GP2C2143.jpgHow we respond and resolve the steady flow of problems constantly reaching our shores, is essential to our well-being. A life crisis can define a person for the rest of their life or it can also become a starting point for letting go and going into greater depth of connection to whom we are. An ordinary unessential problem can cause havoc and massive anxiety; or not.

When we over-invest in a problem, we abandon our center for a lopsided idea. The trade-off is not to our benefit because we traded down. Our lives are then ruled by very limited confining ideas. Is that whom we are?

IMG_0618.jpgKnotty crises or minor problems do not have to define us. We can choose to define them with our starting and endpoints, which ideally are the same. When problems define us it always starts with the problem. When we define problems it always starts with identification to whom we really Are and not an idea of whom we think we Are. The fields between, are vast and unforgiving.

“Becoming” is not becoming our problems.

GP2C2146.jpgWhen we have a ‘problem’, and who doesn’t, we often perseverate on it incessantly. It appears to be in the nature of problems to take over, at least until resolution. When we stay with the problem too much, we inadvertently disconnect from the source of whom we Are. We lose the built-in faculty of ‘knowing’ and it’s infinite potential.

The ‘problem’ pulls us away into the phenomena of life to the degree of dysfunction. We consequently lose (or do not gain) the deep connection to the limitless resource called Us.

When this occurs, contemporaneously the resolution, if there is one, is also compromised. Why would it not be?!

In contrast, if we see the ‘problem’ as indigenous to the parade, then we see that indulgence in the parade for a resolution, is contraindicated. The ‘problem’ is inherently limited because it is in the parade.

GP2C2149.jpgWe open ourselves to the “Unlimited” when we maintain the natural connection to “Beingness”, which is unlimited and infinite and unified, to the point of being everything in everything.

Sourcing from “The Connection”, is sourcing real solution possibilities. When we limit and perseverate in the mind, we dumb down our possibilities. Too much thinking keeps us located in the mind. Whom we Are diminishes. We get lost in the parade of life when we are life itself.

Problems are sticky. We tend to think in clumps of problems with too many possibilities that compound resolution. It is possible to stay ‘open’ without caving in to over-identification with the ‘problem’. We can then enable seeing more clearly the options beyond the problem itself.

Ideal resolution is ‘open’ and not bound by our artificial and arbitrary limitations and boundaries.

Connecting to “no-thing-ness” liberates Us from us. We don’t casually trust that “no-thing” because we are always looking for some ‘thing’.

Limitation versus Unlimitedness, is the seminal choice in each and every Moment, even when problem-solving. The lesser vehicle of little self should not get a promotion/upgrade just because we have a ‘problem’. Problems are always finite and limited in scope and duration.

The ‘real’ upgrade is in the freedom to not be bound by any ‘thing’. That is liberation.

GP2C2164.jpgThere is no ‘limited’ in the “Unlimited”. Ergo there are no problems resounding there at any time. Be “That”, first and always. Identity starts and ends there. Resolution follows.

This Iz Daddy’O

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