GP2C1532.jpgBeing becoming means sourcing and acting from Presence. Presence is the state of no-mind and/or undue influence from the mind. It is use of our primary or ‘first’ self. This is The Self that was there before our parents were born.

GP2C1547.jpgThe Formless is in the Form. The Formless being the primary identity with the creation of limited form as the secondary piece. When we are in this world, it is with an acknowledgement that both primary and secondary parts of ourselves are in play. The confusion results when we ‘think’ we are the secondary at the expense of the Reality of primary Self.

In other words, when we get too far down the rabbit hole of ‘doing’ without the proper references of Being, we lose our luster and end up failing in connection with “What Is”, aka the Formless piece of primary-ness.

GP2C1537.jpgBeingness begets becoming from the source and starting point of no-ceiling of love or distinction between others, since the Formless is all that. Love unlimited is the Being state. Ergo, “becoming” is birthed with a fullness that resonates that heritage when expressed in the world and even expressed in the illusions, which are a part of Oneness.

Putting the ‘becoming’ before ‘Being’ is to get it ass-backwards. Even getting it reversed in terms of brokering where most of our energy is placed, is perhaps better than not even considering ‘Beingness’. The loss leader is, placing an inadequate commitment to ‘Being’ and yet still yielding inadequate results. Our intentions cannot overcome the misplacing of the ‘horse-and-carriage’.

GP2C1546.jpgTo operationalize ‘Being’ first, is to upend our own conventions and operating systems, in a big way. If we can’t feel the change, once the change is made, we apparently haven’t made the change. Which means that uncharted conditioning is still pushing our buttons with embedded illusion, delusions as well as egoic trance.

Shifting into the ’Now’ has to mean giving up on having beliefs, ideas, and goals manufactured by the ego-mind as more important than leaving all that behind and being a vessel for “The Energy” which is intimately impersonal. It is a lot of life-generated ’stuff’ to let go of in a Moment. But that luggage is still luggage that we must carry given ownership and it’s ongoing maintenance in each moment. Moving into a freer state than the ego means that the cries of the ego must be recognized as illusory as well the plea for ‘survival’. While freedom means freedom from the imprisonment of the higher Self for the gratuities of what we ‘think’ is important.

GP2C1534.jpgUn-acquired knowledge is fully present in Consciousness when we remove the layers of distortion that obscure It. Thinking has nothing to do with it. There is no thinking our way there. Losing the thinking is another way of saying ‘Be’ the primary of Beingness first with action or ‘becoming’, second. To reverse the sequence is to lose the effortless wisdom found in the openness and potentiality of Nothingness and no-form.

We throw ‘form’ at the specious creation of the false-self in order to transact a misguided identity of self. Form is limited and subsequent to Formless. The tail wagging the dog is our mutual delusion. The delusion is deep and reinforced en masse. We are rushing for these exits that will continually and consistently bind us into more illusory shackles once we go through the final hurdle of death. And how many times do we have to repeat the cycle before we can let go of the illusion?

“Without the option to believe, Life becomes a display of phenomena, which is devoid of personal distinction (read: distortion), but which is flooded with the flavor of Joy. Existence becomes truly existent.” -Aisha Salem

The knowledge is there Now, in the soft, unassuming, deep part of whom we really are right this very Moment. Abide there, in the Subtle, and then the ‘becoming’ is in it’s right place. Can we ‘See’ the systemic dead ends of our conditioning and the addiction to ‘believing’ over ‘Knowing’? We are free Now if we allow it. What is stopping Us?

This Iz Daddy’O

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