Our personal truth is what guides us to where we we are going. But what is the source of our personal truth? Do we believe in beliefs and do we ‘think’ ideas will get us ‘there’? How do we even ‘know’ where we are going? Is where we are going, some idea? Is where we ‘think’ we are going, well-thought out and planned? Is there a certainty to it all?

GP2C2008.jpgThe ’solution’ we are looking for is just that, a solution. A ’solution’ is something that the mind looks for in an attempt to resolve unhappiness and displeasure of the moment. Since the view of the ’problem’ is usually limited to the construct of the mind, then the solution will be equally flawed in achieving a sustainable outcome. Over-connection to the manifest is essentially leaving the most powerful energy available to process presumed insoluble issues with ‘less’ resources.

GP2C2016.jpgUsing the mind as a source and/or a judicial device for judging efficacy and sufficiency, is basically, basking in the darkness of limited consciousness. As has been said so many times before, the mind is a fantastic tool but a terrible master. The mind’s skill set is not in managing the unity of form and formless. The mind is stuck on itself, especially given our default to it as “The Arbiter”. Subsequent to this posturing, we poison the well of our personal truth through the misidentification with this limited form. Moreover, we supplant the conditional for the Unconditional. Our connection is then sourcing the pollution and separateness of the limited consciousness of form and conditioning.

GP2C2038 (1).jpgBeliefs and ideas are mere forms. They are sufficiently insufficient. They never can capture the full-spectrum of consciousness due to their inherent limited capacity and temporary nature. It is like a 3/8” ratchet trying to understand the manufacturer. Concepts can never be a substitute for reality. Having beliefs based on concepts, is essentially doubling down on ideas that cannot ever reach fruition when only utilizing the conceptual mind.

When we say we believe in “God”, we have an ‘idea’ of what that means. A ‘limited’ idea. We ingratiate that idea with garlands of adjectives and idealization of what we think or believe. Is any of ‘that’ transformative in our cause called life? Ideas and their permutations alone, are insufficient to upgrade our personal truth.

GP2C2023.jpgWhen we realize that ‘no-thing’ can get us there, we begin to realize that there is nowhere to get to. The mind is looking for satiation and equanimity, sometimes called happiness. Looking in all the wrong places, is the mind’s signature move.

GP2C2009.jpgThere is no place to look. It’s not a place or thing. It Is. The journey does not need to begin because it is superfluous to “What Is” Now.

When we ‘believe’, we postpone our connection to what is already Present. What is Present did not go anywhere. “It” is always here. We go searching with this ‘thing’ called the mind, and gosh darn it, through enough effort, we think and believe will find it. So we say and continue to say, as we walk right past the most subtle part of whom we Are.

Presidential candidates are all the rage in today’s news. Sometimes the ‘news’ presents and exacerbates the separation and divisiveness that is already brewing. The candidates themselves often create unnecessary divisiveness. There is a dynamic there because of the increased marketing of ‘news’ and the increased exposure for candidates. Both are playing roles in underscoring separateness.

GP2C2041.jpgWe can be ‘for’ things without the practice of being ‘against’ someone or something. None should suffer just because we have an idea or belief. It is not us against them (unless we ‘believe’ it should be that way.) It is not a zero-sum game. To be against someone does not make our idea better. It just makes it more separate and divisive.

Treating everyone as Self is the starting point for elimination of separateness and divisiveness. Divisive practices hollow our humanity out of us. Our ‘personal truth’ is so much more powerful when we suffuse it with the gusto of the power of the un-manifest, unconditioned, and unlimited unity of Consciousness. “That” is whom we really Are.

To be ‘certain’ is indigenous to mind. Uncertainty and infinite creativity is the hallmark of this game called life. There is a great freedom in not being so hard and fast on things. Rising at the expense of others, is to not Be. Love the certainty of the ‘uncertainty’ of life. Pushing for ‘certainty’ and being too right, is not the spaciousness of Being.

Doing comes second to Being. Being is first and last and always. There is nothing more compelling, than the presidential-ness of sourcing undifferentiated Truth, first.

This Iz Daddy’O

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