GP2C0766 copyThe overlay of chatter, incessant chatter of the mind, blocks “The Energy” from arising in our everyday awareness. The ‘need’ to be constantly engaged in the ‘doing’ of something, precludes the ‘Being’ from actualizing naturally. The noise of the occupation of the mind is to react to the defense of the ego, which overruns The Silence of the Moment with the cascade of iterations and generations of reaction. The vasanas of negative conditioning push through our attempt at their sublimation, undermining our sincerest intentions and efforts. What to do?

GP2C0759 copyNothing. Stop doing without pushing. ’See’ from the subtleness of the Awareness that is always there waiting in the Moment for all these obstacles to be cleared, not through grinding one’s nose against the immovable stone of concretized ideas of self. But rather, seeing the futility of the war on Self by self. The ‘war’ being the idea of changing something that is already Present and does not need changing. IT is a choice without it really being a choice. The illusion of choice is it’s initial appearance. IT, Is.

GP2C0765 copyActivity is the ‘Dance of Shiva’. It is the Formless incarnating form for it’s expression of divinity at the intersection of transformation. The recognition and allowance of this ‘dance’ to occur everywhere, is the deep acknowledgement of ‘It’ being the progenitor of the universe, both external and internal. This acknowledgement is not a cognitive exercise of doing. Acknowledgement, is connection to this Energy without overlay and even desire. To desire for “What Is” is to loudly say “I want what is already here”. The want is superfluous to the Presence that is always silently abiding, even when we are in illusion. Albeit, ‘the want’ for incorporation with Divinity, is a noble desire. To ’See’, even this desire as a final obstacle to transcend, opens us up for less overlay.

GP2C0764 copyTransformation of activity from self-based to Self-based activity, acknowledges the necessity of activity. Activity, per se, is not the enemy. Identification with activity and it’s results, produces the suffering we seek to avoid. Identification with Self first with a continuous way of connection, yields no ‘stickiness’ that binds normal activity.

Consciousness is always first, last and everything in between ‘always’. Consciousness is our bedrock on which ‘form’ was built. It Is the prior to all things, always. To put the cart before the donkey is to be a real ass, as we have found out in our daily grind.

The ‘Dance’ of Shiva, Jesus, Mohammed, Zorastra, you and me, is the expression of the Formless. It changes steps and rhythms, never again being duplicated. It’s time is the Moment. The job at hand on this incarnation, our only incarnation that matters, is to accept and love the divine rapprochement of Stillness/Silence with manifestation of the movement and activity of Form. The ‘Dancer’ came first and then performed the ‘Dance.’ Know the ‘Dancer’ and we can follow the ‘Dance’. Be the ‘Dancer’ and Beingness is allowed to be the expression of Form in our own lives effortlessly.

Consciousness is the perennial backdrop to all activity, always. It is there we can abide without abiding.

GP2C0747This Iz Daddy’O

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