GP2C1418.jpgCompelling is the immediacy of ‘this’ Moment. Compelling also is our refusal of ‘this’ Moment. Do we see the immediacy and do we see the refusal? The immediacy always makes it compelling. It becomes something we think we must actively curtail for specious reasons. This ‘push’ against the Moment becomes our compromised life in black and white, in contrast to Reality vividly playing all colors of the spectrum, all the time. Life is never boring. It never repeats itself. It is creativity and creation in technicolor continually. No effortless Moment is ever the same.

When we get bored, do we somehow miss the grandiosity of change and circumstance? It is us that wants it a certain predictable way, no? Attachment to desire or how we want it, kills the beauty of the Moment. Attached desire drives us to personal bankruptcy. It is like an addict needing the next hit, drink, snort or needle. The “Moment’ is lost in the shuffle for dross.

Do we see the unabated desire that is underneath the motivations in our life? Desire itself is not ‘bad’. It is the unflinching attachment that causes our pain.

GP2C1429 copy.jpgDesire does not necessarily push. It is the vehicle we use to push. We are not desire although we can over-identify with it and it’s bottomless pursuit. One drink is too much and no amount of drinks are enough, yes? One drink is too much when we cannot let go of the ‘idea’ of what the experience should bring. This is obviously true for anything. Attachment to how things ’should’ be, stops the “What Is”.

Imbibing things is not necessarily debilitating. It is the compulsion and search for more that cripples our will. We look for more when we ‘think’ that ‘Now’ is not enough. Are we just ‘thinking’ and not ’seeing’? Is there another ‘way’ to perceive things?

GP2C1430 copy.jpgBeing stuck in desire is being coopted by habitual mind. If we ’see’ the desire with clarity, that clarity loosens desire’s inappropriate grasp on pulling us away from The Connection. Desire and enjoyment may be appropriate for our involvement in the stage of life. However, desire is not the driver nor is it capable of being a competent driver. The ‘key’ for failure, is allowing the indulging of the ego-mind by full immersion in our thoughts. This means that there is no deference and honor to The Connection we really are, because we traded all that for desire vis-a-vis thoughts, ideas, and beliefs.

Adyashanti states that we cannot outthink our mind with our thoughts. Allowing our mind to Be means that we don’t try to control it (with our mind). Fighting and controlling the mind is essentially getting caught up in the mind. The ego-mind, by definition, NECESSITATES resistance and struggle. This is the ever-present tension in our conditioned existence.

When we stop giving the mind some problem to solve or some struggle to fight for, we stop giving it fuel for that contracted delivery system. Nothing, as innocuous as it seems, is the most effective solution. Nothing versus resistance -the choice is ours every Moment.

Can we work with ‘nothing’?

Eckhardt Tolle states that “Now’ is not what happens but that it is the space where it all happens. Locating our identity with our desires and our thoughts of how things should be, instead of Awareness that is the infinite caldron of Everything, is the issue. Too simple?! Maybe, perhaps maybe, we can let go of all that tense energy and try ‘nothing’ out, that is the Awareness that is always there Now. This space allows even nonsensical energy to abide as well as unskillful thoughts. This space is our true starting point. The connection with Awareness is always infinitely there without resistance.

Working with Awareness is having no attachment to results. The investment is in The Connection with the infinite potential that empty space gives us naturally. There is no tension because there is ‘no thing’ to impose. Acceptance through divestment of the need to struggle and attention and connection to the space of “What Is”, lets our True Nature emerge, effortlessly.

The ferocity of Now is the parade and not the parade. It is the form and the Formless where nothing is lost because it is everything.

GP2C1417 copy.jpgThis Iz Daddy’O

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