DSC00545.jpg The correlate for belief is pushing energy. Faith contrarily, is characteristically having the freedom and acceptance to be open to an ‘unknown’ that calls us forth but with patience and flexibility, in order to understand and get the practice. Belief pushes a certainty and a structure that must be adhered to, unambiguously. Belief has a known ‘unknown’ as far as seeking is concerned. Conversation and dialogue take an extreme secondary tier in ‘believing’, but only after believing. Conversely, faith, is open and free to Be, not locking down in some ‘certain’ way, despite the lack of familiarity of the presumed ’unknown’.

DSC00532.jpgBelief often has more dis-utility than utility, especially when asserting a ‘self’ that is not altogether clear or certain. Locking down with any idea in a structure that basically precludes a constant questioning, for the simplicity of a promise, is trading on fundamentalism that has an allure because of it’s watered down entry fee. The normal entry fee of fully acknowledging the veracity of our universal unborn nature, is horse-traded for a ‘belief’ as defined by some other entity (fill in the fundamentalism). Belief and the ‘work’ required to believe, is in believing more in the belief than in refining oneself in the crucible of life itself.

DSC00536.jpgWithout the exploration of our commitment to ‘whatever’ belief, we end up like a Bud Light commercial for beer, i.e. “whatever”. We need to drink and process the substance we are imbibing in order to know whom we are and where we are going. Without the evoking of Awareness to pursue the unknown fully, we are depending on ideas alone. When we ‘believe’ in this manner, we are asked to just pretend that everything will be alright as long as we don’t dither with this recipe. If we question, too much, of the hard structure posited in a ‘fundamental’ way, we threaten our robotic believing. God forbid.

The circular argument, after failure, proceeds that we are at fault because we really did not believe. Fundamentalism is an idea-based belief system that has alluring ideas. Contrarily the lack of black and white and the adaptation of a gray-scale to life by progressive spiritual adherents, is less attractive than an imagined heaven with self-aggrandizing situations occurring endlessly. What can compete with that? Reality can and does compete with ‘that’. The “What Is” is not a future-based hallucination.

DSC00535.jpgThe giving up of a part of our free will to a mechanistic idea, is paramount to creating and abiding in a trance state that disallows going past established boundaries. This is a ‘limitation’ self-imposed.

Faith is the surrender of idea-based beliefs and the heralding of the uncertainty of life. To the extent that acceptance is constantly present to take in life’s tumults and tangles, we are present, on our behalf, to See. There is no pushing away of anything. Flowing with events means flowing without hard likes and dislikes and absolutes, with the exception of the undefinable Absolute.

The certainty is uncertainty with not so much on the ‘how’, as it is to the commitment to what shows up through the “What Is”. The ‘how’ is too binding. When the diversity of ‘how’ is allowed total expression from the Universe, it has the freedom to optimize it’s expression. Ergo, we do not have to push against the Universe (The Heart of God).

Belief is idea-centered while Faith is ever-present regardless of circumstances. Ideas are often just endpoints inadequate to capture the fleeting substance of Truth.

Fear is often present in belief where belief gives immediate succor to the untruth of the moment. Non-believers are s e p a r a t e d from adherents. This divergence is not the convergence that underscores the unity of the Universe and life itself. Separating into tribes of us against them, has not worked to date. Ideas are not worth fighting about. They are only ideas unless we desire to create Frankensteins.

The Humanity of whom we Are is not starting or ending with any kind of separation. Faith in Humanity, before any ideas, allows us the connection to not only whom we Are as an individual, but also whom we Are as a collective of individuals. The fearlessness of faith is found in the deepest part of ourselves, in everyone. The heart of humanity requires no belief or pledge or joining. It Is Now. That is the starting point, every Moment.

DSC00533 (1).jpgKeep the Faith baby!

This Iz Daddy’O

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