IMG_0680 (1).jpgIs it too much too ask? Can’t we just like it a little some of the time? Isn’t it going overboard to ‘love’ this element that is constantly in our life?!

Yes, it is a constant that never relents, isn’t it? We thought when maybe, when we paid our mortgage, that everything would ease up a little and then we could predict and plan without that dreadful interference called ‘uncertainty’ that challenges us constantly. But what did we find out (regardless of whatever obstacle was removed)?

What we find out consistently, is that ’uncertainty’ is always there.
Historically, we have found out that we can see trends and correlations that seem to have a head and a tail. But we never really know when they will start or end? We never really know what is going to make ‘this time’ the same or different than last time,yes? Bottom line is that no-one has successfully predicted the future, even when based on trends and historical evidence and predominance of correlates.

What pontificator or newsperson even remotely suggested or predicted that Mr. Donald Trump would be the ‘presumptive nominee’ of the Republican Party?

And we think we know so much!

Still feelin’ confident? Who is going to be elected President?

Trying to predict too much, is like trying to be smarter than the Universe. We would be competing with infinite intelligence that would be akin to saying we are smarter than someone with an IQ north of 300. But you know what, we will still try.

Question is why do we need to know ahead of time?
To increase our comfort? To be in control? To dominate the world?

It is sheer arrogance to even think that we can control the known and unknown parts of the Universe with our little minds. Moreover, ‘control’ defaces us with a concept that operationally is bankrupt because of the innate separation that ‘control’ posits.

When We are the Universe itself, ‘control’ is irrelevant and a deliberate asking for disunity to “What Is”.

Uncertainty Is. What happens when we are lukewarm to ‘uncertainty’? The answer is, how much do we want to push against the Universe? Anything less than Love is ‘pushing’.

Is it ‘so’ hard to Love the ‘uncertainty’, the dynamic of the Universe? Have we even tried? Testing reality is seeing more reality. Or do we already ‘think’ we know and then automatically conclude the answer without giving it any objectivity from our opinion?

When we Love ‘uncertainty’ we do not resist “What Is”. We love and fully and unconditionally accept “What Is”. Manipulation to what we ‘think’ Is, stops because ‘thinking’ is being overplayed.
Thinking is a lesser vehicle for travel through our parade of life. It is not for revealing the ‘nothingness’ of ‘everything’.

Operationally, loving the ‘uncertainty’ is not rehearsing and controlling all outcomes. This ‘pushing’ is radically reduced and ideally goes to full acceptance. The need for protection in a fear-based society is mollified by the congruence of no separateness from anyone, in terms of connection. The unreality of separateness from Self and others is based on fear and control. Acceptance is a frightful distance away.

IMG_0679.jpgLoving what we don’t know is being fully open to accept reality without forced conditions. Is unconditional love conditional and dependent on control? Is unconditional love fear-based?

What we don’t know is an opportunity to ‘Be’ first without the dictates of mind. ‘Being’ is always first and mind thereafter. Not the other way around.

The unpredictability is so freeing because it is not ’Stepford wife-like. It is not robotic. It Is authenticity to the max. Unacquired wisdom is where we arrive due to the skilled alignment of our energies and the Universe’s, to the point that there is no real difference.

Do we really think that there is a global ledger sheet and pie chart that dibbies up the ‘things’ in a prescribed manner? That, would be so limiting.

Uncertainty does not need certainty to exist as an element of the Universe. The Infinite Potential expresses itself just fine with the harmony of Itself and no other.

Love the ‘Uncertainty’. That Is the Way to play this game of life with the least resistance possible. Can we Be more free?

This Iz Daddy’O

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