GP2C1024.jpg“I don’t know what.” It is the quality that eludes one’s grasp to spell out and fully explain (an experience). Sound familiarly unfamiliar? It is the Truth that cannot be spoken or harnessed in conceptual terms, at least as far as using words to making personal contact with that ineffable ‘you’. It just Is. 

It is on this Thanksgiving we find a confluence of world events that render an insecurity in the world, our world, that appears extremely justified. Turkey shoots down a Russian plane. Russia denies being in the airspace. Turkey says it would unequivocally do it again.

The unsettled Palestinian-Israeli conflicts stirs and remains far from being settled. Biases far outweigh common sense for both parties. And there is no agent coming from outside the conflict, with enough clout and no bias, to make the difference.

Isis hits Paris and threatens the world with terror. Proxy wars through Syrian fighters, put the U.S. and Russia on opposite sides and goals. Republican candidates and governors of states, state their refusal to allow afflicted Syrians to flow into our country, unlike many of their own relatives have done in the past.

Police Departments across the country are being held accountable for egregious harm they have caused, particularly to minorities, on a shockingly consistent basis. Chicago leadership fails to get any credibility from the population it is supposed to serve. The lack of transparency is wholly transparent.

And then, it is just us and what we have contributed. Is our contribution to the mess or clarity of situation?

Who are we? And what have we done to OUR WORLD? Perhaps we have missed the boat on our elemental transaction with ourselves and everyone and everything else we come in contact, to include Mother Earth?

IMG_0453.jpgCan we, all of us, challenge ourselves to surrender what we thought we know and how we think we know it, to the intensity of the Moment, and then see what is really real and resonating in all of us? Can we ‘see’ into our core and find the Truth? Do we know who we really are? If the Universe were to act and think like we currently think and do, do we believe that the Universe would even exist for another second?

And is our conditional love for others and ourselves, that we practice day-in and day-out, really the way to go? When we condition love or tolerance, do we invite the uninvited guests of judgment and specious values? When we condition love, do we overtly then acknowledge a separateness that is really not there? What do we do to ourselves when we disengage from Ourselves, constantly?

With the intensity of the Moment, sometimes brought on by outside forces, we can straighten out the warp in ‘thinking’ and switch back to the  ground of our Being, the Moment of no self, of no judgment, and freedom from the duality of taking sides in the Oneness of whom we really Are. When we can fully resonate with the back stage pass we all have, we can go behind the scenes of the drama and ‘see’ not only the props of the actors, but the costumes, regalia, and accouterments, just as ‘that’, and nothing more. The real epiphany comes in when we see the stage as the vehicle for life itself. To ‘see’ the unifying field of awareness, as the space where all life and parade take place, is seeing the more integral unity that connects us all, always, rather than the artificial separateness.

“Who you are is the space your thoughts are taking place in…”

“…everything is held in a field of silent awareness, this field is you.”

-Clare Blanchflower

GP2C1027.jpgConsciousness is prior to any explanation or experience we ‘think’ we are having. It ‘Is’ that changeless background that allows the performance of life to creatively transact itself without repetition, convincingly.

 I don’t know what. The quality that eludes us is Us. “Je ne sais quoi”  is not to be described because then ‘It’ would become content and lose it’s unlimitedness. Coming from the ‘unlimited’ is coming from no judgment and freedom and infinite potential. Only that alignment with Ourselves provides the solution we are looking for; meaning ‘It’ is already here, Now. Losing the foreground of obfuscation and acknowledging the vastness of everything in our daily lives, is the ticket for substantive change. It always begins within each of us right Now.  

 Thanksgiving for what? For knowing we can surrender our separateness for a direct unacquired knowledge, without pushing anyone or anything. When we understand ourselves without the albatross of conditional love, we change the dynamic of the human transaction. “What Is” is love without conditions or boundaries, as those elements restrict ‘It’s’ unboundedness. It is the restrictions and hell-bent knowing, that pushes the foreground to an obstructive impediment of clearly seeing Self in everyone, especially ourselves.

This Iz Daddy’O 





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