GP2C1399.jpgThinking just won’t cut it.

And waking up means that there is not ‘somebody’ that wakes up. We are fictitious in the belief that our personal identity is primary and awareness secondary. When we over-identify with limited creation, we lose the un-limited of ‘Being’ being primary. In this case, identity pushes awareness away and falls on itself with the over-identification with creation. Creation is the end point. Placing identity there is placing ‘limitation’ as to whom we really are. It is a contraction in awareness that needs to be relieved of ‘that’ holding, by letting go. Gripping another limited idea is precisely that. Freedom from grasping is the Unlimited of whom we Are. When you are all that, what is there to grasp?

When we let go, we stop contracting and are just Being. Being is effortlessness without contraction. Identity is nowhere to be found despite the contracting. It is that ‘artificial’ tension that is the perceived us. It cannot be located because it is a knotty uncomfortable idea with an artificial reality.

Awareness is not some better idea of whom we think we may become. It is not found in ideas nor can be, no matter how much we push and try.

“Let us not look back in anger, nor forward in fear, but around in awareness. -James Thurber

GP2C1406.jpgAwareness is the totality of Being. It is not parochial to one tiny aspect of personality. The everything of ‘This’, just Is without single identity because it is the multiplicity of all identity. This Totality cannot just be poured into one individual where that one individual can only function as the personal element. Personal element is there, but not in the driver’s seat. The chariot driver has and always will be the same for everyone. Unless of course we dumb all that down with a lesser vehicle and a lesser driver called an ‘ego’.

Thinking is inability to confront reality at it’s core due to inherent built in limitations and the inability to divine awareness except very superficially. Thinking is like a hamster cage we are caught up with, where we think we are going somewhere, while we are just basking in the modality of mind. This hamster wheel turns and gives some benefits, but is not even close to getting out of our very constrictive cage.

“All human beings should try to learn before they die what they are running from, and to, and why.” -James Thurber

GP2C1401.jpgWhen we see that the cause of our frustration, is the limited path we have chosen with limited transportation, only then can we begin to get release from our unsatisfied craving in life. No longer will we look at the bungee jumping sites for our exhilaration. Those venues are the hamster wheels that pretend to satisfy our core needs. The external stimuli are no match for the acceptance of “What Is”.

Why does it matter?

If we are operationally confused about our identity, that is, the identity that is misplaced, then getting that part right is elemental to getting life correct. Getting life correct is optimizing the gift of life we were given. Our potential to be the fullness of whom we Are, can be realized, with the view of proper perspective and emphasis.

Utilizing the right tools versus compromised ideas, makes Awareness the right choice. Moreover, it Is whom we Are. Choosing the stream of incessant thinking is so ‘old school’.

Identity in the multiplicity, is “The Energy” optimized. Ego-mind is no longer the king in pretense.

“He who hesitates is sometimes saved.” -James Thurber

We are The Totality. That is the starting and end point, because linear time does not work in this eternal framework of Nothingness. Happiness is Awareness Being the Totality with no separateness. This unimpeded expression is harmony with itself without interruption by thought, belief, or idea. Trying to be happy is like trying to Be. More disruption and immediate interference with “What Is” already, can only occur.

We connect with the Awareness without trying. We ‘See’ It. IT is always, yes always, there. Our preference for ‘thought’ is addictive and exclusionary of “What Is”. Despite denials, one cannot deny the glory of the Sun. It shines in all venues on all beings.

Awareness of Awareness is Awareness. This is where the journey of ‘no’ separateness really begins, has begun, ad infinitum. Step into the ’Now’. Be Free!

GP2C1398.jpgThis Iz Daddy’O

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