DSC00070 (1)There is no future. There is no past. Only the ‘Now” is Present.

Waiting is ‘pushing’ for the future, at least as far as identity is concerned. Identity being the catalyst for accomplishing happiness and inner peace.

The baggage of the past is an encumbrance for the present when considering the need to let go of our heaviness of self. Lose the baggage and we travel easier.

The future is never given in advance. Presence in the reality of ‘Now’ is never compromised by future except in a distorted state of mind.

DSC00079The door or bardo, is our entrance/exit into different realities. The full, undistorted reality of Now and Presence, is consistent through our souls’ travels. The timezones we project, in this life and that life, in past and future, are really only ’Now’. This is so due to there being no other timezone than ’Now’, at any time; even during transition.

DSC00106The New Oxford American Dictionary defines “bardo” as a noun and as “…a state of existence between death and rebirth, varying in length according to a person’s conduct in life and manner of, or age at, death.” A secondary definition is “…an indeterminate, transitional state: wandering adrift in a bardo of intense negativity, blame, disappointment, criticism, and denial.”

DSC00109The typical “bardo” or door, surrounds the last moments of our life. This is where the practice of spirituality is culminated into an awareness of opportunity to be realized into a deliberate act during the transition. Attempts to cling to conditioning, beliefs, and content, only derail the opportunity to move past ourselves.

DSC00117This ‘option’ at ’that’ time, is really no different than any other time in our life, except that it is our last opportunity. Do we really want to wait until the last moment?! Just as there is an opportunity, albeit, a final one, to predispose the moment of death, there is one Moment always available right Now.

DSC00038The reality is that there is no need to change Reality. The narrow idea of separation is false consistently, whether we realize it or not. Believing in ‘separation’ is a daily investment in non-Being. Identity cannot be found in the body or the mind, contrary to popular belief. Separation introduces a plethora of distortion due to it’s contrariness to Reality. It makes us unready for the final moment.

DSC00052When we more fully let go of perseverating on our separateness and move toward the unity in diversity, we move through the bardo of ’that’ Moment. Beliefs cannot get us where we already Are. Dropping the beliefs and seeing without illusion and distortion, facilitates the entry into the bardo of ’Now’. This is the immediacy that can be brought about right before death OR in this very particular Moment.

“Be conscious of yourself as consciousness alone, watch all the thoughts come and go. Come to the conclusion, by direct experience, that you are really consciousness itself, not its ephemeral contents.” Annamalai Swami

Belief in separation and banking in the past and future, are narrow interpretations of Reality causing the turbulence of unnecessary suffering. Shifting in the greater spaciousness of no-thing in everything, allows the opening to ‘Be’. The narrow confines of ideas, beliefs, and thinking may be the hallmark of our civilization but so are the wars and inhumanity to humankind we find in our daily life.

We are the ’form’, certainly. But more certainly, our identity does not abide there. Objectlessness, contentlessness, and pure spaciousness are our containers for our Awareness. The informed Formlessness is our built-in knowledge of whom we always have Been and continue to Be. This access is the door with no name or form or even characteristic. Can we dig it? It is letting go of the tripe to experience the Divine.

The bardo of ’Now’ is open always. There is no waiting for Godot or bardo.

IMG_0415This Iz Daddy’O

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