GP2C3379.jpgIt is instinctual to resist. It’s like a built-in program where a choice has already been made. Can we see the programming? Or does the program ‘push’ against perhaps knowing a better choice? How would we know unless we know the program?

GP2C3112 (1).jpgEffortlessness versus ‘pushing’, surviving, grabbing, lusting, getting, pulling, protecting, all have an energy quality much the same. And oppositional to effortlessness. Fear is also a common denominator. Losing opportunity, losing potential, losing time, losing loved ones, all prompt us with fear. A fear-based existence is justified, thereby.

GP2C3141.jpgThe emptiness of Silence and Space is the platform for effortlessness. When there is no binding of energy then there is no effort. Once energy is bound or cathected, then there is a limitation and commitment to follow through on a more narrow path. The filling of Space and Silence occurs.

GP2C3113.jpg“What the universe will manifest when you are in alignment with it is a lot more interesting than what you try to manifest.” Adyashanti

GP2C3146.jpgEffortlessness is not limited. It smiles uproariously because of its’ freedom. It is freedom to pursue the infinite potential of unbounded awareness. No moment is resisted. All Moments are always welcome. The Indivisible Reality is unopposed and always on time.

GP2C3360.jpgTrusting ‘that’, is trusting the unknown, that is uncertainty. Ceding control of phenomena loses the opposing force of “What Is”, releasing otherwise misspent energy.

GP2C3455.jpgOf course it is. When it is infinite potential why would it operate with less than infinite?! The Infinite Potential is ‘full’ and would not be ‘full’ if it were to pursue limitation. Limitation is product, an amorphous product. There is a shelf life. Infinity has no shelf life.
Be ‘That’, trust effortlessly.GP2C3299.jpgGP2C3117.jpgGP2C3118.jpgGP2C3214.jpgGP2C3217.jpgGP2C3227.jpgGP2C3232.jpgGP2C3228.jpgGP2C3042.jpgGP2C3512.jpgGP2C3088.jpgGP2C3293.jpgGP2C3296.jpgGP2C3303.jpg

GP2C3384.jpgGP2C3537.jpgGP2C3538.jpgGP2C3053 7.44.12 PM.jpgGP2C3057.jpgGP2C3132.jpgGP2C3135.jpgGP2C3547.jpgGP2C3492.jpgGP2C3048 7.44.12 PM.jpgGP2C3031 7.44.12 PM.jpgGP2C3030 7.44.12 PM.jpgGP2C3026 7.44.12 PM.jpgGP2C3107.jpgGP2C3080.jpgGP2C3143.jpgGP2C3105.jpgGP2C3187.jpgGP2C3565.jpgGP2C3564.jpgGP2C3563.jpgGP2C3559.jpgGP2C3557.jpgGP2C3549.jpgGP2C3548.jpgGP2C3570.jpgThis Iz Daddy’O

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