GP2C0558All points in time and space are connected. Meaning that there is no separateness between anyone. Non-local presence is beyond time and space. Theoretical physics can easily swap past with future. This appears to underscore the Eternal Now which does not have the distortions or markings of the changing structure called time. It Is.

“My true self is non-localized, conscious energy field with infinite potential and possibilities; existing beyond all space, time, names and conceptual form”. -Anon i mus

The three types of planet development per the Kardashev Scale are Type I where energy is derived from the planet itself; Type II where energy is culled from the local star; and Type III where the source is from the galaxy itself. Earth, per Carl Sagan was estimated at .7 in the Type 1 category. Where energy is a resource, and when used, without harm to the planet, it allows progress to scale skywards. Larger quantities of ‘free’ planet energy can move civilizations to rapid evolution, as typified in Types II & III.

When we compete for energy, like wars for oil, the planet can reach the “Great Filter”. The “Great Filter Theory” says that we must make an evolutionary leap from some unknown point between pre-life to the collective intelligence of the Type III. The numbers against making it through, are extremely infinitesimal for nearly all developing civilizations. The leap is just too large.

This scientific paradigm says little about planet consciousness that is based on a global collective consciousness. What impact does our own personal consciousness have on people around us? Can we have enough of a critical mass of leaping past our little selves, to change the world? If there is more space than matter in our physical world, and our physical world can be breached by ‘non-local’ means, to connect with everyone beyond physical space, what possibility does that allow? Can higher consciousness be the key to getting past nuclear war and armageddon and “The Great Filter”? Science alone is insufficient to develop the unity of consciousness required. Science is more of an outcome that can be steered destructively or constructively. And science without an ethical basis is extremely dangerous.

“Jeet Kune Do favors formlessness so that it can assume all forms and since Jeet Kune Do has no style, it can fit in with all styles. As a result, Jeet Kune Do utilizes all ways and is bound by none and, likewise, uses any techniques which serve its end.”
―Bruce Lee

The ability to use forms and methods without attaching our pledge of allegiance to them, allows us to move more deftly through the physical universe without getting all caught up with dross. Suppression of populations within populations by authoritarian bureaucracies, is the stuff made up of ‘separateness’ versus a deep unified field of understanding of humanity to humanity.

The macro pictureGP2C0554 of the universe is not that different from the development of each particular individual in the cosmos. The application of ‘liberated’ attitudes towards forms and methods has powerful implications for both the civilization surviving on this planet and each person who can see the futility of over-indulging and worshipping the form and content of ego aggrandizement.

The Kardashev Scale can have a parallel analog to individual progress. Type I would be derivative of the false self (form) and body; Type II would source from both form and formlessness of “The Energy”; and Type III would source exclusively from the ‘Milky Way’ of Formlessness, having precluded rebirth. Awareness of whom we Are would be determinate of our progress. Having more connection to ego/mind/false self, would result in a commensurate lack of presence in the Presence. Type II would be realized with realization in the body and Type III would get past the necessity of incarnation. Increased Awareness is key.

The question that shows up is, is a leap in consciousness of each individual on the planet the key to getting through “The Great Filter” and survival of the whole planet? Is this the ‘leap’ that precludes and concludes civilizations?

Space unifies all atomic structures. And there is more space than atoms. Science looks at space as something that is seen, but it’s importance to ‘Science’ is less than the ’stuff’ in the space. What is more observable seems to historically been more important. Space, infinite space, is far less quantifiable. It is the unifying and undefinable ‘no-thing’ that just is. This is not unlike the spiritual Space of Nothingness that is Everything. That too, is unquantifiable. To suggest that these two ‘no-things’ are different is not so easy. They both have and hold infinity and insane potential.

GP2C0566Quintillion (a billion billion) stars and quintillion moments are Now. Awareness of the Formless as a connection to our greater Selves is always the starting point of our existence, whether we are the Universe or “Joe Schmuck the ragman”. If I may posit, Type IV, not a category science is using, would be the point of development that uses all the energy from all of the space of the Universe and just as important, allows for the population of the planet to be in harmony with both the physical and spiritual platforms of all beings, ‘knowing’ no distinctions of separateness. This state of evolved science (form) and fully realized humanity (to include Formlessness) would be both the end and the beginning. A virtual God going to God. The devotion to an image-based limited idolatrous mind would be considered un-evolved. Trading up for unfettered space of ‘Everything’ means leaving the ego-mind/false self behind. It is a great leap. But that is what is required at any stage in the game of life. To be less evolved is dystopia. It is to not connect to the unquantifiable perennial connection of “What Is”, Now.

Be ’that’ formless Awareness that sees Itself effortlessly always first.

This Iz Daddy’O

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