GP2C1311.jpgIn order to be someone we ‘think’ we should be, requires believing in the make-believe. If we go to a masquerade party and dress up, we want to enjoy the costume, hide our real identity, and even act differently based on the identity we manufactured.

How is that different from our use of ‘belief’ in the current iteration of whom we ‘think’ we are? We may not always enjoy ourselves but we try. “Try and the world is beyond the winning.” We clearly have gone so far as to lose our identity to the point of nearly completely forgetting whom we really are when we pursue fashionable ideas of whom we’d like to be and what we’d like to pursue, e.g. ‘more’. We are trying to be’ something’ when we already ‘Are’.

Another consequence in believing ‘belief’, is the behavioral change we slip into almost unknowingly. ‘Normally’, we act soooo differently than whom we really are. We do not take risks because of fear and consequence of criticism and rebuke. We stifle our spontaneity at our expense, reducing our creativity and freedom. We source from the wrong stream called the egoic mind and the toxicity of past programming and conditioning, to the extent that we slavishly adhere to cautious optimism, being afraid of others finding out whom we really aren’t. That is, we fear to admit our unsatisfaction with the illusory. The contraction keeps contracting. We never feel safe or comfortable in our own skin because we fake it with belief. Belief is enough, isn’t it? Sure, if you believe in Leprechauns.

Protecting the idea of self, requires enormous amounts of energy because of it’s built-in fragility, i.e. it doesn’t exist. But we believe in it as a solid part despite the fact that we can never really find this ‘self’. Can we, in this Moment, find this missing part that defines us? Where is this construct other than being a construct in our minds?

We have not, metaphorically, found water in this deep hole we have been digging for years. Why change now, (we tell ourselves), we should find water soon. To change where we put our attention would require abandoning this whole project which has got a ton of investment in it. Not so fast, we tell ourselves. This is a big change. Is it worth it? The pithy question would be, why haven’t we found comfort and stability of being? It appears to be right there and poof, it is gone again in little time. Even the biggest house (as acquisition) becomes small very fast.

Well, we will never know will we, if we keep digging that dry hole. To change, is to upend the core structures that keep us imprisoned. Belief, is just another construct that separates us from whom we Are. If we already really (pinky swear and all that jive) got It, then we don’t need to push past it every single moment, do we? Can we see the need to push, when we believe, instead of just ‘Being’ whom we are effortlessly? Pushing versus effortlessness; which is more characteristic of the Universe? Inserting belief is inserting a ‘stop’ in expansiveness.

GP2C1310.jpgBelief is interesting when juxtaposed with reality. As an example, the whole world (especially outside of the United States) is on board with the increased consequence of temperatures rising and sea levels consequently going up precipitously. This ‘sea’ change will adversely impact island nations and coastal regions (hello New Orleans). Climate Change is quantified and accepted by over 95% of world scientists. This leaves a small percentage of naysayers that do not accept this premise despite the substantive research profiling this impending catastrophe. To demonize the 95% without accounting for the peer-reviewed and supportive data points, is to rely on disagreement and belief, which is a tripe conclusion.

It is interesting. I had the opportunity to briefly discuss “Climate Change” with a builder/entrepreneur who was in that minority opinion. His take was that “You have to check the numbers and research things a little more before coming to a conclusion about Climate Change.” Like anything else, when there are more data points either way on a topic, you may change what you accept to be true. However, this contractor did not specifically say where the scientists were ‘all’ wrong nor did he submit credible argument against the scientific fact of the Earth warming much quicker than previous known trends over thousands of years. The ‘best’ argument he submitted, was that the scientists were wrong. Over-reliance on ‘belief’ was trademarked.

The above example, is a belief system that supports the monetary convenience of polluting and increasing the carbon footprint mainly because bottom line would be adversely effected. Conflicts of interests often plague our erroneous conclusions.

The thing that cements ‘thinking’ like this, is a collective crowd-sourcing of these ideas. Given our expedited information systems, our knowledge base and our waco base, have both exponentially exploded. One can find enough people to support an unworthy cause as a worthy one. Belief is an opiate that conflates beyond proportion, especially when facts or clarity, are not present. To confront belief, is to make it personal. And making it personal, keeps ‘it’ going into more unreality.

The above example is typical of misguided misinformation. The relationship we have to whom we Are and whom we ‘think’ we are, is not much different. This information, too, is crowd-sourced. The current collective consciousness clearly expects separateness and rejects the underlying unity in the diversity. The problem is science alone cannot help us here, especially with the internal dynamics of self. However, science is moving into the Unified Field with quantum physics, where the ‘unseen’ is becoming more important than just the ‘seen’. But ‘belief’ too, can overcome the obviousness of even the sun, especially in the safety of a group.

GP2C1312.jpgThe tools of objectivity and awareness are available to us, to challenge ‘belief’ as a viable starting point and endpoint for the search within. When we can clearly see a dystopia consistently repeating itself in the rhythm of our lives, we can also see the lack of consciousness just below the surface. When our leaders fracture their integrity with self-interest and allegiance to maintaining control at all costs, the lack of authenticity and concern for doing the ‘right thing’, shouts self-serving and separateness. We have accepted conflict and getting our share, as communal beliefs that make us better than other countries, states, or cities. This clear pursuit of separateness, results in a reduced quality of life for everyone on the planet. Our politics, our international relations, our police departments, and our urban settings, at best, have a sense of quiet desperation and discontent and at worst, global conflict and hegemony. Crowd-sourcing is a new word but an old practice.

The real starting point is consciousness, beginning in the individual and expanding from the individual to the group and back to individuals. Crowd-sourcing of a higher consciousness, other than the unviable little false self, is where quantum leaps can occur individually and collectively. The internet and all the iterations of social media, have created tools that can leverage ‘the good’ with immediacy and global impact. The pervasiveness of every phone having a camera, has made a more objective and accountable world, to the chagrin of some institutions. The possibility of a “Brave new world” is beckoning. Peace, both inner and outer, can be realized because of the numbers involved and the immediacy and availability of information for the masses.

Consciousness can be enabled or disabled by leaders top/down or by gen pop
(general populations) leading the leaders. At this point, the latter appears to be more viable and doable, given the powerful levers now available. Already “Black Lives Matter” movement has wagged the ‘dog’ of institution. Going ‘viral’ has caused many corporations to ‘rethink’ their positions, more quickly than lawsuits or laws passed. Levering change has never been so democratic. This is something the ‘people’ have successfully discovered.

Belief can be refuted by reality when it is not correctly perceived, e.g. the Earth is flat is not reality. To not believe in a flat Earth is in conformance with reality. If we ‘stop’ believing reality, it does not go away nor lose it’s spheric structure. Conversely, believing in something does not make it real.
Just eating spinach like Popeye does not change our overall health and strength status. Belief is a construct that is neither here nor there, as far as reality and the scientific community are concerned.

Becoming more expansive and inclusive, not as a belief, but as a practice for getting past the idea false self, yields individual substantive change, if done in reference to the 86400 seconds in a day. When the scale of masses of humanity are plugged into a consistent practice of expansiveness, the world as we know it, can evolve exponentially. Crowd-sourcing good practices can upend medieval beliefs and throwbacks to disunity and falseness of Being.
The sacred cow of beliefs is a herd mentality that speaks to the primitiveness of human conditioning.

Thoughts, ideas, and beliefs are end products of consciousness that are clearly limited. This is not where the Connection takes place. Drop the costume. The Connection takes place in the eternity of Formlessness where we all start from and go back to. Be ‘that’ expansive and timeless Now. This is our primary unlimited Connection. Everything else is secondary. Source the Formless. “It” already is crowd-sourced.

GP2C1339.jpgThis Iz Daddy’O -OH, OH, OH . . .Merry Christmas!

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