IMG_0805.jpgDesire broadcasts it’s need to us, by stating tacitly that we do not have ‘it’. But we presumably ‘need’ it. The hole to be filled, with an outward poke at the parade of life, is broadly assumed to ‘not’ be present or complete. Otherwise, why the need for desire?!

Is this supposition correct? Or do give a fast ‘yes’ and then move along with the idea that it certainly must be true. It’s a no-brainer, isn’t it?

How many assumptions like the above one, do we make in haste just to rush along with our so-called life?

What is certainly missing is ‘pause’. Do we give enough ‘pause’ to really reflect on this and other possibilities? If we gave the fullness of the Moment to this and other suppositions, would we be so conclusive?

When we see another person we think we would like, or when we imagine what our life would be if we had this house or vehicle, or some such other accouterment; we seek so-called societal ideas of happiness and then look to be given access to something we believe we currently don’t already have now. We are clearly and unambiguously operating out of a deficit.

Is this set of ideas, circumstances, and conclusions been tested and vetted by us?

We ‘think’ we are in a deficit? According to whom? The mind? Can we distinguish our mind from awareness? Do we understand where the desire and all desires, arise from? Is it rude to ask these questions? The mind thinks so, as it is threatened with overthrow.

Our status quo is conditioned momentum going with habitual force, to satisfy insatiable desires. Why would desires stop just because some have been consummated? The basic error of understanding where happiness/satiation lies, is clearly misunderstood. The bottomless pit is a working reality.

We have been conditioned since birth to have our needs and wants taken care of, past the point of sufficiency of nominal ego functions into the creation of false self where separateness and ‘us versus them’ mentality, breed fear and mis-identification of whom we really Are. The hungry ghost can never be adequately fed. The mouth is too small while the desires are too great. This is not balance and homeostasis. This is delusion and distortion.

GP2C3577.jpg“there is nothing outside of yourself that can ever enable you to get better, stronger, richer, quicker, or smarter. Everything is within. Everything exists. Seek nothing outside of yourself.”

― Minamoto Musashi, The Book Of Five Rings

What is the reality? Is everything I see within me?

Happiness, satiation, contentment, is an inside job. Even when we start from an error in thinking/believing, we still find fleeting joy and temporary contentment on the inside. Getting and eating the ‘chocolate’ is external but the residue of satisfaction is internally short-lived. It is basically over in minutes before we need to execute another bite of the chocolate apple. As usual, it all fades with time when it is tied to the transitional. And the ‘ideas’ that started us out on this empty path, have always been unsound and unstable, given that these ideas are certainly not reality.

We are maddening to ourselves when we are so easily coopted with false ideas and maddening to ourselves when we refuse to open ourselves to “The Energy” and the container of infinite Space, that Is Everything. There is no reason to break out of this prison when we have the numbers, in the general population, to maintain the insanity of status quo.

GP2C3576.jpgInfinite Space is both external and internal. But even this distinction is only an arbitrary distinction. What is external? What is internal? And who is ‘me’? Identity is a big issue confusing boundaries.

We Are the screen where the movie is now playing. The movie is real. It is a real movie. But the screen is the Space where the movie plays. We Are the screen first with the movie changing from time-to-time due to it’s temporary nature. The screen is stable and accommodating of all movies. The screen remains unchanged no matter what movie is playing.The movie cannot change the screen. The movie is incidental to the screen.When the movie is given faux permanence, it is a false premise.

Our lives are based on a false premise. It is a premise of constantly getting, fearing, protecting ideas and beliefs about self while contemporaneously forgetting the identity of whom we really Are. See the movie as a movie. See the screen as the permanent source of everything Seen. No screen, no movie.

Everything I see is Me, first and always. Unless we give up our false viewpoint of truncated vision, we cannot see everything that Is as Cause.The movie is not the point. Seeing the movie while Being the ’screen’ is the ticket to the show.

Where identity is ‘everything’ then there is no desire. Desirelessness is fullness. Fullness is desirelessness.Then, Effortlessness abides.

Be ’That’ effortlessly in every single Moment.

IMG_0810.jpgThis Iz Daddy’O


  1. Your soul cool, man. The poetic “Within” is honest energy ‘looking’. Feel your conclusion, that is, ‘It’ is already here. We are all looking for ‘It’ but ‘It’ is already there/here ‘looking’ at your ‘looking’. See ‘That’, effortlessly. And thanks for your kindness. This Iz Daddy’O

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