IMG_0753Space is a great teacher if we listen to it’s Silence.

IMG_0759When the overwhelming presence of a catastrophic event pushes us past our comfort zone, it is difficult to not be reactive. We trigger our mind’s need to control and have a ready answer/reaction for what happened.

Sometimes what occurs is stasis or non-action. We freeze in place. Our humanity and compassion are overwhelmed. It hurts too much. The pain is unconsolable. The event captures us and defines us for some time. We slowly work our way back to a new normality. Often a more compromised and jaded view of the world and it’s uncertainty, changes us.

This imprint on our consciousness is looking for release, as it is not complimentary to openness.

IMG_0750The ‘wanting’ for a more perfect world is natural, laudable, and compassionate. But the ‘wanting’ is only an idea, not reality. And the ‘wanting’ often degenerates into ‘pushing’, which results in the refusal to see clearly, the whole picture and nuance of change. “I want it now and I should get what I want,” feeling. Being ‘right’ can be so wrong.

Shutting down our personal and communal borders does nothing but aggravate the tribalism of ‘ours’ and ‘theirs’. Opening space, as difficult as it is in seeming like a good counterintuitive option, is integrative for everyone. Less space, kinda fascist. More space, kinda tolerant and more compassionate.

“It is important to expect nothing, to take every experience, including the negative ones, as merely steps on the path, and to proceed.”  Ram Dass


When we see, that we really do not want to become, the subsequent bad analogue to a mass tragedy, we see that we cannot behave like the aggressor. What will the counterpoint to aggression be, if it is only another form of aggression?

How will this or any such event transform us? Are we so malleable because we are open, or because we close ourselves up? The ’Space’ and it’s continual openness and acceptance, teaches us quietly and without ‘pushing’. The direction we take, given more space, is of being more inclusive.

“We’re all just walking each other home.”  Ram Dass

Action or reaction? When we act, we See first. Our ‘Seeing’ changes the chemistry of a foregone ‘reaction’ into a legitimate ‘action’. When we react, we don’t see before we act. Our ‘reaction’ may also result in a deleterious preclusion of action. Our actions ideally are there apart from the presumed ’need’ to react. Reacting, generally, does not source the Space/Time of Being. Reacting often involves under-thinking and over-thinking, both an aggressive model of operating. This reactivity underserves our meritorious goals.

A constant connection to “The Space” means that we do not get caught-up in the phenomena. It is not that we are separate from it either. More so, we are integral with it all, due to the integrativeness of this “Space”.

When we get caught by phenomenological stuff, we lose our connection to integration due to too much immersion in the phenomena. We leave ’unlimited’ integration when we overly abide in the ‘limited’.

Ideas are limited. Being is unlimited as it’s basis. Compassionate Space Is, always. Love, unconditional love, is not conditioned. Conditioned love is shouldy and thereby judgmental.

“The quieter you become, the more you can hear.”  Ram Dass

Silence yes. First. Alignment of thought, word, and deed is dharmic action not adharmic reaction. Love and greater Space, closes the presumed gap between us. This is always a great place to start acting from. All sound and form comes from and goes back into the Silence/Space. Feel the Love and compassion here Now.

IMG_0754This Iz Daddy’O


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