GP2C3010.jpgOur heavily conditioned selves have given us a predisposed way of interpreting the world. We have redacted tons of ‘real’ stuff in order to commit to lies we tell ourselves about ourselves. We are underserving ourselves when we cannot and do not, experience the full-strength Truth of Whom we Are.

GP2C2698.jpgHow many times in a day do we react to stimuli that is not there? Meaning, the inside stuff that comes up time after time, as regular as Robins in the Spring, that directs our energies to allowing our monkey mind to rule us like a dog. We have visceral responses to thoughts that are nowhere to be found in external reality.

GP2C2699.jpgTrouble is, we react to these cues as if they are real. Our heart rate goes up, conditioning broadcasts thoughts that come in totally uninvited. We feel victimized by these thoughts and then we collapse into the vapid and unfulfilled papier-mâché self. This ‘self’ is not real, although we believe, really believe, it is real. This ‘root’ belief redirects everything else, as far as identity is concerned, into structures that structure our illusion of ‘self’ as fairy tale.

The starting point we collapse into, is not at all satisfactory. It is more of the same con and underscores the power of conditioning that rules us.

GP2C2691.jpgBut what do we do when this pattern, this familiar limiting pattern, is all we really know and believe in?

Belief is not necessary for ‘that’ which already Is, has been, and will be. Belief is part of the essential element of conditioning, that pushes us into roles and situations where our choice and freedom is not truly Present.

We are left compromised and unfulfilled. The bliss we are looking for, can never be found, when we march right past It.

We, at the superficial and reactive level, cannot plumb the depth of our Being successfully in the long term, unless we let go of the ‘pushing’. To ‘push’ for our deepest ‘knowing’ is a contradiction in terms.

Letting go of ‘believing’ and letting go of ‘pushing’ is threatening to the instability called the ego or false self.
See that.

GP2C2624.jpgFacing ourselves fearlessly is not hard unless we believe it is. When we see there is no monster in the closet we choose to be fearless about the aberrations of our own conditioning. And the foolishness of our belief system comes out in a hurry, if we only stay with the confidence and love, of sourcing Being first.

We are multi-dimensional beings not limited to reactions and self-slavery. Grooming the heart for spaciousness and openness to the “What Is” is a great starting point to leaving conditioning in a waste bin of lost causes.

Limitation of “What Is” by the false self is very shouldy. ’Shoulds’ are judgmental and tribal/survival based. Seeing is being free every single Moment. Seeing the conditioning is seeing the “What Is”. Seeing the “What Is” is stepping out of conditioning.

Assumptions about whom we are, are usually conceptual, judgmental, limited, and usually simplistic. When we limit ourselves with visceral reactions, restrictions, and judgments, we operate at an illusory reality. Multidimensionality is at the hard ’form’ level as well as the formless infinite potential level. The precursor to all form is The Formless. Connection to the Formless first, is the choice for action rather than reaction.

With conditioning and reflexive reactionary responses, we can score ourselves ’stuck’ in referencing primal urges. The overuse of cognition and the need to defend the undefendable self-image and unstable identity we have created, has not yielded desirable results for us and the world at large.

“I don’t have to be who you want me to be. I’m free to be who I want.”       Muhammad Ali

GP2C2627.jpgThe generosity of ’Space’ and ’Spaciousness’ allows us to See, more clearly, the poison pill of hard and fast assumptions about ourselves and others. Ourselves first, and then there are no others. ‘Ourselves’ closes the distance that ‘should’ has caused us to separate ourselves out.

Seeing, is seeing with openness and the ‘no need’ to push for some rock-hard conclusion. This generosity is heart-based, especially for Ourselves.

Be in touch with the openness of no-form and the energy that is Silent, always Present, and never pushes. It Is you and me, with no difference.

This Iz Daddy’O

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