GP2C2468.jpgIdentity, lost, in the morass of mind and ego, has not served us with happiness and contentment. Contrarily and expectedly, it has demeaned our character, violated our inherent goodness, and left us in suffering and agony most of our lives.

GP2C2453.jpgWe certainly know the qualities we have experienced and their certainty to prevail. The world is a showplace for that.

GP2C2478.jpgWhat to do? What not to do? Those are not the questions to ask.

GP2C2444.jpgThere really is nothing “to do”. In this false reality and Reality of Being itself, it is all done. If anything needs to be done, it is to stop the ‘doing’ and/or stop the ‘pushing’, at least as far as finding Ourselves is concerned.

GP2C2421.jpgIf false reality is essentially the obscuration of “What Is”, then the only ‘thing’ to drop is the pushing and obfuscation.

GP2C2471.jpgWatch -watch right now the reactivity of entertaining the ‘idea’ of not striving and ‘trying’ to make things better. It is heretical, according to the mind. It is the very last thing we will ‘do’. Alright already! Most of us have never even stopped all that jazz for a day or even a few minutes.

GP2C2458.jpgIf this is the last thing we would ‘do’, and it may actually work, the reality is that we would have to be dying first before we give up all that attachment (to doing).

GP2C2480.jpgGP2C2431.jpgIf you read this far without full-blown bias to continue on the path of ‘doing’, then bravo, for putting it all on the line.

GP2C2424.jpgWho would we be? What would replace the ‘doing’? Where would our life go?

GP2C2434.jpgGP2C2436.jpgOnly, for most of us, deep despair may be the ticket to this ride. Talk about the presumed lack of control and the boosting of the certainty of uncertainty! This is well off the charts of ‘normal’ human behavior, especially when there is a choice. Deep despair is only one ticket.

GP2C2416.jpgWhat did we think it would take to overcome a lifetime of programming, vasanas, samskaras, and general karma?

GP2C2428.jpgThe prison we have put ourselves into, we do not consider a prison. We call it a ‘life’. But are we free to express ourselves as far as going past the box of gender is concerned? Do we edit ourselves mercilessly in order to please our audience? Do we suppress how we feel out of fear that it may not be accepted? Do we believe in the idea that happiness cannot be in every moment? That happiness must be earned? Do we limit ourselves constantly by belief and the limitation of ideas being our ceilings?

If the above is freedom, it is a prison by another name.

GP2C2433.jpgFreedom is not limitation. It Is unity with the undifferentiated Everything/Nothingness. It is Us in everything and everyone, with unconditional Love and acceptance.

GP2C2455.jpgTo pretend that we can pack it all in this little false self, is to believe in a virtual tooth fairy. The protector of this myth is often narrow logic, belief, and other ideas, that are one-dimensional when “The Energy” is multi-dimensional.

GP2C2474.jpgThe center of the Universe is in every space and every atom everywhere. The cutting edge of Science is moving in this non-linear direction.

GP2C2409.jpgDropping the common and startlingly ubiquitous idea of limiting our self to a little neat box, is so last century. Be free by letting go of the promise of something better in the future. It Is here right Now. Pushing away from the Present is directly pushing against “What Is”. Accepting everything as it is, is the greatest Love we can experience. And that is effortless, because identity is not stuck in the boxy prison we put ourselves into, again and again.

GP2C2472.jpgThe Moment is Always there, beautiful and complete, perfect and unblemished.

“Seeing” is the key. Wanting to “See” is preliminary to “Seeing”. Using en electron microscope to see outer space is impractical. Using a radio telescope to explore the micro biome, is a misapplication. Our ‘narrow’ vision is inappropriate to “See” the Infinite Totality in Us and everything. Our ‘regular’ lives have trained us in this bias to “See” from the lens of false self. We need to get our real glasses on to “See” the Form, The Formless, and beyond, all one and a part of the whole.

GP2C2426.jpgIt Is with this vision that we Are ’That’. The unity is already done, Now.

This Iz Daddy’O

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