IMG_0657.jpgAwareness is intelligence alive. It is the consciousness of observer observing the self. Awareness and Truth intersect at this junction of Awareness Being aware of Itself. Conversely, concepts are the transmigration to the separateness we feel.

IMG_0646.jpgTruth cannot be spoken, by anyone. It only comes close, at best, in speech. Authenticity of Self, does show up behind the word if it is real. The written word, too, is only an estimation. Sacred texts cannot give us the experience and aliveness of “What Is”. These modalities are only the finger, the finger pointing at the moon of Essence. Letting go of our baggage of conditioning and mind, in order to travel to the extra-terrestrial space within, is the ticket.

Characteristically, Awareness and Truth, are not things. We use concepts, ideas, beliefs, to get there, again, thinking we can get there with the lesser vehicles.

There is nowhere to go. There is no place to Be. There is no-thing to attach to, because ‘these’ places are not places (or things).

GP2C2170.jpgIf Awareness were a ‘thing’, then we could pocket it, own it, and control it. If Truth were a commodity, we could sell it, market it, profit from it, as if it was a product that we could package and can. And it is not like we haven’t tried to ’sell’ spirituality.

Playboy magazine had, during it’s more revelatory life, taken criticism for objectifying women. People packaged their reaction to Playboy’s hedonistic freedom through the critique of objectification. Question is, when don’t we objectify people? We throw people into categories all day long, e.g. safe, dangerous, fat, thin, old, young, hip, uncool, stuck, unstuck, reactive, nonreactive, etc. And we pay into this stereotype with our actions (reactions).

GP2C2167.jpgAre those ‘reactions’ not also an objectification of people to the extent that our response is colored by the limitation we placed on them?

When don’t we react and objectify? I would hazard that there are very few of these occurrences occurring. As a society, our pattern is prohibitively closed to ‘openness’ due to institutional and social pressures, which we succumb to because of the desire to be a full part of our culture, as good or as bad as it may be.

Point is, turning the whole world into objects is a promotion for separateness and fear. It is easier to impugn a person, culture, religion, or nation, when we objectify them as mere objects. Feelings, like compassion, are thrown away, allowing a less thorough vetting of reality. Nations, corporations and other bureaucracies are great examples of treating people as if they had about as much meaning as an arbitrary number.

GP2C2169.jpgEven in the context of religion and/or religious practice, we look for ‘things’ to hang our hat on, so we know we have or have not achieved a certain thing called a spiritual milestone. Empty rituals, meaningless sacraments, and drone-like adherence to the imprecisions of what somebody concocted ‘right’ to be for everyone, is religious bureaucracy. What a parade! Every path is different, so the structures laid out may work some of the time for some of the people. Each individual is a sacrament to the diversity of the Universe. The milestones are meaningful when they are meaningful, regardless of protocol.

Putting people and classes of people into categories, taxonomies, stereotypes, and objective slots, is a depersonalization of the human condition. It beckons back to medieval times where power clearly was not with the people. There is a utility in doing this sometimes for organization but not at the expense of connection to the Universal Consciousness, of which we all are part. Hierarchical behavior is not advocated so much by the 21st century, the age of democratization of information and access to it. The power structures and oligarchs are not pleased. Change can be difficult.

Placing people in a box has a presumption that there is enough in that box to capture a legitimate decision about that person. The problem is, that everything put into that box is limited (like an algorithm). The ‘box’ cannot ever reflect the essence of what we think we are looking for. This is because all those things we put into that box are ‘things’.

IMG_0656.jpgOne of the things about this presidential campaign is everyone is taking sides with strong definitions between the candidates’ positions, regardless of whether they are Democratic, Republican, or Independent. Anyone outside these borders is treated like the enemy we want to be separate from. In all the campaigns, there are cheers when at a rally, the other side takes a hit.

To cheer and smear the opponent is to create a wider gulf between you and me. When we define ourselves negatively, like that, we engage in destructive objectification. This is not the unity we said we wanted.

The offensiveness of objectification is no less immoral than Playboy, when we separate ourselves into tribes warring and vilifying others. This retro behavior does not make us any better than actual feuding tribes in the world today.

Awareness, is already here Now for all of us. Awareness includes every thing with no exceptions, period. Awareness is not bound by borders or fiefdoms. It Is boundless space. There is no objectification or judgment in Awareness. The freedom of infinite space and no time, are it’s hallmarks. Awareness does not change as objects change. Objects and things are bound by time. The time is always Now in Awareness.

Contraction and resistance to the unity of “What Is”, is courting pain and suffering directly. Resisting the freedom and nature of Awareness, steals the ‘Moment’ from the Self. We justify our subsequent selfishness when we ’think’ that ‘others’ are our enemy and ‘things’ matter more than people or Awareness.

Awareness is the bedrock of no-thing and freedom to Be. Our identity has been there forever. Be ’That’ effortlessly.

This Iz Daddy’O

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