IMG_0851 copy.JPGThe way we treat and relate to our thoughts, reveals a lot about how we function in this world. So many times during any day, we materialize thoughts to be paramount, commanding, and non-dismissive. We basically and regularly, exalt a certain subset of our thoughts, to the point of absurdity. We cannot easily dismiss these regular visitors.

IMG_1007.jpgThoughts are not really as important as we think, especially when we do not recognize the importance of where the thoughts take place. This place is not just the content of the mind. Thoughts occur in the ‘space’, not unlike the screen where a movie takes place. This ‘space’ or ‘screen’, is the emptiness of awareness. It Is a virtual field where everything, to include thoughts, arises and falls, constantly.

Thoughts, being phenomena, are temporary, while this ‘field’ is constant and stable. But we do not give any real credence to this ‘field’ due to it’s non-interference and subtlety. This ‘field’ imposes nothing at all times, despite it’s permanence and ubiquitousness.
This ‘field’, where everything is seen, is also present without any judgment as to what gets played on the screen. There are no censors present but there is a perennial witness seeing it all.

If there is a thought, any thought, then there is also a deep peace there now, as well. This ‘field’ is also always present even when there is no thought. It is more easily ’seen’ when phenomena have ceased their parade. Peace is always Present, as that energy quietly abides there too, without fanfare. No thoughts arising, upon introspection, reveal the ‘nothing’ of ‘everything’ fully Present in the gap and in that Silence. Awareness is the traveling companion that gets us to that place in the gap.

P1000349.jpgLooking at the screen, first, as a constant practice in the Moment, is choosing the integrated and harmonious energy of Beingness to abide in our life.

The ‘screen’ is never dirty, despite the content of our thoughts. If the ‘screen’ was polluted, what thoughts could arise freely without modification? The stability of the consistency of the ‘screen’ is often taken for granted (if there is even that much acknowledgement of the ‘screen’s’ existence/reality).

The ’screen’ does not disappear when there is a thought, or a gap between thoughts, no matter how small or large the gap or the quantity of thoughts there.

P1000297.jpgWhen we choose to just see our thoughts primarily, if we do even that, we choose to align ourselves with the secondary and limited creation. Beingness, that is, the connection to the “field” or the “screen”, is Present as it is It’s nature to be Present always. The limitation we impose on this gentle unassuming energy is obfuscation. ‘It’ does not go anywhere as it Is everywhere. When we override our vision with the circus of limitation (thoughts and thinking), we voluntarily opt out of the presupposition of Beingness and it’s vigor and revelation.

What integrates us all? The EPHEMERAL Space. Who are we?Where did we come from? Where are we going? Everything starts and ends with Space.

Space Is. Consciousness Is. We Are. There is no difference.

“When we pass this need to identify ourselves from Love we will find ourselves deeply humbled. On the inside constantly on our knees and ready to take the passing through any limitation which shows itself agreement to be what we truly are.” -Aisha Salem

To suggest that we are any less than ‘that’ is to not Know. ‘Thinking’ we know is usually everyone’s problem. ‘Not knowing’ allows ‘Knowing’. ‘Thinking’ uses the awkward vehicle of limited mind divining the Divine. Not tenable. Delusion is in full operation when we ‘believe’ (because we don’t know) the suggestions of “What Is”, as laid out by the mind.

Thinking and thoughts mean using the mind. The ‘mind’ starts to mind when we start to go past the mind. The ego is threatened and false reality is in peril of being found out. Subsequent structural weaknesses show up in the illusion that the mind, through thinking and thoughts, is the creator and, one by one, like dominoes, the veil of illusion breaks down with the integrity of Seeing Space.

Thoughts do come too regularly. This regularity could be a reminder, if we allow it, that there is a screen that we are not seeing because the limited thoughts have pushed in and covered it up. Seeing the ‘screen’ allows thoughts to be seen as incidental.

Quantum Theory postulates that the observer observing the observed changes the reality of the observed. In other words, observation affects reality. If we do not witness our mind, thinking, and our thoughts, then we lose the opportunity to change the reality of our reality. We stay in the delusion when our vision is limited to viewing only the delusion. We lose the delusion of believing in thinking and thoughts when we step back and witness the witness. The witness is the screen, field, or whatever name or form we want to give the Formless. Be The Witness.

Observation, or more precisely Awareness, is whom we really Are. Shifting to this view is actually effortless when we lose the conditioning and belief systems we have generated over our lifetime.

Peace, fulfillment, fullness, connection, the whole enchilada, can only be accessed in this most obvious quiet place within. There is no where to go because we are already there Now. Lose the thinking, go behind the movie and See the Unseen. I’ll meet you there in that ‘space’.

P1000296.jpgThis Iz Daddy’O


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