GP2C0983Formlessness has no limitation. It cannot be fenced, corralled, or reduced to a thing, position, or space of limitation. So unlike the typical state of our struggle with form, Formlessness is not a specific identity other than unfathomable vastness itself.

GP2C1015And ‘It’ is not form versus formless. ‘It’ Is seamless in integration with form but at the same time not being limited by ‘It’s’ expression of form. The infinite nature of Formlessness with form (that is limited), is akin to adding or subtracting a couple of numbers to/from infinity. The result is meaningless in terms of change to an infinite number. And ergo, Formlessness has never left despite it’s manifestation and dissolution of myriad cycles of forms. Our cries for the little ‘me’ in this cosmic play misses the point and context. Infinity and it’s impossible quantification, for example, is a paradox we have accepted. However, the little ‘me’ often continues on as pure distortion with no functional understanding of paradox or reality.

GP2C1006Abiding in the non-abiding, is Formlessness being Formlessness without projection to anyone, anything, or any place in space/time. This is an extreme but liberating freedom indigenous to Formlessness. That is, if we may in this effort, try to even understand this openness. And, yes, we cannot get there with our limiting faculties called ‘mind’.

Abiding in Formlessness is the ticket. It does not mean giving up the incarnation of form. It does mean that the limitation of ‘form’ needs to be acknowledged through the appropriate manifestation of a majority of identity in the no-thing of Formlessness. Conversely, having identity in the trivial and temporary ‘form’, is a clear marker for misunderstanding the knowledge of self and Self.

Space, Silence, Stillness, all connote emptiness that has no materialism. Ash too, is a final form that is considered to be spiritual due to no materialism left. Although Space, Silence, Stillness connote even more due to the infinite potential for any-thing to be manifested. Space, Silence, Stillness are ‘codewords’ kinda-sorta for the Formlessness, which itself is pretty undefinable. Unlimitedness and definability are not really compatible, except when form incarnates in some fashion, expressing it’s diversity.

Ergo, form (our personal vehicle) is the ‘material’ expression of infinite potential on this plane of existence. ‘Form aggrandizement’ however, is not the ticket to ride. Form is beautified by ceasing the dominance of false self in ‘thinking’ it is the messiah. Form is like clothing. It has a shelf life and then it gets tossed. Once ‘form’ stops believing it is the doer, then and only then, can manifestation of Being take place. Moreover, Formlessness is always there, but is not noticed, especially when the ‘form’ is pushing it’s stuff. Formlessness is too polite. IT never pushes. There is so much space, it does not have to push. This, plus the quality of the Formless energy being balls-out openness, allows the freedom of infinite expression to continually arise.

In the posting of pictures for this blog, it is my effort to find the ordinary extraordinary. This subtlety, ideally, should tease through the pictures.

In this blog’s episode of picture, the initial canvas of the double exposure, is an extraordinary piece of art from Susan Sensemann, “White Tara’s Ghost”. Credit must be given to this brilliant artist. Her rendering of what I would consider the ever-present Formless, is so real. That is what spurred me to photograph it. It is like a description of the ‘unseen’ universe seen.

GP2C0977 (1)
The secondary canvas that I laid on top of Susan’s work, was a Zen priest in a Zen Moment. They are both beautiful, but together they resonate as one and give to each other. The picture, if I may be so bold, can be a metaphor for Formless and form. It is the whole enchilada. The Formless is there being the backdrop to everything to include form and humanness. Seeing and constantly acknowledging the Space, Silence, and Stillness first, as our canvas, is our ticket to properly engaging ‘form’, the second overlay, brilliantly and beautifully. The end result is always just the right amount of interconnectivity.

‘Our’ life is the Formless when fully on in the form. When not resisting the flow of “What Is”, we blossom with the immutable energy of the entire Universe, seen and unseen.

“Every act, where the ego of the doer does not surface, becomes a Divine offering.” SATHYA SAI BABA

GP2C1018This Iz Daddy’O


  1. Thanks Daddy-O for this beautiful photo and piece. Form and formlessness – entwined always.

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