DSC00487.jpgHappiness Is.

DSC00485.jpgWhen we push from the false self, we cull from limited perspective that has inherent conflict of interests, i.e. distortion. The ‘pushing’ on top of the false perspective, logistically cannot bring relief because of the active oppositional effect.

DSC00488.jpgWe are pushing when there is no need to push. We are believing when belief is a hope that we will get there if we believe hard enough. Both approaches ensure failed outcomes, especially when the ‘outcome’ is already there Now.

DSC00482.jpgThe basic root push is pushing away the Now of “What Is”. Our interpretation of what is going on is perjured by programming and inability to ‘See’ clearly. Our belief that we are good enough and smart enough to ‘see’ clearly is more hyperbole created to push away from what we are looking for.

DSC00481.jpgThe same basic strategies keep us locked in a life of quiet and not so quiet desperation, that never really feels ‘good enough’. Reinforcement of solving this hot mess is usually resides in pulling from the external to extinguish the internal blight. That will surely work!?

DSC00483.jpgSurrounding us Now, inside and outside, is the constant that never abates it’s power of transformation and evolvement, especially in this plane of existence. At the same time, the phenomenological world that can aid us in this transformation is also the sticking point in getting this transformation unstuck.

DSC00484.jpgIssues show up immediately when we invest in the limited vocabulary of physical existence. Having the starting point of physicality is a critical first misstep. Our true starting point can never be the physicality when the essence of whom we Are is beyond physicality. The vehicle we are using in this venture is akin to a rent-a-car. We don’t own it. We use it and then forget about it. To believe that it is ours is so erroneous. We turn the vehicle in at the end of our life, our roadtrip. The miles are logged and the merits of how we used the vehicle are noted in the book of action (karma). We might have to pay later if we caused damage. The bean counters don’t miss a mile.

DSC00485.jpgTo hang on to the vehicle at any point in time is to severely misunderstand the nature of the contract of using said vehicle.

“When all else fails there’s always delusion.” -Conan O’Brien

So, the starting point of our investment cannot start with a vehicle that was never really promised to us on a permanent basis.

The starting point and the endpoint are the same. That is, the Ineffable unbounded timeless Self of No Thing, which is Everything residing in Nothing.

“You are awareness. Between two thoughts you are. Between two breaths you are. Behind all that moves and changes there is one awareness, ever present awareness you are. The silence between sounds you are. Rest with curiosity in the unmoving stillness. Dissolve into the silence behind, between, beyond all that comes and goes and you are…. that!” -Clare Blanchflower

To surround ourselves with happiness is not something we actively have to do. That would be pushing to ‘do’ that. Happiness Is. There is just ’Seeing’ effortlessly being the only requirement. Pushing is the alternative strategy that prevents ‘happiness’ or whatever expressed form of integrated Self Is.

Surrounding ourselves with happiness is a recognition of “What Is” Now. That is the starting point. And even calling it a ‘starting point’ is making it too linear and too limited.

The interference we cause ourselves through belief systems, vasanas, samskaras, and general programming, is the overlay that blocks clarity of vision.

We cannot actively promote our happiness because It is already here Now. There is nothing to promote except the choice and voice of “The” starting point.

Acknowledgement is the ticket. Acknowledgement is having the ability to see through the delusion of some variant of ‘pushing’ and let this subtle energy reside and abide as It will without reservation or condition. Our ‘so called life’ is conditional. This Beingness is unconditioned, meaning our little idea of self has nothing to do with it.

When we say we want the perfection of how we think it should be, we invent the universe in a ‘dollhouse’ of reality. This idea of perfection we are chasing is illusory because we still ‘think’ we can pander our way to it through physical existence. We put physical existence over the unquantifiable power of the Universe, seen and unseen. Can we be right? Don’t think so. The ego thinks so based on what we pursue 24/7.

Our inquiry into this falseness is imperative in order to upend the delusion of our behavior on a moment-by-moment basis. When we connect in the Moment, it is a connection that is not fueled by thought. The connection is Awareness. This is the fuel that our physical vehicle requires for efficacious movement through this life. This fuel is free in so many ways.

We unlock the ignition of our vehicle to drive smoothly through this phenomenological world, through connection of Awareness that is Present in every physical atom and even in every thought we think we are. We are immersed and surrounded constantly and fully in this substance that Is. It Is omnipresent in every single moment and in every single action. See that constantly. It Is Us happily Being Self without attachment to any car in the parade of life. We Are surrounded by the fullness of this Love right Now, effortlessly.

This Iz Daddy’O

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