IMG_0778.jpgThe Space that connects us is not a gap. It Is the stuff (the undefinable stuff) that connects Us. The idea of giving credence to separateness soley because of the ‘space’ involved, is to believe in the tooth fairy of marginalized thinking that overlooks the profound and subtle as irrelevant and immaterial to it’s definition.

IMG_0777.jpgBy whose accounting do we ‘believe’ nothing is something or that nothing is really nothing? Aside from the problem of talking concepts and not walking our experience or ‘knowing’, we often make a glossed-over assumption that has not been tested in the moment-after-moment daily life. This type of ‘practice of glossing over things is not a proper use of discrimination and intelligence. This type of assumption and conclusion is belittling to the reality of us as multidimensional beings.

IMG_0775.jpgWhat happens if and when we overturn the ‘consensus reality’ of believing un-reality on it’s head and exclaim loudly, every subsequent moment, the meaningfulness, unity and bridging, that Space accomplishes?! We no longer ‘believe’ the hyperbole and shallowness of limited consciousness and artificial separateness, and begin to practice the ‘knowing’ beyond mind and the physical dimension. Just the questioning of this dyed in the wool assumption, is enough to let illuminating light in the crack that is thereby formed. Testing out the spaciousness of Space in our daily life is heralded just by contrasting the unnecessary suffering that constriction and separation invokes on us as a daily practice.

Cracking the artificial ceiling we created, by inured beliefs, is consciousness expanding. These type of untested beliefs have suppressed the expansion of our awareness.

IMG_0785.jpgConversely and with exception, the example of lucid dreaming, is so interesting because it demonstrates going against tired conclusions of our most intimate behaviors. Underpinning the dream we conspire into, is a belief system. We believe that the dream is real, that our role in the dream is valid, and the some type of commitment holds us and involves us in the dreaming.

In dreaming, once we realize it is only a dream reality and subsequently, stop the conspiracy, we exit the whole scenario because it topples like a house of cards. We can choose to go back in but under our terms, that is, what we decide we will believe and won’t believe.

In this conscious ‘consensus reality’, it is not ‘that’ different. Beliefs in ideas of whom we are, beliefs about what we are capable of, and beliefs about what is real, all are at our disposal, at ANY Moment. We decide at any Moment what our limitation/possibility, Is. To not exercise the possibilities is to choose limitation.

Just because the consensus of opinion may disregard the possibility of really remembering whom We really Are at any Moment, this ‘false reality’ is actually grist for the mill to embark on that self-discovery. To think outside of the little prison we have bound ourselves into, is to see the dreamy walls we have created to bind ourselves.

“Never forget your inner self, the real aspect of Divine, who is firmly present in the depths of your heart. When God is firmly present within you, is it right for you to put up pretenses and false and inappropriate appearances? If under these circumstances, you begin to exhibit desires and show distortions, it will be doing injustice to this permanent aspect resident in your heart.” – Summer Showers in Brindavan 1974, Vol 1, Ch 4.

Hard fact is that we are multi-dimensional beings as much as we are this physical body. Deeply and thoroughly embedded in all that structure is “The Ineffable Awareness” that cannot be quantified. The Space and The Silence are about as hard as we can come to conceptualize It. ‘It’ Is there absolutely in us right this Moment. However, for too many of us it is not foreground but background. Switching the emphasis of what is real and unreal is the Awakening to no ego indulgence.

This trading spaces, is monumental due to the clear over-investment in unreality and false self. To upend this distortion is to ’See’ the Truth without pushing anything. Pushing invites ego. Seeing is allowing Truth to Be effortlessly, as it Is already here. ’See’ constantly the Space, the Silence, and the quality of energy of freedom in action where binding never occurs.

We Are ’That’ first and always. Connection is there in every single moment. Feel It. Be It. Let the heart get past the limited ideas of the mind, by physically expressing ourselves from this space in the body.

Consensus Reality can be more of “What Is” than what is currently being pursued through the head alone. Concepts are useful but do not really connect our humanness. Unconditional Love connects everything, as It Is Everything. This Is the Reality where we truly come Home. There is no gap in Space.

IMG_0787.jpgThis Iz Daddy’O

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