IMG_0559.jpgThe “Silent Justice” Clarence Thomas, finally spoke. Google Cars had it’s first accident. And Super Tuesday was another day in the unpredictable American political life we have enjoined in just by tuning into the news.

No-one had to invent the incredibleness of these moments. They just Are or were.

Do we wish they were otherwise? Do we need to judge them and assess their content for like/dislike or commentary? The option is there. But also Present is the rich tapestry of life itself that cannot ever be reliably slotted and predicted, no matter what preceded it and what pattern or preference was established. This is Uncertainty. Love the Uncertainty and you love the Moment. ‘See’ the option of celebrating this dish that life gives us cleanly, without incessant commentary and/or heightened proclivity/revulsion to results. Investing, by accepting and celebrating every Moment, without the unnecessary commitment to reaction, is an alternative to our standard protocol of creating separateness by over-investment in the particulars.

When we ask ourselves if we have to have any reaction to the ephemeral phenomena that streams across our radar, constantly, what would our heartfelt answer be? Ignore the question? React to the question?

Incessant superficial reaction is probably what most of us ‘do’ most of the time. If it is something that we do most of the time, then what proportion of our time is spent in this channel of the mind and it’s vagaries?

This is to suggest that, perhaps, there is a more fruitful and fulfilling alternative to generalized reactive behavior. Reaction at levels of 90% of the time, is not investing in the Silence that informs us constantly and effortlessly. Rather, reaction is investment of energy and usually a level of commitment, that precludes ’seeing’ the Cause, for preference of the consequence.

GP2C1554.jpgWe have habituated and society has sanctioned, the ‘necessity’ of having an opinion. Surveys make us look like morons if we do not hold some opinion. It is tacitly asserted that we are more informed and relevant if we garner an opinion. The over-investment in the phenomenological is a slam dunk.

GP2C1557.jpgThis is not to say that we should not participate in the society we have and it’s institutions. It is to say that ‘over investment’ makes us all untenable in practicality, as demonstrated in the lack of viable compromise in our government institutions and the vulgarness of disagreement. The ‘separation’ is staggering between opinions.

“Once one recognizes the value of having difficult obstacles to overcome, it is a simple matter to see the true benefit that can be gained from competitive sports. In tennis who is it that provides a person with the obstacles he needs in order to experience his highest limits? His opponent, of course! Then is your opponent a friend or an enemy? He is a friend to the extent that he does his best to make things difficult for you. Only by playing the role of your enemy does he become your true friend. Only by competing with you does he in fact cooperate! No one wants to stand around on the court waiting for the big wave. In this use of competition it is the duty of your opponent to create the greatest possible difficulties for you, just as it is yours to try to create obstacles for him. Only by doing this do you give each other the opportunity to find out to what heights each can rise.”
― -Zach Kleiman in “The Inner Game Of Tennis: The Classic Guide To The Mental Side Of Peak Performance.

‘Separation’ does not have to be a barrier. It is a tool and an endpoint where we utilize the external for internal work. Our hardwiring is on the inside not on the exterior manifestation. The lessons are learned for the inside to carry forward for our own evolution.

When we are not overly bound or defined by our opinions and ideas, we clean up our vision to ’See’ more clearly. W. Timothy Gallwey, in “The Inner Game Of Tennis”, says it succinctly, “When the mind is free of any thought or judgment, it is still and acts like a mirror. Then and only then can we know things as they are.”

Spontonaiety is there. No rehearsal is needed. Rehearsal would be ‘pushing’. Uncertainty is there. If there was certainty then we would die as humans and Robocop would be a reality. No beliefs are there. Believing in ‘not believing’ is not even there. Integration is there. A fear-based existence is expecting something to end, something to be taken away from us, and/or this eternal Moment to stop in some future. Belief is the carrier of this disease of the mind.

Celebrating the Moment, is to live fearlessly and fully. Surrender is deep if we allow it. Surrender is not pushing any agenda. There is nothing to do in a ‘hard’ way. Surrendering to “What Is” is being empty with no hard and fast conclusions. Everything is full, nothing is concluded . If all is full, what must be done, to the extent that we cannot be in The Moment?

Refusing to celebrate is to not yield our idea of control to “What Is”. Celebrating every Moment is accepting and surrendering the arbitrary manufacturing of ‘like’ and ‘dislike’ in reference to what is occurring. What we look at, usually, is the superficiality of what we experience, rather than the totality of “What Is”. “What Is’ is not superficial because it is not a jaundiced viewpoint. Jaundiced means that it is yellowed from the habitual little view of the ego and it’s fears and presumed needs.

When we yield ‘our’ control it’s not like we get less. We may ‘think’ we will get less because it is not necessarily what we ‘think’ we want. In this case, ’thinking’ itself is getting in the way of “What Is”. Are the thoughts, any of them, really true? 99% are perception oriented and anecdotal. Thousands of thoughts per day -how many true? Most are not generalizable.

We then begin to graduate to the later question of, do we really want to go ‘that’ far in seeing? We are getting into scary territory because we are beginning to confront “what isn’t” in the “What Is”. “What isn’t” is beginning to see the false and contrived.

Getting more, means seeing that depositing ourselves in some little box of contrived ego of likes and dislikes, is not free. Freedom To Be, is not reactive and conditioned. Releasing conditioning means seeing it and refusing (without pushing) it’s illogical reactive robotic thinking and identifying.

The Silence always waits. Whether it is in the deep space of outer space or the deep space of inner space, Silence is Present. Thoughts, ideas, reactions, and beliefs, will arise and fall in ‘this’ Space. Remember the unboundedness of Space allows everything to take place. This Is whom we Are first and last.

Phenomena will rise and fall.

Be the Moment and See the Silence that is always Present. Celebrating ‘this’ constantly, then makes sense.

IMG_0572.jpgThis Iz Daddy’O

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