GP2C1475 copy.jpgIt’s always there Now. It waits patiently, forever. It Is. It has the patience of a thousand saints.

We can push past It all day long, for the rest of our lives if we choose. We can pretend that it is not there informing us, whispering to us gently. It does not ever push. It Is.

Our ceaseless thoughts are lugs of bullying energy that cover-up It’s elegance and subtle beauty. It doesn’t care about all that. It Knows. It knows without thought. It is independent of thought. It is before thought. And it is after thought. This knowledge is bedrock and perennial. It Is.

The Energy is subtle and non-assuming. It Is space. Space for everything to occur. Space for the play of the entire Universe, inwardly and outwardly. Space to Be, effortlessly.

It is Awareness Seeing within all spaces. It Sees without adding anything but Nothingness. It is both the Creator and Infinite Potential. With no need for name or fame, It Is ‘I Am’.

Peace and fullness follow in It’s wake. It connects us all to All. There is no separation. How could there be when all is One?

The Infinite Space within is generous, always giving space for “What Is”.
“What Is” always occurs in the Moment. Thinking cannot take us into this Moment. Thinking cannot be but an egress. When we deepen ourselves past the parade of thoughts, ideas, and beliefs, only then, can we See ’That’. ‘That’ abides in Itself.

GP2C1421 copy.jpg“It” is not a better state. That would be too cognitive and too judgmental. “Better” implies duality and separateness. “It” is complete and not lacking anything, period. Fulfillment occurs because the Connection is made over the dross of specious attachment to the ‘limited’ distractions of life.

“Of how we over complicate everything . . . Life is simple and we are the creators of ‘not easy’ “

“Fall in to Now . . . Truly . . .Fall into Now . . . Be Right Here and all searching is over . . . This is It!”
-Clare Blanchflower

This Moment Is the only Moment. It is not where thought is. “It” Is where thought cannot connect. Let, allow, Be the “What Is” in this Moment and every Moment we can See.

The effortlessness of Infinite Space allowing anything and everything in, is Us being generous to Ourselves. Be ’That’ constantly.

GP2C1531 copy.jpgThis Iz Daddy’O

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