GP2C0607Eternity is not measurable, much like pi which travels randomly through the number sequence with no end in sight. Pi has numbers that modern science has stretched to enormous proportions but not to eternity. Given enough time (or eternity) can we ever reach the end? Despite it’s un-tameness, Pi has great utility in defining perfection in circles and cycles. Cycles relate to time while circles relate to space. Cycles (change) are a part of our everyday life. The limitlessness of time, space, change, and Us, Is.

Eternity (or infinity) is magical because it concurrently has an immediate daily utility while being seemingly impossible in it’s scope, at least in ’this’ plane of existence. It underscores a vastness that is insane and incalculable, from the smallest to the biggest. It is the Universe speaking loudly about how minor our lives are in this container when contrasted with the immeasurable. However, implicit in this eternity, are integration and connectivity with all things major and minor. Even the smallest of atomic particles has relevance and confluence with the largest piece of this puzzle. It is a pointer that we are not and cannot be this limited idea of whom we ’think’ we are. We Are all that, but without the inauthenticity of the idea of false self.

The distance between two stars is not as distant as we ’think’ it is, because we discount the concept of space as meaningful only as perceived separateness. Whoa! Big mistake. Space is no less important than the matter. The ‘connection’ between two stars is no less important to the Universe than the connection between ‘us’ and whom we really Are. Space connects everything everywhere. Space is unlimited potential to Be dark matter or a supernova. Distance problems are more in the mind than in reality. We Are non-local phenomena right now. Question is, can we access that ‘Energy’ to connect to all ’that’?

GP2C0611 copySpace is there to not only sort out all the phenomena but also to provide a stage for the play of life to take place. The modalities of Space and the Eternal Now are tools of the Divine Director. The ‘Stage’ must be built so the performance can occur and the audience of the Eternal Witness (us) can have a ball at the show.

Our engagement with the ineffable is pock-marked with disruptions in “The Connection”, so much so, that we are probably more disconnected than connected. When we cannot source Whom we are, we fail Ourselves. More importantly, the backdrop on this stage of life is Time and Space, waiting patiently for us to Connect fully. There is no pushing energy in all ‘That’. That is not how Forever rolls. “The Energy” is “The Energy” because it does not push nor has any need to push. Pushing is not in the vocabulary of the Universe. The Universe has all the time it needs, doesn’t it? Why would the Universe then push?! It is the mind/false self that elicits pushing due to it’s reality thriving in a synthetic past/future.

GP2C0490Implications of all the above, are that when we see ourselves closely, we can identify numerous areas where this ‘pushing’ regularly occurs. Where ‘pushing’ occurs, is where our problems lie. It is all too simple but at the same time obviously true. We are truly afraid of stopping our push for fear of implosion and failure. Can we see that?

Can we see that we have as long as it takes, for us to get ‘it’? That is, to try the alternative of ‘no more pushing’ with the Universe, and all the while, the Universe is waiting for us, effortlessly patient. That is patience. The Universe does not push. Effortlessness is It’s hallmark.

“Patience is all the strength that man needs.” -Sathya Sai Baba

“Patience is power. Patience is not an absence of action; rather it is “timing” it waits on the right time to act, for the right principles and in the right way.” -Fulton J. Sheen

“A waiting person is a patient person. The word patience means the willingness to stay where we are and live the situation out to the full in the belief that something hidden there will manifest itself to us.” -Henri J.M. Nouwen

Trying to be patient is not practicing patience. We are the Universe and therefore we are eternally patient. When we do not have enough ’space’ we lose patience. We feel cramped and put upon. Tolerance is reduced and we act out against our self-created separateness. When we can get past our little selves enough to imbibe ourselves in more and more space, we become more giving, much like our mentor, The Universe. The Truth is present Now in the greater space of whom we always Are. We truncate our space with the positing of a self-image based-self that has no reality. If we can get out of our little box we manifested, we can then be free to Be whom we have always been e.g. magnificent Light.

We can be bold and challenge our longevity and familiarity of the false self with the obvious Big Data of Everything. Letting go of our tight grip on false reality, is the starting point. With free Space available to us, we can facilitate Seeing past our little ideas, beliefs, and patterns of conditioning.

Having more time allows for more patience. We Are the Eternal Now, now. Having more space is creating and becoming more patient. We Are unlimited Space. The Connection to “What Is”, is made easier when we put more distance, space and time between whom we think we are and whom we really Are. We are 3.14159…………………………………………….., the perfect circle of life.

GP2C0586This Iz Daddy’O

PLEASE NOTE: Next week’s blog is delayed due to attendance at the Burning Man, Peace and Love. Daddy’O

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