GP2C3544.jpgGP2C3309.jpgWhat a starting point! Of course, the ‘normal’ starting point is what? Oh yeah, the little me.

GP2C3313.jpgGP2C3324 (1).jpgGP2C3510.jpgGP2C3514 (1).jpgGP2C3541.jpgGP2C3332.jpgGP2C3321.jpgDoes it make sense to start at the point of extreme limitation or at the point of integrative liberation? When we start at either point, we collude resources in a way that subsequent energy is patterned from the initial imprint. The initial DNA-ing is what we give life and presence to, in all of our subsequent choosing.

GP2C3475.jpgThe starting point is imperative and echoes it’s embrace of measured amounts of “What Is”, depending on how much we close out on. “What Is” is always there in ‘full’, just waiting for us to liberate our self-selected degree of obfuscation.GP2C3425.jpg

GP2C3219.jpgStarting from a greater fullness (with authenticity and without pushing) innervates us with unlimited possibilities. The ’Space’ is already filled. It is an illusion to believe that ’Space’ is the marker of separateness. To ‘think’ separateness, is to start from separation rather than the unified field of “”What Is”. Truth is not conceptual and has no root in thought. Unity shows up constantly everywhere and in all Moments, seen and unseen.

GP2C3201.jpgGP2C3196 (1).jpgGP2C3194 (1).jpgGP2C3228 (1).jpgGP2C3235.jpg“Just Us” underscores the reality of Being and the utilization of Awareness in Seeing. When we secure our knowledge from the Source, the Space, the Silence, the Ineffable, we See the unity in the diversity first with phenomenological a more distant and less relevant, second. This selection, is not in keeping with our traditional go-to modality of sourcing the finite and limited, as our base of knowledge. The ‘lesser’ selection, as our standard for knowledge, is and has been showing up miserably in the phenomenal world. The false god of ego and selfishness abides there. The infrastructure of effortless Being is commonly traded in for the superficialness of separateness.

GP2C3022.jpgGP2C3397 (1).jpgSeparateness mis-believes that this ‘space’ between ‘Us’ is for distinguishing important differences between us that are pivotal in our life’s journey. This is a cognitive opiate that drives wedges and dysfunctional behavior individually and collectively. It is this hinderance that evokes “I am better than you” or “Let me judge your worthiness, as I (the ego) am most qualified to do this evaluation.”

Space and Silence are great teachers of “The Way” if only we can let go of thinking that we already know. Everything and every sound comes from and returns to Space and Silence. There is infinite Space and infinite Silence. Both are not things. They Are, period. Formlessness abides there and everywhere else. Space and Silence are the infinite potential and infinite creativity for the expression of the Universe Itself. These are unified fields in themselves that are a far cry from some idea called separateness. The highest level of integration occurs in this quiet space, effortlessly and peacefully.

The density of believing “there are others”, speaks to the hypnotic state of our longstanding conditioning. To presume, immediately, that we are separate, is to immediately kick ourselves out of the running for substantive change. This starting point is pivotal in getting challenged, for it often is the beginning of much distortion.

The evidence of unity in diversity is Present right now. Are we in the “Moment” or have we already departed for some future destination or past venue? Distortions of time wreak havoc in pulling us away from “What Is”. Being firmly integrated with the Universe means we honor the fullness of “Now”, right now. It is the mind the pulls us away into the falseness of past and future. The Now is deeply Present.

Where are we placing most of our eggs? Do we aspire to invest in self-aggrandizement or self-knowledge? The phenomenal world must be dealt with, given dharma and karma. However, to conclude and excuse a first investment in the greater Us, is to preclude our own evolution for a gain in temporary phenomena.

We are the world, not because it is catchy, but because it is “What Is”. To separate, is to not get the point. To not get the point is to not examine whom we think we are and whom we really Are. The starting point of every moment is either bound or unbound as far as freedom is concerned. We remain bound unless we ’See’ our binding at our own hands. Drop the ‘think’ and then we just ‘Are’.

“Hope and fear are both phantoms that arise from thinking of the self. When we don’t see the self as self, what do we have to fear?”
― Lao Tzu, The Way of Life

GP2C3333.jpgThe Space and Silence will teach us every Moment if we accept it’s possibility. “Us” is reality.

This Iz Daddy’O

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