalog the amount of variables at play? Can we determine whose effort doesn’t count, out of all the people that are affected by one decision we make in our own family? If life was so linear, where would the certainty of ‘change’ factor in? Beliefs change, ideas evolve, the zeit geist of a batch of time evolves from one trend to another. Generations between generations, make their characteristic mark. Where is the stability in ‘change’? Change Is the stability.

Engaging in ‘fixed’ ideas about self or life is to be unskillful in adaptation. Charles Darwin vaunted the idea of adaptability being ‘the’ factor that distinguished species that made the trip to survival, versus extinction. Being the smartest, prettiest, toughest, does not, nor historically has been the factor, that is most critical. Life tells us this in the fauna of variability as well as any day in our own lives.

Another issue present in the above calculation, is the implicit idea that we will then ‘own’ the outcome. We believe that it is only fair. Noone owns any outcome, good or bad. Ownership is basically ‘control’. Let us please point to the ‘one’ who is in control. Unless we believe we are an abstract of some idea we believe in, there is noone there who is controlling anything, let alone ‘the mind’, which facilitates the delusion.

In “The Wizard Of Oz”, the movie, Toto, the pooch, pulls aside the curtain to reveal the deceptive wizard pulling the levers. This faux wizard then asks those that observe him, to please ignore the man that they see with their own eyes, manipulating the scene.

The ‘idea’ of whom we think we are, is just as ridiculous as the illusion “The Wizard Of Oz” was purporting. Funny thing is, is that it appears to be easier to just ‘believe’ rather than challenging our perjured reality.

The idea of ‘control’ is indigenous to separateness and delusion. Here we have a ‘false self’ dictating outcomes. Unless we trade in our flawed premise of whom we ‘think’ we are for Reality, we are stuck from the get-go. The ground we our standing on, is unstable air. And we believe we are in control?

“What does “the greatest misfortune is the self” mean? The reason I have great misfortune is that I have the self. If I have no self, what misfortune do I have?” CHAPTER 13 TAO TE CHING

Control is asking, “Am I doing this right?”, when we ‘try’ to let go. Letting go is letting go of control. To ‘let go’, is to be freely Ourselves without pretense or forethought. When we already Are, what is there to do, or not to do? Control becomes an unnecessary redundancy. To understand this cognitively, is to allow the mind to sneak back in. Meaning, that there is not a prerequisite to understand “What Is” first. It already Is. And It does not need validation by the mind “To Be”.

Beingness and Awareness is first and always. Mind, thought, ideas, beliefs are subsequent overlays. There is no greater intimacy than awareness of Awareness.

Control is unnecessary tension we create in the delusion to sustain whom we think we are. When we Are the Universe, the ‘idea’ of control is ludicrous.

Relinquishing control is liberating and scary at the same time. The addiction to the false self and it’s bailiwick aka control, is conditioned by fear and misunderstanding. The perceived choice to engage in control, is to accept the delusion of false self. Letting go is generous and fearless because the infinite potential is availed with no continued need for a self-image. We are the Ocean and not only the wave. When we lose the idea that the wave can control the ocean, we lose only an idea. We are still the Ocean. We are soooo spacious, free and flowing and a part of everything always. This mask of personality is only needed as part of the play we are cast in. It is only a mask, to wit, false self. To identify with the little role only, is to miss the incalculable vastness of the Universe. To think that we need the ‘little me’ is to invest in limitation.

The Universe is unlimited and ubiquitous without the pettiness of a small box of personality. Spaciousness allows everything and everyone to manifest, always. Like the Sun, it shines on all equally with no preferences or limitation.

We want certainty because the false self wants control. Certainty, of death, of the end of cycles, of change itself, underscores the temporariness of this short time on this fragile planet.

‘Uncertainty’ is the currency of ‘change’. To eliminate uncertainty would be to introduce absolute predictability. Stepford wives here we come. Although there are some among us that would choose this option, it is not an option for ‘this’ venture. When we stop resisting the operating vehicle of the Universe (uncertainty), we then stop fighting and pushing against the Universe. Life can then flow when infinite creative expression is allowed without ‘controlling’.

We are ‘complete’ as far as Beingness is concerned. And that Is magnificent! We are ‘special’ when we drop our need for a self-image, ego and false self. Separateness, control, and conflict are the outcomes of a lost connection to the Presence of whom we all are at all times.

Wave and Be the Ocean of bliss in every Moment.

DSC00602This Iz Daddy’O

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