DSC00394.jpgTruth is not a thing. If it were some ‘thing’ or some ‘thought’ then it would have to be separate, not One. Truth is not separate from the One. We are not separate from the One. Identifying with “things” connotes artificial separateness.

DSC00465The One is emptiness giving fullness to form. It is the Source being the Source first and subsequently form. The ‘form’ is informed by the Stillness and primordial peace. It is the formlessness of Silence to give space to the music of phenomenological reality experienced by the individual in a distinctive way.

DSC00464The theoretical formation of the universe from the emptiness of the Big Bang to expansiveness of perennial space and time, has the similar parallel of formless to form. Even the echo of two black holes colliding has reached us more conclusively today, by science, to the point of finally being measured and quantified. Einstein had theorized this type of event. This particular cosmic crash reached the power of an estimated 30 stars when the black holes collapsed, upending the mother star into gamma rays radiating to the ends of the universe.

DSC00470The fact that we are in reality, stardust, is compelling. Formlessness cannot be overstated. Form can carry the signature of the Formless energy, to make the Formless much more real than our ordinary experience may indicate.

DSC00466Where identity is concerned, false self ignores the power of the Formless and distributes this identity ’idea’ into a lesser form, a non-quantifiable form in a form-based world. This ‘inadequate form’ then argues it’s exaggerated importance, ignoring the scale of the cosmos and it’s direct relationship to every ‘thing’. The subsequent procreation of an ego-identity, is laughable, in perspective.

DSC00467(See the “Pale Blue Dot” a la Carl Sagan.)

We play god when we deny the obvious Sun within us. The separateness we herald is not separate. The stardust that is in the Sun and the stars around, is us. Why would it be any different? The Formlessness and Stillness, operates in the infinite as well as the infinitesimal. There are no exceptions, except imagined ones with no real reality.

When we leave everything ‘still’, we may mean we ‘see’ our ‘locomotive pushing’ as contraindicated as to glimpsing and peaking at the ‘so subtle’ energy. The Energy that is wide-open with no restraints, making it difficult to box as a ‘thing’, is the ticket. When the backdrop to the visible universe is the invisibleness of everything seen and unseen, then ‘It’ is spectacularly unobviously unseen but yet everywhere. It can only be seen by direct “non-looking”. When we look, we aim to see something. There is nothing to see. The ‘seeing’ is not in the ‘looking’. The ‘seeing’ is in the Beingness of effortlessness. “Non-looking” is not trying or trying. It Is. Knowing apart from experience or sentient stimulation, is the directness and immediacy of Being It, unequivocally. There is nothing to capture by looking.

Conditioned beliefs and presumptive knowing, cloud our perception of the non-stuff Self. Removal of these clouds is facilitated by understanding that when ‘Fullness’ abides in us, the addictions to ’needs’ and neediness of things and attachments can only abate if we truly source and connect to the fullness constantly. To do less is to not commit to The Source. “The Source” is “What Is”.

When we are ‘full’ there is nothing to push away or need, because the deficit is no longer Present. When we do not naturally resonate with the ‘fullness’, a neediness arises that can never be met by alternative means.

Constant Integrated Awareness (C.I.A.) plays with the dynamics of connection 24/7. The Moment is the 24/7. Every Moment. Connection with the Stillness is in every Moment and any Moment. ‘Qualifying’ (verb-wise) Moments is for the uninitiated. Qualifying would be ’spiritual’ pushing. ‘That’ is still pushing. There is nothing to ‘qualify’. It Is.

DSC00396When we collapse our ‘ideas’ of “What Is” should be, we release the ‘unknowing’ of mind and it’s unnecessary quantification. A release occurs here as it did inside that gigantic star, disbursing energy for millennia. The ‘pushing’ can now stop without ‘pushing’. Formlessness is the mother ship. Form is It’s expression.

DSC00403This Iz Daddy’O

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