GP2C2197.jpgNot going into a false future moment is about recognizing that Now can only be contained in ‘That’ reality. When we are Present, means that there is a clear reference to soaking in the energy of the Formless versus sulking in the unpleasing roller coaster of life.

GP2C2184.jpgWhen we lose our connection to “What Is”, we sign-up for turbulence and superficiality.

Abiding in the Now means that there is a full satisfaction with “What Is”. “What Is”, is satisfying because it is not about the parade and the emptiness of limited form found there. “What Is” is the unlimited creative potential of everything.

GP2C2175 copy.jpgThe substance is the substance because it is not about the temporal-ness of the parade. It Is, always.

Even at this point in time, there is no real desire to go elsewhere because fulfillment is occurring Now. When we ‘know’, we know that to trade for a lesser vehicle is not going to happen, when this ‘ride’ called ‘everything’, has no missing parts and is fully roadworthy.

GP2C2200.jpgThis vehicle of time is in stark contrast to the pushing and busyness of seeking. Seeking for some ‘thing’ missing which is actually there, is investing in recycled ‘things’ that cannot ever replace the ‘no-thing’ of Awareness. Adversely, we look in concepts to find something that is prior to and beyond concepts. Seeing what is there Now is the actualization of Reality.

Looking at the glitz of the parade and getting lost in it, is problematic. This disconnect is really a strategy of replacement of core identity with a dumbed-down idea. It really doesn’t matter what’s happening outside in the parade, because it is always secondary. Making the ‘limited’ parade primary, is an egregious error (of thinking).

Too much thinking is also an egregious error compounding mis-identification. The dependence on thinking is getting lost in the glitz of our thoughts, obfuscating Awareness.

GP2C2182.jpgThe time of Now is the perennial, ever flowing. Leaving that no-time of Now is a departure from Reality. Time is warped outside of Now.

Keeping time with the Universe is harmony with the Universe. When we choose the Now in every Moment, we harmonize ourselves with The Energy. One can never be late if our time is with The Universe. When we meet our destiny with the alignment of ourselves and the Universe, it is always on time. What can the parade say about it, when the parade persists in using a measuring device that is fraught with error and misalignment with Reality?

Knowing the difference between the “reality of the illusion” and Reality, is monumental. Keeping time with the Universe is harmony with Self. The Now is harmony, with no need to have past or future. “What Is” is unlimited and not bound by the concept of time. To understand Now is to not indulge is using ideas and concepts to figure out what the mind wants to know. Always figuring out what the mind wants to know, is a desire that applauds mind. Going too far in that direction is making the parade the object of our life.

The consciousness of Awareness contains all things without ‘It’ being any-thing. Time, as we know it, is a ‘thing’. The forever of time is Now. Now does not change it’s uniformity of Presence. The Now is the stability of the Universe, seen and unseen. It is consistent with forever and infiniteness.

The ‘connection’ is always there, especially now. Be ’That’ effortlessly and always.

This Iz Daddy’O

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